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Hi, Well Done, thanks!

this is a great looking template and a great support.

Thank you! :)

Hello. Love my purchase of this of this template. That said, I am about to launch the blog portion and notice my v1.1.0 limits posts to a modal pop-up where the current demo shows a proper dedicated area. Is there an upgrade ability to get the new feature? If I was to re-buy the whole theme, is there an easy update to the MODX platform to minimize redoing the site? Thanks for your help and insights.


Hi. Thank you for using the WanChai theme.

You can download the latest version of the WanChai theme from the “Downloads” tab of your themeforest account without making another purchase. Unfortunately, since the new blog functionalities are powered by the MODX extra “Articles”, direct upgrade to version 1.5+ from previous versions is not supported.

If you already have a site up and running with an older version of the WanChai theme, I recommend installing the latest version of the theme on a new MODX instance and recreating the content of your site in the new instance. Doing this can help reduce the risk of breaking your existing site.

If you have further questions, let me know. Thanks!

Regards, Simon

Thanks Simon.


step 5 of the installation (Search Locally for Packages) does not succeed here… He can not find wanchai… (the upload succeeded.)

MODx VERSION: 2.3.3 sdk

What could be the reason? I see the upload of the zip file in core/packages…

please help me :(

Hi there. Have you unzipped the downloaded theme package? Which file did you upload to the server? The file to upload should be, which is inside Theme Package in the unzipped theme package.

Hi! Thank you very much for your nice job! Exellent solution from the box with exellent manual. Customized and deployed in two days. Good luck!

Thank you so much! Glad you like the theme. :)

Hello Simon,

Would this theme work with the latest stable MODX version, Revolution 2.4.4?

I notice that you haven’t updated in a year, is the theme still supported or do you recommend another theme for MODX?

Many thanks!

Hi DesignHarbor!

Love this theme! We’re opening a new branch to our business in a different geographic location, how would we add coordinates to show the second location? Is it comma delimited?

Thanks so much! fountainheadllc

Hi there. Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the theme does not support adding multiple locations to the map.

Hello, does the theme support MODX 2.3.x and up? Thanks for a reply

Just want to confirm, MODX 2.4.2 seems to work just fine with Wanchai.

Thanks for the info.

Hi There, Just got notice that there is an update for this theme, but you recommend a clean MODX install when using this theme. How do you recommend updating the theme with an existing install? Thanks!

Hi. Due to the design of MODX themes themselves, it is not easy to directly upgrade a newer theme from an existing MODX theme. That’s why we recommend a clean install. If your theme is working fine, there is no urgency to upgrade. You just need to update various packages in your existing theme (except the CSS LESS package which is specially modified for the theme).

Got it. Thanks!

I have blank pages after installation. The Error Log lists three errors:

(ERROR @ /core/model/modx/transport/modtransportpackage.class.php : 385) Could not open file for reading: (ERROR @ /core/model/modx/transport/modtransportpackage.class.php : 433) MODX could not download the file. You must enable allow_url_fopen, cURL or fsockopen to use remote transport packaging. (ERROR @ /core/model/modx/transport/modtransportpackage.class.php : 208) Could not transfer package to /var/www/wanchai/core/packages/.

but enable allow_url_fopen is enabled on my server. Modx version is the latest, 2.5.1-pl

Any idea what could be the problem?

Hi there. Please create a ticket in the support forum and give me your login details so that I can solve the problem more efficiently for you. Thanks.

Hi there. A new package has been uploaded to themeforest. Once it’s approved, please download the new pacakge and see if it can solve your problem or not. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.

Have you recently install this on Modx 2.5.1 ? It is missing loads of files… and is not working at all.

Hi there. Thank you for informing me of the problem. A new package has been uploaded to themeforest. Once it’s approved, please download the new pacakge. It should fix the problem. Thanks.

Hello, the loading error (loading sloop) in firefox (you can see it already wth the live preview) could be caused by google maps plugin – I wanted to disable this for my site, but then also Internet explorer bring the same loading error (just loops). So how can I fix the problem?

Hi there. The problem has been noted. We’ll inform you again when an update to the theme is available. Thanks.

​Hi there. I just checked again. The theme works without any loading problems in Firefox 52. Would it be possible that the problem you are experiencing is not caused by the theme itself?