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Theme is awesome. But on problem. Pagintion not working. When I click on page 2, showing 404 error. Please check: http://newsite.kanku.co.in/portfolio/

After 10 days, no any resolution. Why?

This is the worst theme I’ve ever bought. Full of programming problems. Do not buy!

Hello WebRedox,

I have not received any reply from you. I there any due payment from me?

1. When in I have 9 projects in my project list, home page showing perfect 9 projects, but when I have more than 9 projects in my list, home page showing only 8 projects, Why?

2. Portfolio Page: When in I have 9 projects in my project list, this page showing perfect 9 projects. But when I have 10 projects it shows only nine, When I have 11 projects, It shows 10 projects. Why this doing minus 1 in portfolio page?

Please give support !!

Hi our support team have a vacation for Eid. Our support team will replied you within tomorrow.

Has anyone been able to fix the 404 page error you get when you click the next page on the portfolio page? As support is not replying my messages.

Hi I was checked your site but not get any issue for why it’s doing like that. I was tested with another site and it’s working fine. Try to install theme another website and check that. Not in same host service. If there its working fine, then contact with your host company and tell them to upgrade all WordPress scripts for your hist. Thanks

if you click the last or 2 to go to the next portfolio page, you get the 404 error. Here is the website link: https://idafrica.ieikife7-liquidwebsites.com/portfolio/


wormy8 Purchased

Pagintion not working!!! http://inflaton.co.kr/portfolio/

Hi, Send us a mail by using our item support form with your wp admin login details.

I just installed the Waldo theme and it is asking me to also install several plugins including Contact Form 7, Redux Framework, and Meta Box which I have done. It is also requesting the Visual Composer and Waldo plugins, which I assumed were included in my purchased theme, but I cannot find them. Where are these two plugins located?

Hi, Click on this notification. You will get option for install all plugins. Thanks

Thank you. Normally I’m much smarter than this. LOL! Great theme. I’m loving it so far.


canelson Purchased

Is there a way to have the Waldo Portfolio element display info from pages rather than from posts?