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di15 Purchased

ElementorEditor don’t work​

I cannot edit the content of the website

When I open edit the content page in ​ElementorEditor, ElementorEditor dont stop loading

it maybe conflict wiht some seourls removal module, or maybe with module “related products pro”


di15 Purchased

I do not use a module “related products pro” everything worked fine so far

I’m surprised why it doesn’t suddenly start ElementorEditor

Hi, if I buy a Warehouse license, is it possible to use it on multiple domains? Or would i have to buy a license per domain?

once licene is for one prestahsop installation, so if you use it on separate shops you need to buy separate license per each store, but if you will use multistore feature of prestashop then one is enogh

I want to have a “read more” in the descriptions of the categories, can it be done? how?

Hello I have theme 4.2.2 , PS Elementor is freezing my site when editing Can i upgrade only elementor from folder 4.2.2 to 4.2.3/files/modules/iqitelementor?

And the most important how this can be optimized? 2,58 on mobile is killing my site and your demo mobile performance http://www.stickit.gr/upload/pasteuploads/Image-2020-10-03-17-10-ps.jpg

upgarde tempalte to 4.2.3 it will fix your elementor problems

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I buid this theme for this demo https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/demo13/en/ but when I try to install this demo layout whit elementor module using “Style 13”, it show me a different design.

Thanks and sorry for my English

Its solved

Hello, I am interested in your theme but I’ve been talking to people who have this template and they tell me that the loading speed is worse compared to other templates. I have used the GTMetrix with your template and it is true that the speed is not a wonder. However, it seems to have a lot of customization options and I am very interested in this. I’m a little worried about the speed issue, do you plan to improve it in any way? is it possible?

I did not pay attention to pagespeed on demo setup(i do not use upzimized sample images, did not do any special caching etc). With proper configuration of webserver and prestahsop you can get even 90+/100 for desktop and around 60+/100 for mobiles, which is god factor like for softare as prestashop and it is on same level as other ps themes. It also really depends a lot on your created content and server setup.


BFV Purchased

Hi. I have updated to v.4.3.5 and the images on the product page are not showing. What do I have to do to show the image? thanks

make sure you follwoed upgrade procedure corectly(used corecet package for upgrade) and you upgraded alliqit modules, and clear prestashop and browser cache after


arafatx Purchased

The button at the comparison page, it’s working but why it does not show the value increment or decrement quantity ? https://i.postimg.cc/85PCKGhz/where-is-the-value.png

I have it fixed in upcoming 4.3.6 realase planned for this week with some new features and 3 new demos


coldsea Purchased

Hello. I have Warehouse module installed on Presta 1.7.6. My developer said that with that theme it will be impossible in future to update PrestaShop to for example 1.7.7 or 1.7.8. In his opinion after PrestaShop update all shop will be dismantled and not working. He is no the sharpest tool in the shed, therefore I would like to ask your opinion in that matter.

Not sure why he thinks that.

With each prestahshop new version, if there is a need I prepara compabiloty upgrade for template.

So once prestashop 1.7.7 will be release some short time after there will be not theme version realased and you can upgrade prestashop with upgrading template.

Difficulties may occurs only if he modified a lot of .tpl files of templates

New update 4.3.6 and new demos

[PS 1.7.6] 4.3.6

+ general: 3 new demos to import + contact page layouts
+ iqitthemeeditor: 2 new header styles
+ iqitthemeeditor: possible to show to images per row in column view of product images on product page
+ iqitthemeeditor: accordion view of products data on product page
+ iqitthemeeditor: posibiltty of move product datas(tabs or accordion) to below add to cart on product page
+ iqitthemeeditor: new option of facated search design for above product list hook(each filter showed as dropdown)
+ iqitthemeeditor: design options for checkout page(simple footer, header)
+ iqitelementor: added z-index option to columns and widgets
+ iqitelementor: possible to set description in banner widget separatly per device

- live theemeditor preview problem on some configurations
- iqitcompare fix
- iqitelementor: fix of autoplay of mp4 video in latest browsers
- quickview product images when column images option is selected

New demos and features showecase

*Demos import file will be delivered in next few days


I want to download the new version for testing. But when I download the files it contains 4.3.5

Can you indicate when the new files are available?

v4.3.6 is avaiable to download from now

Hello see below, also got an error. It’s in /modules/iqitelementor/src/widgets/IqitElementorWidget_Newsletter.php removed the blank rules on top so it’s start with <?php now elementor is working again.

Oh the error is: header is already sent by /modules/iqitelementor/src/widgets/IqitElementorWidget_Newsletter.php


Could you please tell me if this doubleclick.net scripts come from your theme? I have disabled analytics module and still have this errors. Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/uvaiu8 This error is visible only in BO. Hope you can help me.

Best regards

it will be from youtube player probably


BiancaO Purchased

Is there a way to make also the buttons for each option in the new centered faceted search with rounded corners?


BiancaO Purchased

After update to new version i get error 500 when trying to use elementor. Everything else is working perfect.

please redownload theme from themeforest again and reupload update files again

to radius use custom css in thmeeditor #search_filters .facet-title-dropdown, #search_filters_brands .facet-title-dropdown, #search_filters_suppliers .facet-title-dropdown { border-radius: 10px; }

Thanks for the work and support one more time


BiancaO Purchased

After update to new version i get error 500 when trying to use elementor. Everything else is working perfect.

please redownload theme from themeforest again and reupload update files again


mt555 Purchased

Hi, I updated iqitelementor, Username appeared in the admin panel, but Instagram feed is not displayed. Tell me what to do?

make sure you clear browser and prestahsop cache after upgrade it is important


jajarom Purchased

IqitThemeEditor – Live stuck at loading circle after the latest update


jajarom Purchased

Fixed by <IfModule LiteSpeed>

edadoz Purchased

Hi, in theme 4 DEMO which is the font uses to make the logo of warehouse !??? Thanks

sorry i do not have editable file of this logo, it was probably Montserrat font

Hi there, after downloading all files from envato better zip says that the content of the zip is damaged, can’t upoload the theme

are you shure you unzipped main file and uploaded cottect theme isntall file to prestashop? anyway for futher support please contact by https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/

after 2 attemps unzipping with betterzip the 3rd attemp was ok! thanks anyway for your kind assistance


ko26 Purchased

Hello, is there an update for instagram feed? got no more thumb, even with last version of Warehouse :/ v1.1.7 module and PS v1.7.6.4


ko26 Purchased

My bad, was due to maintenance mode! all is ok :)


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