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How can I get the PSD for this theme? It was not included with the download…

Hello mlah384,

On the item description page, it is not mentioned that the PSD is included. Only JS, CSS , and php files are included. If you wish to adjust the Grids, the theme is built on 960 grid system. No particular PSD was created for the theme, except for some icons and patterns. If you are looking to edit a particular icon, let me know.


Is there anyway to position the featured image in the blog?

Hello cmuro4,

I would like to know which particular blog template you are referring to. There are three templates for blog. If you wish to use custom images, you can use the classic blog template. Single post images can be disabled from theme options panel, or from individual post options panel.

After disabling auto insertion of single images, you can insert a custom image with any size and position. If you can provide more details on how you are willing to position it, and on which template; I can tell more. :)



Me again ;)

Is there any way to display posts from blog on main page like it is shown on demo page under “Features Overview” ?

My site : – still in progress …

Hello zgred,

Yes it is possible. You can follow these steps:

1. Open/edit your Home page and scroll down to the Page Options > Portfolio and Blog Options > Category IDs to fetch portfolio posts. Provide a category ID of your blog or portfolio category here. For example, 3,5.

2. From the template drop-down list on right side, choose “Portfolio – 4 Col Wide” template, and save the page. The posts will appear at the end of all your custom content that you are already showing on Home page. I hope that will help. :)


Nice theme! It’s a mix of the Cruz of Volt theme. It has some features (for example the thumbnail style blog archive) I would love to see in the Cruz theme! LOL :)

Hello lorenzo,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

The theme is based on same framework as of Hulk, Cruz, Indus, Volt, etc. With each release, the framework is improved. I try to implement these new changes as updates for older themes. However, some feature specific changes may not adapt properly on old themes.

Btw, Cruz has a “List Style Portfolio” template, which is close to what you are looking for. :)


Saurabh, that might actually be a good solution with a little bit of custom tweaking! Didn’t even realize that option existed LOL :)

Yes, it can be modified by adding some more blog specific elements.


Nice theme, but there are some problem for me. I cant understand, why featured images are duplicated into single post ?? Even in this case they are iserted without wrap text. This creates a lot of inconvenience

I’m sorry, i found option to disable image into single post. I have problems with english language, so its problem to me to understand all of capabilities of your theme. Thanks for work, i will watch for your next works. I wish your good luck !

Hello bm2,

Thanks for exploring the options. I admit, it may take time in getting familiar with all the available options. So, issues like these are obvious at first usage. I hope you will like the theme as you use it more. If you run across any issue, feel free to drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. :)


Impressive theme and well done. There is a lot of white space in the header. I was hoping to put something in between the social icons and the logo, perhaps another graphic or a banner. Is the space there resized when you minimize the window? I’m hoping that the space will reformat or resize graphics placed inside or at least have some option so that it minimizes and breaks down into mobile sized pieces as does the social icons. I would think it’s a common question… very nice work.

Hello slinky,

Thanks for your kind feedback and appreciation.

The header widget area can hold images up to 460px. They will resize according to the device width. So, any graphic can be added. :)


The header widget area can hold images up to 460px. They will resize according to the device width. So, any graphic can be added.


Hi there, I just purchased the theme, how do I set the custom background image to the bottom. I have tried editing the css and user.css but cant get it to set at bottom

Hello liquidpixles,

Custom background for entire body can be set inside WordPress Appearance > Background. Kindly let me know if you are trying to set a background image for any specific section. Like, secondary area, or footer. I will suggest the selectors accordingly.


Hi Saurabh, id like to set the background of the whole out wrap. So when viewed on a huge screen the image is at the base. The Appearance > Background. doesnt seem to have a set to bottom setting. .So I guess I want to set it in the footer section (i think)

Hello liquidpixles,

That can be set directly inside style.css file. Before that, remove any background that you have set using WordPress background option. Next, add the following rule to the body selector inside style.css:

body { ... background-image:url(...); background-position:50% bottom; background-repeat:no-repeat }

This will set a background image to the outer body background with image aligned as horizontally center and vertically bottom.



Contact form is not visble to eyes, how i can chnage contact form fields color to make more visible to eyes?

Link is

Hello Sagalian,

I think you are using SI Contact form plugin. If the styles are not provided by that plugin, you will need to style them manually.

The theme comes with a built in contact form template, and built in style support for Contact Form 7 Plugin. You can use any one from these. If you wish to style the forms of SI Contact form plugin, open style.css file and look for section 10. Forms. You can duplicate these existing styles for input, textarea, button, etc and assign them to the SI form selectors.


Hi there—

Nice theme, I like it. However, I have just a question that I hope you can help me with:

How can I change the size of the text/links in the navigation bar?

Hello aheimermann,

Thanks for your kind words.

Navigation font size can be adjusted inside style.css file’s section 4. Header > Primary Navigation Menu:

.nav1 a { .. font-size:14px .. }

I hope that will help.


Me again, I cant seem to set only one Cat ID for the blog, they are all showing up. I have followed the instructions and specified cat ID 4 but still all cats show up

Hello liquidpixles,

Make sure you DO NOT set your blog page as “Posts Page” inside Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > A Static Page. The Front page should be “Home”, and Posts Page should be left blank. If you assign the blog page here, WordPress will show all the posts on this page (no matter what category ID is provided).


Also, where can I find the shortcode for creating a table, it isnt in the Kitchen Sink

Hello again,

There is no particular short code for table. The table structure is itself so nested that a short code is not an ideal approach. For reference, you can copy the table markup from dummy_data/typography.txt file. There is one sample table which you can copy and paste inside the HTML mode of the editor. :)


Nice theme, I like it. it simple and looks elegant, Saurabh I would like to ask: is it possible for ‘open new tab’ if user click on social media logo? here is my website:

Hello peopletrends,

Thanks for your kind feedback.

The target attribute can be hard coded inside the core files, or can be added using one line of JavaScript. Open js/custom.js file and add the following code just before the closing } at line no. 150:

$s('.ss_social li a').attr('target', '_blank'); // <--- Add this line

This will set target=”blank” for links inside social widget.


Hi Saurabh, thanks for your reply. it works perfectly! i would like ask you some questions. i have a problem to add special side bar for one of main menu, when i ticked “Create an exclusive sidebar for this page.” under side option page, i checked on widget the new sidebar for specific page is there, but when it try to customize it (for example add text), the tabs its not working, still show the default sidebar.

another question, thanks that this theme is optimized for iphone, ipad. the problem when i try to open from ipad, there is a lot of space between logo company annd menu tab, kindly check on it.

thanks, shaurabh. appreciate your help

Hello peopletrends,

For the sidebar, make sure you choose the newly registered sidebar inside the page options panel. This works in the following manner:

1. Check to create an exclusive sidebar. Update the page.
2. After updating the page, this new sidebar appears inside the “Available Widget Areas” dropdown menu of Page Options panel. Select this new sidebar and update one more time. Now the page will use this new sidebar.

For the gap between Logo and the menu, this is happening due to a wider logo. But instead of reducing the Logo width, we can reduce the width of widget area (in which social icons reside). Open style.css file and look for line no. 171 inside section 4. Header:

.header_widget_area { ...width:460px ... }

Change 460px to 300px. It will align properly. If you wish to use a 460px advertisement in this section, reduce the Logo width and make this section 460px again.


Hi there,

Love this theme. Just wanted to know if it is possible to replace the home slider with a embedded video?



Hello R,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

You can show any custom embed markup in place of the slider. This can be a static image, a flash embed code, a google map, or a video embed code. There is a textarea inside page options panel that allows insertion of the custom markup. After inserting the markup, and choosing “Custom Embed” for featured area, the page will show this custom markup.



I have disabled responsive.css file in walk options but when i view site on a cell phone ex…the site is all big it doesn’t scale down like other sites. I still want it to be full width 980px which i prefer but even on tablet’s I can’t zoom in. If you can help that would be awesome.


Hello vitomavrak,

The site is not scaling because the initial and maximum scale is set to 1.0 for responsive design. Since you have disabled responsive.css, it will also require to enable user scaling.

For doing so, open header.php file and look for the following code:

<meta name="viewport" content="width = device-width, initial-scale = 1.0, maximum-scale = 1.0, user-scalable = 0" />

You can either set user-scalable = 1, or delete this entire meta tag. I hope that will help.


Hey Saurabh … nice work once again! :D Question … does this them use Timthumb?


Saw that it uses native thumbnail support, so bought it … :D

Cheers Saurabh

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the purchase. :)


Hello ! Please help to make navigation like in your demo. Please, look at my screenshot^

At the right side – navigation on my blog At the left side – like in your demo variant

I just want to make my navigation like: Page 1 of 2 – 1 2 NEXT

Thanks !

Hello bm2,

The paginated navigation on live demo is shown using WP Page-Navi plugin. This topic is covered inside the documentation file’s section 18. wp-pagenavi Plugin Support. You will only need to install and activate this plugin. More instructions can be found inside section 18. :)