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gdigrup Purchased

Hi, How can I disable the Back to Top button? Many thanks

thmeeditor > options > varioiuse options> there is option to disable it

Just want to confirm this message:

roundtripshop wrote

I have a problem with the last update. The iqitelementor and iqitthemeeditor doesn’t work. The live options don’t works. I try to download the update again and repeat all proces, but it doesn’t works.

The live options don’t works. !!

Support is provideed by platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/ not by comments. Send me backfofice and ftp access data

If the issue will be caused by template code ad not by unproper upgrade or other thing then i will return money your support period extension.

But you must know that I tested theme and upgrade and it works. Had few reports simi,ar to yours and it was always casused by not following upgrade guide or by conflict caused by other 3-part modules

Thanks for help with resolving a problem. Now is all OK

Before buy theme can i ask about performance on web essential signal on google webmasters console?

Hey, really interesting in buying your theme.

1. I would like to ask if you support NginX 2. Custom fonts

Thank you

1. yes 2. yes

WArehouse 4.3.7 relased – RTL support added

[PS 1.7.6] 4.3.7

+ general: RTL languages support

- product list refresh after add to cart for check qty
- google login button adjusted to goole ui
- meta titles in blog listing

Hi, I install another cookies module in my site. I can see the message and the button from the module when I am in desktop. When I go to tablet or mobile view I can’t see the message.

Is this a hook problem?

on what hook you have hooked this module? maybe change it to another like displayFooter

Hi and thank you for your response. The module doesn’t give me the choice to hooked it in displayFooter. You have great theme!

on what hook it is hooked now

Hello, IQITCONTACTPAGE doesn’t show company info in contact page (Prestashop theme 4.3.7). The map work but not the contact informations fiellds??

Hi. I know my support is expired, but keeping in mind that I didn’t have any request in the past, can you help me with a small problem?

How can I change the size of the Color Atributes selector in the product page? Right now, they are pretty small and I have them set as Textures. I would like to make the selectors at about 50px.

I would really appreciate your answer for this.

Hi, I’m unable to place ticket on the support system, so I would like to let you know that the quantity input doesn’t seem to work anymore on the latest version. The vertical buttons of the bootstrap touchspin doesn’t show like they used to do: https://zwembrilletjes.eu/ instead of both icons on the right of the quantity input, they now show on both sides. And in stead of arrows there are now a + and – sign. Can you fix this?

it is not theme issue, It will be caused by: improper upgrade, 3 part module, custom modifications(maybe you modified something or had 3 part module to add buttons on qty inputs in older version and now new theme version add them by defutlt and thats why there is such problem)

check, thx for figuring it out!


JoMaeva Purchased

Hi there, is there a way to reduct the max chars of the short product description on carroussel. Actually when i show it s too long (it takes the whole product recap) regards

you need to edit product miniature files in folder themes/warehouse/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/_partials

Now after I add product to cart it doesn’t show pop up and I need to refresh page to see it in cart. I just updated to 4.3.7 in hopes it will be fixed, but problem persists. Am I the only one? How to fix it?

Hi there, is there any way to show supplier on product page (next to the brand for instance)

My real question was to know if it is possible through the theme without overriding… but thanks anyway, this helps

Is it possibile change the login and cart icons?

Is there an option to also have float “add to cart” on desktops?

you mean same as on mobile on bottom of page? there is no sich build in design, you need to do by own modoficaitons

Hello i need to upgrade the theme from Version 4.1.6 to last version 4.2.3, but i have just downloaded the theme files and there are file only from 4.1.7 and no folder with older version. How i can find the files? Thanks

go to folder Prestashop 1_7_6_x – theme 4.3.x\Updates\OLDERS VERSION PACKAGES\4.1.6 to 4.1.7

then go back to 1.7.5 and upgrade from 4.1.7 to 4.2.3,

sorry for invonvience

Hi Marcin, Is there a reason why after theme update I have displayProductAdditionalInfo hook on the right of “add to cart” button and not under it? I know my support is ended, but I’m going crazy!!!

Thanks a lot!

Could it be a warehousechild issue?! Using the standard Warehuse theme it doesn’t have problem…

Very possible becosue nornally it should be below

Bit_1 Purchased

Hello, after updating the theme from 4.3.2 to 4.3.7, I lost part of the translation, is there a way not to lose it? (I haven’t updated my PS) – e.g. the entire translation in the blog


I have seen that in the update: [PS 1.7] 4.1.4 – 18 November 2018 you included this in the elementor:

- fix: alt tag for elementor images widgets

Now, for SEO improve, I’m trying to add the title tag to the image widget but with no results,...

When add the title tag in line 603 of the file in modules/iqitelementor/includes/widgets/image.php

I add this title=”%s”

but image not show,... I can add title or atl but not 2 at the same time, when add 2 the image is not rendered, ...

Could you help me or include this for future updates?


In banner widget I add this and title show in source code,... but not show when mouse hover image,... some help here also?

I add in banner.php line 1228:

$this->add_render_attribute( ‘image’, ‘title’, \IqitElementorWpHelper::esc_attr( $instance[‘caption’] ) );

sorry I’m really confised what you mean, and support is provided by platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/ not by comments

I can’t understand the reason for the error, in which file. An error with this Аmatic SC font has crept in somewhere. Please help me! https://ibb.co/hYzwL3T

change base font type to custom, remove custom font name(you have some unclosed tag in font name or ; char which block scss processos) then, go back to google font type and save


JoMaeva Purchased

Hi there, is there a problem with contact form widget inserted directly via elemntor? it s not working, as when u click submit nothing happen. Thanks

upgrade to latest 4.3.7 ver


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