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demo page triggered anti virus.

Hi Indonez,

I bought this theme some time ago now, and I’ve finally got the site I’m working on online. However this has made me aware that there’s a serious problem.

When viewed on IE 9 the upper menu system completely disappears.

As you might appreciate this is a critical problem that I need to resolve immediately so I’d appreciate you help on the matter.




For quick fix issue on IE9 please download the fix file from this link :

Cufon Fix Update

After that, please unzip first and move it to your “js” folder and it will replace your old cufon-yui file


WOW , that was quick. Thanks :) :) :)

Dear Indonez-Team,

we have encountered a slight issue with your theme “Vulcan” for Wordpress. We are trying to get a multi-language website with WP, your theme and qTranslate in German, English, Portuguese and Chinese.

We have seen, that there are issues with Chinese characters in Cufon Fonts (simplified Chinese letters won’t be displayed at all). We have been working on a solution to this for quite a bit. Since simply switching off Cufon isn’t an alternative, we would like to know, if there’s a chance to either display chinese letters or to switch Cufon Font rendering off ONLY if Chinese is selected.

Please let us have a solution as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance.

Love the theme! Is there a way to get rid of the shadowy/gradient area at the bottom part of template?

Hi Indonez, nice template! Is it possible to edit the contactform to multiple variables? Sice I would really need a reservation form for my website. Or do you know some programmers at your office who can fix this!

Thanks for your support, Erik

Hi, I am having trouble getting this template hosted through godaddy. I keep getting a message that the Theme is broken because a stylesheet is missing. Please advise.



Hi, I added my Google Map API key, the Latitude and Longitude in the Contact Info. But when I visit my Contact page, I don’t see the map, only a grey square. Do I have to paste the iframe-code from google maps anywhere?




Thanks for this very very nice theme. It’s my first web site and I enjoy using your theme. Very beautiful.

I have just a remark and a small bug. Could you make the clients testimonials on the index change? Like the images in Sponsor of blog.html ? And the small bug is on Chrome for the sidebar around Sponsor pictures.

Thanks again!!


Hi Indonez

I am having a slight problem with the home page only. It gives a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the browser window and I don’t know why?

Please see to find out what I mean. Is it missing div tag somewhere I can’t find where.

How can I fix this issue? please help.

thank you very much


I installed this theme, and imported the sample data. The navigation menu is totally misaligned along with Get in Touch Now.

How do I fix that??


Regards Vulcan – Minimalist Business Template 4 Please see my website

My problem is: A user must only be able to click on the sub menu’s under ‘Our Products’ not on the actual menu item ‘Our products’.

Is this possible ? if so how do I do it.

Many Thanks Jules

same problem as stephaneipscreation

no map in contact after setting google maps api – longitude, latitude…



I meant to buy the WP version – I don’t need the HTML version – any chance I can swap it?

Hi, i bought this theme, but im having some problems to use especial caracteres like (ç,ã and others, common in PT-BR) in the

,... tag. this can be fixed?


I can’t seem to make the feedback script work… i need it to send my an email to to one of my domains emails. what cna i do?

I just purchased and downloaded the HTML package for the Vulcan theme instead of the Wordpress package.

I didn’t realise what I’d done until I’d made repeated attempts to upload the ZIP to Wordpress Install Themes page.

Is there anything you can do about this. I have no need for the HTML package.

Regards Steven

The comments section isn’t working for me. When people hit submit, it says that a password must be entered. How do I make it so it doesn’t do this?

hi . i have problem whit ie8 at “index-alt2.html” . see my problem in this screen shot . ty


I’m having problems with the slideshow. It seems user Doe-RD from a month ago on your blog had a similar problem. I continue to upload a featured image to the slideshow but cannot get that to update when i go to “home” to look at the slideshow itself.