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Hi TemeGUM, I created a page that combines Reponsive Tab with Carousel but it does not work. I checked many times but failed. Can you help me fix this error?

Or you can see the Carousel Demo

Hi TemeGUM, I have received your email, however that is not the problem that I am asking you for support. When using Reponsive Tab with Carousel at the same time, Reponsive Tab does not work (can’t tab to open), Carousel still works normally. You can see details of section Reponsive Tab here https://vinatechjsc.vn/giai-phap/giai-phap-mo-cua-hang-tap-hoa/

He, check this http://walls-wp.themegum.com/elements/carousel/ , that page using responsive tab inside the carousel. If you need we check your page, please send credential access using support form. I don’t know where section you mean ( https://vinatechjsc.vn/giai-phap/giai-phap-mo-cua-hang-tap-hoa/ ) , please more detail ( screenshot better )

Hey! This is a pre-purchase question!

Can i put a video in the slider on the homepage?


Hi RMDD, the native slider not support video, but you can add using 3rd party plugin with shortcode. Thank

Hi TemeGUM, this is my test page when combine responsive tab & carousel, it doesn’t work. I can’t open tab at https://vinatechjsc.vn/test-responsive-tab-carousel-combine/

I think it isn’t the problem, after fixing GTM, responsive tab is not showing up. Please research more to help me!

Hi, Update your nuno builder with latest version ( 2.1.2 ). Regard

Done. Thanks for you support!


Your sliders are not mobile responsive, please advise what to do.


Yup, but it said my themes are already up-to-date

Hi, i think your site the connection to our repo ( http://update.themegum.com/ ) , make sure your site allowed curl connection to our repo. Thanks

Hi, the link you have given is not accessible

Hello, I write to you because when I see the subject from a smartphone I do not see the logo

Hi Juamar, please fill both logo image ( the setup have 2 logo version for desktop and floating ). Regard

Hello, I am writing to you because I need the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin update

Hello Juamar,

All our theme not using WPBakery Visual Composer. Walls WP using nuno builder ( own plugin ), for updating you can use method : 1. Uninstall the plugin. 2. Then install ( live ).


hi, can you provide custom css so that the drop down menu fits longer categories like GENERAL CONTRACTING – for example – i can edit the exact width if you can provide the example thanks

hi, yes i know thanks. But i asked for you to provide the custom css for the dropdown menu to adjust the width?

You can use this css code:
.main-menu .sub-menu-container{
 min-width: 225px;


That is perfect – thank you so much!

Hi again, on the services icon section when you change the icons using the search for something suitable even using the same settings the new icons are very heavy compared to the ones in the demo. Is there a way to find examples that match those that you have used as i only need to change a few and now it just looks odd? Thanks in advance.

You can using inspect element to get class name then search

You can searching by keyword walls


SORTED – Thanks again for the quick reply, and a fantastic theme!

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Hi> I have problem with IMAGE GALLERY – by “text editor” there is only 1 column (even I select 4) – in Nino Builder there is no such a module. for example: http://budownictwo.jamad.pl/sample/ how can I get 4 columns (lack “lightbox” is another problem)?

Hi a4studio,
Thank for buying, for get support please use Support Form

Quick Q please: where do we add Google Analytics code?
Admin/ Advanced/ Javascript Code? and is it the full javascript?

Hi Cameronferris,
Thank for buying. For embed google analytic please refer Adding Google Analytics

Support was great, then vanished. I’ve emailed the tech directly, I’ve submitted a new ticket to your system last week, no response. The color for mobile menu background is not setting properly. Please respond to me! We cannot launch without a fix. Please.

Sorry but we’ll be replacing this theme and not using it. I will attempt to get a refund. This control ^ still doesn’t work, there’s now a main nav bar item getting bolded for some reason, the Facebook icon is hit or miss if it shows up or not, its just tooooo many things wrong with this theme. Support was great and then vanished. Save yourself some hassle – choose another theme.

Please update your version, please read How to update theme by OTA.
We was reply more 20 emails for some customize ( should do by your self

Actually, there were a lot of things that didn’t work. Most themes require no support at all, they just work. I’m sorry to say this was not the case with this theme. My client lost patience, no big deal. Be cool. Ciao.

hi, can you please tell me where i can edit the Service Sidebar Menu in this link:
hi Temegum, that is installed and active, i have version 1.0.3.
but still cannot find how to edit that menu

Just to clarify it does pull in the services i have set up but there is no active menu or way to reorder so it just looks random, like it hasn’t been set up properly and you cannot switch it off even though the option is there in THEME OPTIONS/BLOG/SIDEBAR/NO SIDEBAR – if you select no sidebar it just puts the menu at the bottom of the page.
I did notice in the demo you have it setup the same too, but it just looks unfinished, the menu needs to be in order and active hover should be applied. THANKS.

Please send your site detail using Support Form, lets clooser look.


smrobi Purchased

demo content included with purchase?


smrobi Purchased



smrobi Purchased

I have already taken it

Please unzip your downloaded package, see Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error

Greetings I want to buy this theme, but I need to know If I can put the header design where the logo is placed on a white stripe, not on an image, do you have a sample?

Hi Luchopa,
You can choose logo mode ( Text or image )


And thanks for your prompt response.

Regards, he thinks he doesn’t explain me well. I want to know if there is a header option where the logo does not appear on the image background.

Unfortunately it can’t :cry:

Dear Sirs,

how do i translate foother via WPML?

Specifically I mean – link:


Thank you.

Dear Sirs,

I sent you a request using the support form. I hope for a quick answer. Thank you.

Thank you, please check your email.

Please update the theme to 1.3.6 ( available using OTA update ). How to Update Theme using OTA

The responsiveness in iphone got disturbed. Assist me on this issue please

Is your theme compatible with WP Bakery?

Hi Delmarvapolebuildings,
The the compatible with other builder but we don’t create module/element for them.