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rss feed reader, aggregator?

Hi Emil,

Not quite, it’s just one of many cool features on our theme. RSS importer comes with DW Social which developed by DesignWall. Check it out here : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dw-social-feed/

Thanks for your comment.

Welcome To Forest Designwell :)

Thank you!


Great theme !!!

Is woocommerce available into French language ?

All the best

Not now, but i will think about that!

Sorry Jigoshop !!!

Ok ,please tell me when it will be available.

All the best,

Hi Alex, Jigoshop is available for French language : http://i.imgur.com/hbPvOnP.png Regards,

Hi Dnp_theme,

We’re the creator of both of WallPress and WallClassic, sure we know how to develop a premium version with much more advanced features than a free version. Plus, we don’t provide support with free version. Thanks for your comment.

Regards, DesignWall

Hi Danny,

We are the Wordpress team from JoomlArt. We decided to make JoomlArt exclusively for Joomla members and move Drupal to ThemeBrain.com, WP to DesignWall.com

More Info: http://www.joomlart.com/blog/news-updates/joomlarts-review-of-2012

Hope this is clear enough.

The rules are simple. You cannot sell freeware or other people’s work in here.

Great work and good luck on sales!

Thanks mate

Good job! Good luck :)

Does the rss feed automatically generate and update news from a site news feed I install?

Hi Lotsonj,

Sure you can! The theme has a cron job for that. Check out the backend screenshot : http://s.wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dw-social-feed/screenshot-1.png?r=659603 .


Olà !

I see some bug with Internet Explorer 9 .. Some content don’t load .. Have You see that ?

Hi Samsam,

The theme’s been tested on IE 8,9,10. But thanks for your information, we’re going to recheck with the demo link. It will be fixed soon !

Regards, DesignWall team.

yes , in fact i told IE9, but it is IE10 on windows8 .. (sorry) . for some boxs after the working of ajax .. I ‘am testing in the same time as i wrinting to you and the error don’t appear .. so everything it’s ok now .

Great to know that ! Thank you so much.

Great theme!!!

I do miss some items :

- social sharing buttons on the single post pages -> I want visitors to easily share my content - related posts -> I want my visitors to get as much relevant info as they can - next/previous post links on the single post pages -> offering visitors an easy way to browse the latest posts without having to go back and forth between the homepage and the post pages - social + rss/mail buttons through which visitors can subscribe

Would be great of you add all of these.


Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We’ll consider to add them to the next release version.


DesignWall team.

Hello DW,

We have been using your Wallpress as a theme for some time now.

I must say guys, you are on our top 3 list of favorite theme developers, and that’s a very exclusive list. We get many compliments about our site’s layout from visitors. It’s quite evident that your team is very passionate about style and intuitiveness.

We will check out this theme as well soon. You definitely have our recommendation.

Hello Yemel,

Thank’s for the kind words and glad you like our themes.

Cheer !

Hello, Great Theme! Good luck with sales. You really got the look and feeling with this Theme. Awesome, fast loading, technical and beautiful. If all of TF Theme, you nail that have 10% unique idea. I did a bookmark on this. Still I know I will buy it just in case (-:

I was a early Mambo fan in 90´s, love Joomla, still leaved them both for WP. Remember I got PR 4 easily with 2 Mambo blog in just 3 months. Well, it was easy then. Maybe I will take an another look at Joomla.

The only thing I miss is “Forms” // secure with captcha or similiar to prevent spam. And a nice “Login” and “Register” form.

This is a really great theme in design and functionality. My brand building purposes it’s great. Im all in as soon you as update with the sharing features. When do you think that will be?

Social sharing feature could be added easily by a plugin. We’ve tested this : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/async-social-sharing/ and it works pretty smooth.


Hey Guys, great theme, can the showcase items contain a gallery or slideshow?

Hi there, that feature’s not been supported yet. But we’d love to help you do that if you used our theme for your site. Cheers,

Great theme and the admins are so helpful with any install advice and help – Thank you!

Thank you so much for buying our theme and the kind words ! Cheers,


possible to have more feed account of the same social for example

3. number Account feed from facebook

3. number Account feed from Twitter

3. number Account feed from Istagram

Also, they change in base the time? The news feed from one account replace the older?


Our Plugin: DW Social Feed has just had an updated version. Now it has supported you using multiple accounts at the same time.

Regards, Jackie

i have downloaded the Dw social feed but it doesn’t work with any feed. Strange

Hi Loremovie,,

Apology we could not answer the questions related to DW Social Feed right here. Please send us an email to help@designwall.com . Thank you.

Regards, DesignWall team

Hi there,

I have some pre sale questions:

1. I would like to link post thumbnails and titles on the homepage to external URLs rather than to their respective post pages. Is this possible? This is to avoid having to click through to post pages and instead either visit an external site or download a file.

2. How flexible is the look and feel? Could a custom background image be used in the background?

3. Could the left sidebar be removed so the post masonry goes from edge to edge?



Thanks for your questions. It seems you have to do some small modifications on the theme’s source code. We’d love to help you with that. Please contact us by email : help@designwall.com .

Regards, DesignWall team