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Hi, I have tested using mobile phone, the scrolling is abit lag or delay, is there anyway to fix this problem?

Hi. Thank you for using the theme.

Since the processing speed of mobile devices may not be as powerful as that of desktop / laptop computers, for better performance on mobile devices, you can try using images of smaller file sizes.

For the template itself, at the moment, I don’t have any other method to further improve its mobile performance. If later on there is an additional way that could further improve theme performance on mobile devices, I will release an update. Thank you very much for your understanding.

is there any way to slow down the testimonials?

Hi. Thank you for using the theme.

To change the duration, open “js/index.js” and locate the following lines.

    duration: 5000

Then you can specify a new duration (unit: milliseconds) through the “duration” property. By default, each testimonial will be displayed for 5 seconds (5000 milliseconds).

You can also find this information in the section Setting Up Testimonials in the manual included in the download package.

If you have further questions, let me know. Thanks.

I like this theme but the parallax effect is not working for Chrome on desktop. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

some animations do not work too

Hi. Thank you for using the theme.

In the WanChai template, parallax effects and on-scroll animations are disabled on touch devices, so if you don’t see these effects on desktop, it is likely that you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 with touch support enabled. (If you disable touch support or view the template on Windows 7 or other desktop operation systems. The effects will still be available.)

If you would like to enable the parallax effects and on-scroll animations on Windows 8 / 8.1 when touch support is enabled, you can give me your email address through my profile page. I will send you an updated file. Thank you very much!

Will you create this for Muse?

Replied in email.

Hello, I like your template and I’m considering purchasing it, but need to know if it supports RTL. Thank you.

Hi. Thank you for your interest in the template. Unfortunately, the template doesn’t support RTL. Thanks.

Hello and congrats for your wanchai theme I love it ! but I’m getting crazy..I’d like to change that black background of menu but impossible to find it !! it’s been weeks now that’s I’m looking for it.. please can you help me? big smile from France Sophie

i buy it and upload it on a apache2 standalone Webserver but the Site in example not works. Can’t show the Placeholder, is loading in a loop.

Very poor, please send me back my money!

Hi there. The template should be able to work if installed properly. Please make sure that your web server is able to access the Internet when using the template. You can refer to the manual to set up the theme. Additionally, you can open Chrome’s console and let us know the error message so that we can more accurately diagnose the problem. Thank you.

Hi! I’m having a issue with the page displaying on iphones. It isn’t. Is there a way you can help me figure out why? Thank you!

The theme doesn’t load in firefox (latest version 52) also the live preview doesn’t work in firefox. Other browsers are o.k. How to fix this problem?

Hi there. The problem has been noted. We’ll fix this problem in the next update of the theme. Thanks.