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How do I disable the word “Permalink” on the blog archive pages? I want to remove it

Hello aplaat,

The permalink is coded inside functions.php, inside the function named Walk_box_meta(). Kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, I will send you the file with permalink removed.


Hi Saurabh,

Its me again from people trends. I have couple question here, anw here is my website: 1. I would like to reduce the space between top and logo, if u refer to the website there is space between them. 2. under our services tab -> there is image about our clients, the picture looks fine and fit perfectly in Google Chrome. But when I try to view it from Mozilla, the picture seems bigger.

thanks. appreciate your response

Hello peopletrends,

1. For the gap above logo, open style.css file and make the following changes:

Line 162: .brand { ... margin:45px 0px 10px; padding:0px }

Change 45px to 20px or less.

Line 171: .header_widget_area { ... padding:60px 0px 20px }

Change 60px to a lesser value. Say, 20px.

2. For the Client’s image. The image is bigger than the normal container. Right now it’s around 922px. The theme uses auto width on images and that may get rendered differently by browsers. In order to rectify this, I would recommend changing the image width to 620px (which is the exact width of the content area). That will make the image look same on all browsers.


Hi Saurabh, thanks for your response. It works!

Last question, is it possible to have the slider on mainpage i divide into column? for example [half] eg. example /half description [/half_last]

Hello again,

The Home page slider is of fixed width and hard coded inside the theme templates. As you would be aware, the content part starts just after the slider. i.e. slider is not controlled from the page/post content. Otherwise using a [half] short code would have done it.

Slider width can be changed from CSS , but still it will be required to place the other half part for content inside the core files. This will also affect responsive behavior of the theme. I’m sorry to say, but these are the limitations. :)



Is this possible (and howto) to add search box in the top MENU on the right side ?


Hello Pawel,

Searchbox can be added by calling get_search_form() function inside header.php file, just after the navigation menu call at line no. 70. But this may not work as responsive. If you wish to show the searchform, kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you necessary instructions to do so.


Hi dear,

Great theme! just wondering if you have any live rtl demo to test

Hello MRabie,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

I have created an option on live demo to see the RTL orientation of the site. Kindly browse the live preview and enable “RTL orientation” from the option panel on left side.

The demo will show RTL alignment but with English language. It will work more appropriate when used on a RTL installation of WordPress. But I hope you will at least get an idea how the layout looks. :)


I created a new color scheme variation for the walk theme. Is it possible to register this scheme as a choice in the Walk Options > General > Color Scheme Variation select box? BTW : great theme!


Hello npetersen,

This new color scheme can be added inside includes/theme_admin_options.php, at around line no. 44:

"options" => array("default", "black", "brown", "green", "purple")),

Add the new color scheme name preceded by a comma. After adding the name, make sure the CSS is placed inside walk/css/schemes/your_scheme_name.css. (The css name should be same as provided inside the options).


Greetings SaurabhSharma,

Great theme, as everyone has said. However, I seem to be having a number of issues.

1. The menu is aligned, where I believe the slider should go. 2. The slider isn’t showing up. 3. Some weird information, referring to posts is showing up instead. You can see what I’m talking about here:

I’ve set things up based on the documentation. Before I decided to write here I even setup another sub-domain to test the theme with all the dummy content you provided. And you can see that in action here:

As you can see, it’s the same problem on both URLs. I’m not sure what to do. BTW , I still consider myself a WordPress newbie. So be gentle with me.

I noticed you posted your email address on page 1, so I’ll shoot you an email regarding this as well, just to cover my bases.

Sincerely, Marc

Hello Marc,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. Please find my answers below:

1. The menu items need to be lessen in number. Or make the link names small. Since the menu width is fixed, it won’t hold menu items larger than a particular number. Just for instance, if you remove the “Community Involvement” link; the menu will show in one row.

2. For the Slider, I hope you have created some posts with featured image and assigned that category ID inside featured area options of the Home page. It will also be required to choose the slider from drop down list of featured area options. You can refer to section ‘7. Create a Slider’ of the documentation file.

3. Those are the widgets appearing inside the header widget area. This topic is covered at the very start of documentation file—section ‘4. Activate the theme’. In that I have mentioned with a screen shot:

If you see any unwanted widgets inside the header area, you can drag them out by navigating to WordPress Appearance > Widgets > Default Header Bar.

I hope you have gone through that part of the documentation. You can further mail me if you find any issues. :)


Hello I have had a user of your theme try to look at me site on galaxy tab 7.7 and a 10.1 but it does not work out to well. do you have any CSS updates that I could put in to up date it.

Hello Sibkis,

The theme uses responsive.css file for different device widths. If the site is viewed on mobile devices, it will look different than the original one. That’s because the layout is adjusted according to the device width.

If you wish to show same layout across all devices, the responsive.css file can be disabled inside Appearance > Walk Options > General > Disable responsive.css file.

If this doesn’t work out, you can send me the site URL and a screenshot of the issue at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will try to fix it. :)



I have 5 sliders on the home page, is it possible to disable the links on each slider image?

thanks Gavin

Hello Gavin,

In order to disable slide links, open / edit each slide post and scroll down to the Post Options Panel. Next, enable the “Do not link slide image” checkbox and update the post. This will remove link from the slide images.

Follow this process for each slide. You can also specify custom links if you wish to do so.


On my homepage the text under the main scrolling banner cuts off at the edges when I resize the window to a cell phone size so you cannot see all of the text. Any advice?

Hello aplaat,

The text below slider has some non-breaking spaces nbsp; Due to these, the entire text is treated as one merged text. That will show in one single line even if the container is of small width. To fix it, open/edit your page and remove all the non-breaking spaces.

I assume that the text was copy/pasted from a rich text editor. Such spaces arrive from rich text formats. You only need to delete those lines and re-type them with normal spaces.


Nice theme!

I am using the rtl option and have a few questions: 1. I use pages. Under the menu, there’s the page header with the page ‘name’, together with the path. Is it possible to remove the path and also to reduce the area size of the header?

2. I want to add fields (like phone number) to the contacts page. Is it possible?

3. the Header area is too large. Is it possible to reduce its height?

Thank you!

Hello yaccri,

Thanks for the kind feedback.

1. You can hide breadcrumbs by navigating to WordPress Appearance > Walk Options > General > Hide Breadcrumbs. Enable this checkbox and save the settings. This will hide breadcrumbs for entire site.

If you wish to hide breadcumbs on per-page basis, open/edit a page and scroll down to Page Options > Page Caption > ‘Check to hide breadcrumbs on this page’. Enable this checkbox and save the page.

2. The built in contact form has fixed fields. I’d recommend using the contact form 7 plugin. By using this plugin, you can create any number of fields and use that short code on a page or in a text widget.

3. Header area has normal margin/padding. I assume you are using a wide logo due to which the header widget area is falling on next line. If you send me the site URL , I can suggest appropriate CSS for it.



There’s an issue while trying to edit a picture’s properties. Sometimes, instead of getting the properties page, the cursor just jumps to the head of the page and does not show the properties page.

Hello yaccri,

Kindly send me your site URL and login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will look into it.


Thank you for the quick response.

I’ve sent you the details. Please check your email. Kindly also advise about the css (for question #3)

Thank you.

Great support!!!

Thank you for the fast and professional help!

You’re welcome. :)


Hi there I have notice that my contact page is not sending the email can you please help thanks

Hello puma,

The contact form uses php mail() function for sending mails. This is dependent on your hosting server’s mail settings. From the theme side I can check if anything is wrong within WordPress. For that, kindly send me your WP login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.


How do you slow the slider down? I’ve tried changing the slideshowSpeed: value in jquery.flexslider but nothing happens?

Hello ericvallillee,

Slider speed can be changed inside walk/js/custom.js file’s line no. 163-164:

slideshowSpeed: 4000,
animationDuration: 600,

Change 4000 to 10000 for 10 seconds. Similarly, you can adjust the speed of animation by changing 600 to 1000.

Make sure you do not change the settings inside the main plugin file jquery.flexslider.js. We can override these settings as I mentioned above.


Thanks! Seems so obvious now!


i have a problem: If i select the “Blog Template 2” to display my Posts i see only the text AFTER the “read more” mark. Maybe you have a solution the other way around (to show the text BEFORE the read more mark and then read more button).


Hello Jeronymo,

Inside WordPress ‘Appearance > Walk Options > Blog > Archive Pages Show’, choose ‘excerpt’ and save the settings. This will show an excerpt and readmore button. If this settings is set to show ‘content’, it will show the entire post content. A read more button will be shown if manually inserted inside the post content using <!--more--> quicktag.



this solutions works good for me but not perfect. i like to use sometimes just one sentence till the read more button and sometimes a litte bit more text. Maybe you also have a “hack” for this :)

Hello Jeronymo,

There will be slight modification inside the template. Kindly send me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you necessary instructions.


Are you going to update this theme for WordPress 3.4?

Hello posmedia,

The theme supports WordPress 3.4. The custom background feature was deprecated in 3.4, so it needs an update. That will be updated soon.



One more question: Can you have a different color scheme for each Category/Section of the website? (instead of just one color for the whole site).

My current site has a different theme color for each Category/Section/Service we offer.

Thanks again for the great response time!

Hello posmedia,

Color schemes can be targeted using specific category classes for body tag that are generated inside the category archive page. For example, consider this category archive. If you look at source code, the body tag has unique class for ‘featured’ category:

<body class="archive category category-featured category-4">

Inside style.css file, this class can be used to style elements. For example:

.category-featured .header { styles here ... }
.category-featured .nav1 a { styles here ... }

These classes are generated for each page on the site. So that can be used to provide unique styles for each page/archive/single etc.



I’d like to turn off websites (url address) from Comments – how to ?


Hello zgred,

URL field can be removed inside functions.php, around line no. 370:

/* Comment Form Fields Override */
function new_field($fields) {
'url'  => '<p class="comment-form-url">... ,

Delete the entire line with url part and save the file. This will remove URL from comment form.


My navigation menu is not working in mobile mode. Some links work and others do not – any help?

Hello Aaron,

Just replied to your mail.