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I recently bought this theme and have been working on it for a while. My Seo guy has jsut asked me a relevant question that i didn’t think of. Will my $45 purchase include updates when new versions are available? I don’t want my new site to stop working and come into problems in the future. Thanks for your answer.

yes,the updated version is free, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link, we will inform buyers when there’s an update available.


Hello, great theme! Couple of questions:

1. Is there a way to remove the “Client Testimonial” section on the home page? 2. Related to #1, is there a way to remove the copy block to the left of “Client Testimonial”? If not, can you point me to where this is edited? 3. The copy on the button next to the “tagline” is below the button graphic. Can you let me know how to fix this? Thanks!


1&2) you can replace this by placing a widget in homepage column 2 and 3 widget places

3)could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


That worked great. Thank you. And the contact button issue resolved itself when I put in my own copy.

Related to my post above. if I can’t remove “Client Testimonials”, can I call it something else?

already answered at your previous questions.


Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce and WooSensei?

Hi, We have not tested yet with woocommerce, but there should be no problem since the ecobiz theme has been coded with WordPress standard.


One last question – in the Services page template, I can’t find where to edit the blurbs for each service. I see where to edit the titles of each service, how to put an image in, and where to create the pages for each service. Please point me!

Hi, you can manage this from page excerpt box, be sure you have check the excerpt option from Screen Option at the top right of the page and check the excerpt option, now you can fill your blurbs for each services child pages in excerpt box.


Hi Indonez, I can’t understand why the menu items drop down into the slideshow. What should I do?

Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Ok, I have another question. I’m using the “Portfolio” page as a “Resources” page. I can’t figure out how to link the “Read More” buttons on the Resources page to the individual pages within that section (or access the pages that are linked now). My site is

Hello, I resolved my “portfolio” page issue with a workaround, but still can’t figure out how to edit the blurbs on the services page. I tried signing up for support, but it requiries a purchase code which I can’t find anywhere (even though I purchased the theme). If I can resolve this one issue, I am all set. My service page is at this address if it helps:

Thanks Chris

ok great, I have replied in your previous questions regarding the services page blurbs.


Font not and title NOT showing when translsated in french please help find link below:



Hi, looks like the problem relate with the cufon font functionality, we will investigate what causing this issue.


Hey how are you?

I got a question, on the services page there is a sidebar called More services, i am trying to change the title but i dont seem to find it in the sidebar? Is there anyway how i can adapt it without entering the code(CMS).

Thanks in advance

find the following code in sidebar.php file

<h3><?php echo __('More ','vulcan');?><?php echo get_the_title($post->post_parent);?></h3>
just replace ‘more’ or remove <?php echo __('More ','vulcan');?>


I setup a Chinese menu. It could be rendered at the footer but can not on the top. How can I render the Chinese menu at the top of the themes.

If the menu is English, it is okay.

Hi, the problem because the vulcan theme used cufon font replacement, by default did not support some foreign language accents and speecial character, if you want to replace the cufon font, you can try search the cufon font at and place your new cufon font at js/fonts folder of Vulcan theme and activate from theme options => styling options cufon font.


Hello there please help me to add staff members in our key people section… please provide me the steps to do it…

Thanks, Gilson


first, be sure you have installed the latest version of vulcan theme.

you can add this from your admin panel, Staff => Add New menu, you can add as many as you want, set your image at Featured Image box, you can use staff list shortcode :

[stafflist num=4 orderby="date" title=""]
and create a page and assign your staff page to Staff page template.


Hello, I’ve purchased this theme, it’s great. Have you an idea when it will works with Wordpress 3.8 or at least 3.7 ? I would like to install other plugins but i need a more recent Wordpress version. Thank you.

Hello, it’s compatible with WordPress 3.8, so you can safely update your WordPress site.


How to change the text colour of the words in the homepage feature boxes? also want to make it bold, thanks.

Hello, sorry for delaying your questions

to change the homepage box text color, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.front-box-content h4 { color: #f00;} .front-box-content p { color: #f00;}
just replace each #f00 with your own hex color code both for heading and description section.


I am assisting a friend with updating from an old version of your theme (1.2) to the current version that i just purchased yesterday. On the old site the slider just has images and does not have the shaded black bar at the bottom of each image. How do i remove the black bar from the slider? It typically used to show an excerpt but they are not needed.

Also, i cant get the google maps to work. Here is the test site:

I checked your site looks like there’s no problem with the google map now.


Hi … I have yet to hear back from you about my last 2 posts and i also am having another issue with shortcodes. They dont want to work. No shortcodes are working.. The site is listed above..

Just the lists short codes..

you can wrap your unordered list content inside the bulletlist shortcode, eg.

  ... your unordered list content here...


I would like to update the client testimonial wording on the home page. Currently it is this:

Cumque nihil impedit quo minus quodmax im placeat facere possimus omnis voluptas assu menest, omnis dolor repellendus temp oribus quibus dam etaut officiis debitis reru

How do I change or edit this?



Hi, you need to create a testimonial category post first, and add some post items there, and manage vilisya theme optipns => pages & categories tab.


Hi, I am trying to edit the information under the services page using the vulcan theme and i cannot find any way to edit the information. I loaded the sample data and underneath each Service heading, for instance “Branding & Multimedia Services” I have this text:

Consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem nes ciunt neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt labore dolore magnam aliquam quae.

How can i change the information above, into my own text as this text is copied under each service heading please?

I have figured it out through checking the excerpt box on the screen options- thanks anyway :)

ok great! :)


I have loaded the sample data on the vulcan business theme but for some reason when i try to change the map longitude and latitude the location on the map is always shown as jakarta. Could you point me to where I should change to update this?


I just found it was posted in the text of the page – ignore this :)

ok great! :)

The twitter widget is not working, and this widget was one of the reasons i bought this theme! HELP!!

Hi, the problem because twitter has updated their API, as replacement you can use plugin like