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I’m definitely bummed. Bought on Jan 25, and loved the editor. I exported for Mailchimp (the only reason I bought this template was the mailchimp compatibility), but when I upload to mailchimp the template immediately breaks if I edit anything (images, text, etc). I e-mailed for support, but over 3 weeks later I still haven’t received a response. Not cool at all.

Hi, apologies if i missed your email earlier. Since wallaby allows the repeatable modules on mailchimp you need to build your template from the campaigns section rather that the my templates section. Please watch this video for further reference on building template and exporting to mailchimp. Since a chunk of users are new to the repeatable modules i will be disabling the repeatables for mailchimp which will allow you to export templates to mailchimp the way you see it on the editor. If you need more assistance you can ping me on skype. skypeid: jvyda1

Regards, Jay

hello. In the editor as I can save to avoid losing work.

Hi, It doesnot support saving yet. Coming up in the next version.

I’ve watched your mailchimp tutorial, but on uploading none of the images work they’re all broken links.


I bought this weeks ago and I’m still having this problem. Not happy.

Im also trying to add the template in mailchimp but Im not figuering out how. Can you help?


I bought this and it doesn’t allow me to log in now

I just tried again and nothing happens

this is very unstable, I got in after a minimum of 10 try and then cleared the template and it logged me out and I can’t log in again. This is costing me time and money

this is what happens when you can’t download it. We are left up to you to answer our problems when ever you feel like

I’m extremely unhappy with you. If you don’t reply with a fix for mail chimp, I will be rating this as 1 star and complaining about you to Envato. Selling faulty products.

Ok – 1 star it is.

HELP! The template builder doesn’t work. I’ve entered my purchase code, but nothing happens. I have to work with the template now, so please help me asap!

AZ concept

So I see that the editor is only on your server… kind of an issue. Do we at least have access to customize the look of the email and alter the css? There are just some aspects of your design that don’t work for us, specifically the button style as we want this to blend seamlessly with our website’s design. What about revisions and image upload functionality?

Is there an image upload feature? Or do we need to host images on our own server for this?

We are migrating all our templates to a new advanced editor which sports a lot of essential features.

Good to know… but that doesn’t really answer my question.

This item’s editor is not live any longer and the author’s website is down… if you’re going to make this product dependent upon your own hosted editor, you need to ensure it will be up when your customers go to use it. This is unacceptable.

Still down – can Envato please remove this item???