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Hi there, I’ve set up two slides and although the text is laying out fine the images are not appearing. The help docs instruct you to use the featured image as the main image but they are not showing unless I add them using the ‘Add Media’ and that throws out the layout? I have used the sizes for the images that you recommend but no joy.

please check again the image should be wider then 936px, and higher then 280px, if it’s the right size please PM me in our support forum with your site’s login detail so I can see your settings

You said in a previous post that the smaller images for the left/right slider should be 610×280 so they are that size. The full size slider images are 936×280px.

sorry for the confusion the smaller image needs to be larger then 610px x 328px, and the large image need to be larger then 936×280px

if the image still doesn’t show, please PM me in the support forum and provide your site’s login detail so I can check on the slider


Hi, I want to add company news updates regularly. I figure I best do this via writing a blog. Is it possible to display the latest 3 or 4 news higher up than the footer on the home page? It would be ideal in the same place as the grey bar underneath the image bar. Thanks.

it will disappear entirely and the widget will move up replacing the grey box

thanks. you got yourself a new customer.

good to hear :)


Hi, The Vulcan theme menu options are not showing in Wordpress. I cannot setup the theme. Please help. Thanks.


Hi, I received your PM are you still having trouble with this?

Hi, thanks for your reply. No, I solved it myself. Thanks.

Hi, I cannot access my theme options (menu item is not showing). Could you please help me. It is WP 4.4.1 and theme version 2.9. I deactivated all plugins, re-installed the theme, but still no options showing. Thank you!!

And if I try to access it directly via wp-admin/admin.php?page=optionsframework or wp-admin/themes.php?page=Theme Options it shows a permission error…

please PM me in the support forum with your site’s login detail

Hi, just purchased Vulcan. I must say I love it! Quick question… I’d like to put an additional logo in the bottom widget, replacing the Company News. I know how to remove the Company News, but can’t figure out how to get an image in there. Thanks!

HI, you can use the text widget and insert image for html script

I can’t give the html script in this comment but you can read all about it at this site

wonderful, thank you! i’ll try it.

Oh, also, I forgot this question. The top nav is not at the very top of the pages, like the demo shows. It overlaps the gray bar. Help please? Thank you

Hi, your menu is too long for the header I suggest you use dropdown

here’s the look of you site with reduced menu

WONDERFUL again. thank you!!! LOVE your theme.

Hi, I have read over many Q&A in the comments section here, but have not been able to accurately find an answer. Using Vulcan, love the theme’s contact form, but emails are not being sent to my email. I prefer to use your contact form over Contact Form 7. When I put our email address in the Vulcan>Contact Info, the email address shows up in the footer (definitely can’t have that) so I had to remove it.

Here’s the site: I’m still working on the site (just purchased it yesterday), so it’s definitely unrefined at this time. Thanks.

Hi, we’re still figuring out the issue with the contact form. meanwhile we suggest you use the contat form 7

i’ll definitely do that. thank you for all your help. greatly appreciated.

Hello, is this them still updated or is it abandoned?

Hi, we will keep maintain our themes in themeforest to accommodate the WordPress features and keep our themes compatible with WordPress latest release.

Thank you :)


I’m trying to help my client with their website, they have vulcan 2.5 running WP 4.5.2 but when they try to update a pages content a transparent screen covers the content editor and they cant update any content. How can I resolve this issue?

Hello, please try to update your vulcan theme to latest version, this will resolve the issue.

Thank you :)

Pre-sale question: Do you have any drag – drop system for customization like visual composer? Or do we need to use shortcodes? Dou you have a screenshot of a page edit admin screen?

Hi, thanks for the interest, for now there’s no drag and drop feature in vulcan theme but use theme options and shortcodes to built page content.

Thank you.


Do you have any plan for mobile responsiveness for the next updates?

yes, we will add responsiveness feature for the next update.

Thank you :)


I have problem about google maps. Could you please help?

Did you tried to write your info address in one line? ie. Flat 3, 117 Merton Road, <br />Wimbledon, <br />London

Thank you :)

How can i remove filter by line in portfolio page?

to remove portfolio filter, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css box :

#filter { display: none;}

Thank you :)

Add media button in portfolio page (under page link) is not working. It does not insert image to portfolio slider. But just under the portfolio slider. How can i add image to portfolio slider?

Please refer to documentation point 14. Adding Portfolio Items, you can attach some images from Add Media button above the Editor, and upload your images for portfolio slider there.

Thank you :)

Theme not supported. Several bugs. You need to understand the php to fix and customize things. gmap not working. No answer to the support. You are on your own.

to fix gmap, add the key in the file: functions/shortcodes.php like that: src=” Get the key here: The [gmail…] shortcode should have given the ability to add the key!! It does not, this is a bug because (now) google prevent using the api without a key.

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Hello, could you mail me at juliobosk @ gmail DOT com, I want to talk about security issue, not in public, thank you.

I am interested with this theme, but last update is 2 years ago. Is it still compatible with latest wordpress?

Hi, we tested vulcan theme current version and WP latest version there’s no problem.

Thank you :)


skacko Purchased

Hey guys, very happy with the theme, thank you. How to make the home page multilingual as it is ‘hard coded’? Used Qtranslate, but can’t translate homepage. Thank you

Hi, did you try to translate the homepage section using qtranslate quicktags features, since the homepage use some static data configuration.

Thank you :)

Hi, I’ve resized logo until below recomendation (99×27 px) but why menu is still outplaced below main location