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awesome template!! good job!

Thanks :-)


Thank you for your response. The scroll that I am referencing is on the front page. The pictures are suppose to display. The scrolling worked when tested on the computer but when uploaded and live there are no pictures that come up.

Please let me know how I can address this issue.



Have you change name picture to on HTML file? also make sure your path image on html same with path your image on your hosting



Love you work, love your theme !

For thoses that have problems displaying correctly Cufon on IE9 , please update sur cufon-yui.js from Cufon ( They made a fix.


Ok thanks,

I will update this soon :-)


Your theme is just great. I love the design of it.

I would like to ask you two questions:

1. I’ve got a problem with the client list, which is shown on the first page. As the logos are to big respectively to wide I would like to show them up among one another. How can that be arranged?

2. Is there a handy way to get the page translated in another language? I tried it with the WPML -Plugin. My problem is, that the static elements are not getting translated. Would it be better to set up a total new site system? Therefore, would I have to buy a second licence from you?

Many thanks for your reply!

Sry, I placed my comment in the wrong discussion. That’s why the purchased-sign doesn’t show up. Tanks.

I have seen yet another Vulcan theme on themeforest (Vulcan $35) The prices are not the same. What kind of difference do they have?

I have seen yet another Vulcan theme on themeforest (Vulcan $35) The prices are not the same. What kind of difference do they have?

I figured it out. The other one is just a website template. Not a wordpress template. Lucky I did not buy it.


This is a great template. I am trying to adapt the top menu to include drop downs on each of them. I have duplicated the

    code for the serives button and pasted it into one or two of the others. Services has a drop down, but with exactly the same coding, the other ones do not. Do you have ideas?

Otherwise, it’s great.

Thanks you,


Hi. I’ve figured out what was going on. It’s working now. Really great theme. Thanks, Sam

Great, glad to see you solve the problem :-)


I’ve just wanted to say that this is a great template. I’ve been adapting it for the last week and it’s always been easy to use and well documented. Looks absolutely great too. Thanks, for the hard work, Indonez.

Thanks starchie :-)


I have recently downloaded your template – I am not able to install the theme though. I have tried it on yahoo small business as well as on bitnami EC2 . Any help?



Still can’t get the contact form to work, hosting site uses PHP5 .

Thanks, Scott

Hi Indonez (and users and staff)

I just wanted to say thank you for providing Vulcan – such a beautiful template that was so easy to modify in html for a beginner like me – it’s really fantastic your design work is excellent.

This is the first web site I have worked on and the instructions and code were clear and basic.

The client thinks I am a genius. Please feel free to have a look and give me any feedback the site is

I am going to add some social plug ins at the bottom under the big phone number where you had the sample client logos in your template. I need these social buttons to be horizontally aligned; the facebook ‘like’ button, twitter ‘tweet’ button and google ‘+1’ button.

My question is do I have to create a new div for the iframes and how do I get them to go horizontally instead of vertically? Do I have to create a style in the css for the div to do this? and how do I set the alignment?

I tried to put the plug ins buttons html code in already but the buttons were just vertically aligned and almost touching so didn’t look very good so I removed them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please contact me via profile page, I will help you on this case via email


Hi Indonez and all good themeforesters

I worked out how to do add the fb ‘like’, g ‘+1’ and twitter ‘tweet’ social plug ins the way I wanted – I found a site not using css with them styled approximately the way I wanted so used his source code as a guide to work from.

If you’re interested have a look at and let me know what you think – – under the big phone number and above the footer. Maybe even give us a ‘like’, +1 or tweet to show some love :P

thanks again Indonez for the Vulcan template it is very beautifully designed and easy to work with the html even for novices like me.


Hi Indonez, a very easey question. Is it possible to send the contact mails to more than one address? I’ve tried using colon and semicolons, but with no luck.

Website is on:

Thanks, Esteve.

Virus in .js reported by AVAST .

Beautiful theme. Sorry for such a newbie question, but what is the best way to change the font color? The marketing guy is whining about the font being too light.

I found the body font color, but the headers are eluding me.

message sent through your profile about contact form.

Hello, I accidently purchased this theme as Wordpress theme. Can I pay the difference and get WP version ? Or just have money-back and re-purchase WP? Thanks (

Hi, i’ve a problem, in the contact.html there’s but in the /js directory there isn’t that file.. Also the contact form doesen’t work, I’ve changed in the script/contact.js email settings but nothing has arrived. When I’ve tried it said that the email was successfully sent, but I’ve not received it

Hi, thanks for a great template.

I’m having a stylesheet problem I can’t seem to solve.

At the moment, all of my body text is quite small, and all of my headings are the same size. Also, all of the text is a very light grey.

I want to increase the font size a bit, make it a darker grey, and also get the headings to be different sizes. But no matter what changes I make in the stylesheet, there’s no effect.

Any tips on how I can make these changes and get them to work?

The website is, by the way.

Many thanks :)