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Hi, I’m interested in the Warehouse Theme, but there seems to be an issue with it. Google Pagespeed is giving it a red rating with 22 points. https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/en/ Is it possible to achieve a green rating with this theme? Thanks

You can get good or even exelent results to.

It depeneds on your server, your config, your theme config, additional modules etc, On demo I did not focued on making google happy becouse i did not use optimized images, ofter use youtube video instead of selfhosted videos etc

however check resulsts of this demo for example https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=pl&url=https%3A%2F%2Fiqit-commerce.com%2Fps17%2Fdemo16%2Fen%2F&tab=desktop

it have very high 99/100 score for desktop and 86 for mobile which is really high for software like prestashop

also with next theme upgrade there will be some imrpvomats in performance( i’m channgig carusel library which is more performant and there will be some cls fixes)

Wow. That’s impressive! That’s the best score I found so far for any Presta 1.7 store. Do you have any recommendations on system config etc. on how to achieve similar results?

Hello. Is there an option to change the transition time on menu links? Currently there is a little time before the word changes color when the mouse hovers over it. An option in the theme or should we use css to remove this mini delay ? Thanks

I have warehouse installed in version 4.4.1 with version of prestashop. The page goes very well and fast, but the transitions between categories are very slow. I have seen that there may be a problem already detected with this. can be? Any solution for this problem?

not sure but maybe yoi have preloader enabled, if so go to themeditor ? options > variouse and disable preloader

Hi, The Future updates for lifetime, includes and the Elementor plugin also? or is necessary to paid every year? thanks

1. there is no time limit in access to files on thmeforest, 2, timie limit is only for support

Hello, I want know, how I can disable prestashop filter, and only avaiable filter like warehouse page. https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/en/4-tops

in link you showed it is also prestahsop filter,

1, go to themeditor > content > product list> enable ps_facatedsearch above product list 2. set full width layout for categories controller https://iqit-commerce.com/xdocs/warehouse-theme-documentation/#layoutscolumns

Hello, can i install your theme on multiple web sites ? I explain you, have a test website where i test everything before doing it for my client. And I will install it on my client website. Is it ok ? Thanks by advance,

so you can have test and live on one license

Hello I want to buy the theme but you used font awesome 4. Will you update this with font awesome version 5?

I wanted to do that but there is no pro license for theme developers and free license is only with bold/solid icons


Some quiestions: 1. I want a different home page for each customer group. Is it possible? (or any elementor content…)

2. Is it possible to add different content for each customer group in the html and banner modules?

If not, can this be solved in custom development, and what is the cost of this? Thanks!

there is no such feature

In this case can you do this be solved in custom development, and what is the cost of this? Thanks!

I do not do custom developmant at the moment


Is it possible to configure the 2-levels horizontal menu in warehouse like in this example: https://colizey.fr/hommes/


there is no such design option

Hello, question about home page loading sequence. Revolution slider is set to “above header” but Revolution Slider module needs a bit of time to load so, CSS animations set on following content (Slide on, Fade in, etc…) loads first before user reach it. So when scrolled down, these animations aren’t played ; they already have been played before the complete load of Revolution Slider. Is there a way to avoid this ? Thanks for your work.

To anyone who would need to solve this. I created a section with element or, set it to fit to screen, inserted the revolution slider inside. Works perfectly.

Hi, I’m having trouble with Elementor’s “Best Seller” widget, it shows random products that don’t match the actual data. Can you tell me the criteria you follow? Thanks in advance. Yolanda.

H, it shows products that are not the best sellers, on the contrary, old products with little movement.

I don’t see that it has any configuration options.

Thank you very much for your help.

I have spoken with Elementor support, they confirm that it is a widget added by the theme and they cannot help me.

bestsellesr widget use prestashop core function to get bestesllers products, they are exatly same product and order as products on prestashop best-sales conrslloer page

Hi, I bought this template My PrestaShop is version How can change page layout? i want to use this demo: https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/demo16/en/

In your documentation you say to change page layout i must go to to Design > Themes but i can not see “choose layaouts” button in this path! I think this button is most likely hidden and not seen in the latest versions of PrestaShop. Please check this issue

I updated screenshot to altest ps version, check doc now

hi team

can you help me to manage id_product_attribute

where are using attributes modules from presta-module

and we want to display 2nd image for rollover effect on display list category

thanks a lot


so what ?

support is provided by platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/ not by comments, however you asking about integrating 3 part module from other developer, it is not part of support

ping – pong !

Can you please add extra hook in Elementor content on hooks right after :

1. you can create product descirption duritng product edit with elemento 2. in content on hooks you can create global contanent for all products and hook it in displayFooterProduct

displayFooterProduct is below crosseling / cateogory products / viewed products so it is to low for product information.

I know i can make product description for each product but with 500 products it would be easier to have dynamic text and beter for Seo.

See examples: More information about {dynamic product_title}? This {dynamic_product} will look great at your home. Have questions about {dynamic_product} contact us!

displayFooterProduct is below crosseling / cateogory products / viewed products so it is to low for product information.

not exatly, it is same hook, you can go to desing – > positions, find displayfooterProducts and change order of modules

about dynamic content i will check, but at the moment there is no such possibility and I;m not able to promis enything

When viewing all brands, is there a way to also have the logos? Right now I have made a button that links to the “brands category”, but they are just sorted alphabetically and there’s no logos.

Edit: NVM, found it. It was in the Theme Editor

Hi, your theme is great! Is it possible to preview the version to prestashop 1.6 please? Links are broken. Thank you.

Hi How can i changue the H2 titles of all category list products, to H5, like prestashop 1.6. Wich theme file should i modify? Thank you

files in path themes/warehouse/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/_partials

the best if you use child templat for that for easier upgrades in fuutre https://iqit-commerce.com/xdocs/warehouse-theme-documentation/#child-theme

but you need to ovveride just block of code not entire file

{block name='product_name'}



Warehouse Theme is great and helpful, just wonder if possible use iqitElementor to edit footer also? Or it is only use for editing homepage?

if you have latest theme version you can use content on hooks in elementor, it will allow to create elementor contnet and hook to variouse hooks(also footer),

perfect! just say, thank you!

Hi, In the demo page called ‘Fully featured product’ there are horizontal tabs: Description, Product Details, Custom tab, Reviews. In the Description tab there is elementor content which is hiding when I choose other tab. In my shop elementor content is below everything and it is visible all the time. I want to have elementor content only in description tab (exacly like in your demo). Where I can find the settings for this?

what theme version you have?

I have Prestashop and theme version 4.3.7

theme demos are on ps and theme 4.4.1, upgrade ps and theme and you will ahve same look


Do you know any subscription module with recurring payments compatible with our Theme Warehouse? We have bought one and it is not compatible, we do not want to repeat the error again. :( Do you know any? Thank you I have Prestashop and 4.3.7 theme, but will update to shortly.

sorry I do not have any recommendations,

ok, thank you.


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