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pferrol Purchased

Contactform NOT work in Elementor in pages. The contact form in Elementor is not working. I have managed to send the message by changing the contactform.tpl template but it is not possible to send attachments. It is updated to the latest version but it does not work. Has anyone tried putting a form in Elementor and it works?

Contactform not working in Elementor


pferrol Purchased

Hello, I just updated but the error is the same, it does not send the attached file in that form. I have replaced the contactcform tpl to test and with that only the sending works but it does not attach any file either. Form not working in Elementor.


pferrol Purchased

After updating all the error continues, send the form from an Elementor page but do not attach the file. From contactform yes but from contactform-elementor not.


Nothing about this? At least one reply to the comment

I have seen that in the update: [PS 1.7] 4.1.4 – 18 November 2018 you included this in the elementor:

- fix: alt tag for elementor images widgets

Now, for SEO improve, I’m trying to add the title tag to the image widget but with no results,...

When add the title tag in line 603 of the file in modules/iqitelementor/includes/widgets/image.php

I add this title=”%s”

but image not show,... I can add title or atl but not 2 at the same time, when add 2 the image is not rendered, ...

Could you help me or include this for future updates?



I just upgraded to the last version of warehouse and I have the following issue:

The /module/iqitsearch/searchiqit?s=caciuli page is too wide.

I didn’t find the .tpl file for the front controller here, how can I add the displayleftColumn hook in this page, so my filters show up?

Thank you.


but if you use default prestashop fitering then you must know that it works only with category pages

Thank you, yes that did it.

Indeed, I’m aware that the regular faceted search doesn’t work :))

We use a custom plugin.

Thank you, Your work is great!

About unused css

Please can you add a tool for removing unused css, at least for warehouse theme editor options?

For example

if at Theme editor is selected mobile style 1, give an option to remove mobile styles for 2-7 styles

Too much effort for some kbs but you have the top theme!



jajarom Purchased

How can we “Specify image dimensions” for the images uploaded in Elementor editor?

not possible, there is prestashop file manager used which do not store image size

Hi. I’d like to add a script (a working clock) in mobile menu by mean of a html, hook or module. Is there a way to do that? I mean adding a custom html, a module or a hook below the menu in the mobile menu wrapper. Thank you.

you need to edit iqitmegafmenu tpl files

Good afternoon. I noticed a mistake – if you turn on the catalog mode + display prices, then the currency switching in the upper right corner of the site disappears …

its bug of prestahsop itselft, currency switcher is part of prestahsop core

Hi, When I uplaod an image I can’t see the image inside the folder, there is only the title but if i click on preview I see the image.

sorry I’m confused what you mean, decribe with more details


I just updated from 4.3.2 to 4.3.7 on Prestashop 1.7.6 and I’ve lost all my product descriptions built with Elementor.

Why? And what can I do to update without loosing them?

make sure you went to modules and click upgrade on all module to perform update procedure on them

Thank you, it worked!


I just updated to 1.6.24 from 1.6.17, but now Warehouse Theme doesn’t work anymore. So my question is: what is the latest version of 1.6 that you support?

Best Felix

1.6.24 , is supported,

hello, is your theme and especially the elementor module available in your theme, is it compatible with elementor creative available on prestashop addons, will it replace that of your theme (because it is more complete) or will there be a conflict?

You will ahve do disable elementor build in in template, but not sure what is missing from build in elementor module in theme, it have at least same features as the one from addons(+ few more widgets and better integration with warehouse)

ok, thanks for the information, it was to avoid making a bad purchase, and with the same functionality. very good themes

Hello, it is possible to have the Italian translation of the theme version Warehouse – Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 theme


Is it possible to set up the Category Elementor section above the product instead of below the product list ? Currently when, in a category, we define a elementor section, it is displayed bellow all the product list. It is possible to display only elementor but not set it up below the product. Any idea how to achive this ?

in themeditor > content > caegory page. you have options for that

Updated to 4.3.7 version and now default product description is missing

make sure you went to backoffice > modules and you upgraded all modules and cleared prestashop cache

(1/1) InvalidArgumentException Le répertoire ”/ home / lecomptou / comptoir17 / var / cache / dev / doctrine” n’est pas accessible en écriture.

dans FileCache.php ligne 92 à FileCache -> __construct ( ’/ home / lecomptou / comptoir17 / var / cache / dev / doctrine’, ’.doctrinecache.data’, 2 ) dans FilesystemCache.php ligne 37 à FilesystemCache -> __construct ( ’/ home / lecomptou / comptoir17 / var / cache / dev / doctrine’ ) dans ModuleManagerBuilder.php ligne 195 à ModuleManagerBuilder -> __construct () dans ModuleManagerBuilder.php ligne 87 à ModuleManagerBuilder :: getInstance () dans Link.php ligne 944 à LinkCore -> getImageLink ( ’’, ‘fr-default’, ‘thickbox_default’ ) dans ImageRetriever.php ligne 255 à ImageRetriever -> getNoPictureImage ( object ( Language ) ) dans FrontController.php ligne 1518 à FrontControllerCore -> getTemplateVarUrls () dans FrontController.php ligne 496 à FrontControllerCore -> assignGeneralPurposeVariables () dans FrontController.php ligne 548 à FrontControllerCore -> initContent () dans IndexController.php ligne 37 à IndexControllerCore -> initContent () dans Controller.php ligne 292 à ControllerCore -> run () dans Dispatcher.php ligne 515 chez DispatcherCore -> dispatch () dans index.php ligne 28

to fix reuplaod theme and module files

I have already done and I never had the file in my ftp even after a 7 day backup.

I no longer have access to support, I bought the theme 1 year ago. I just hope this update hasn’t wiped out my whole site

I have already done and I never had the file in my ftp even after a 7 day backu

becouse it is new file,

it looks like you used wrong upgrade folder if you had not file modules//iqitelementor/src/widgets/IqitElementorWidget_Search.php

that it meas that you had theme version older thant 4.3.5 beforeu updrade, and you told that you used packate 4.3.6 to 3.3.7

redo upgrade using folder 4.3.2 to 4.3.7

Hello. I have problem with CMS page. There is duplicated content. One in <section id=”content” class=”page-content page-cms page-cms-1”>, and another in < div class=”rte-content” >. I know I can dissablle this div in CSS but why it exist on the same time?

When I unhook and hook again elementor module it start to work properly. I reupload file called page.tpl in CMS folder. In mine was small diferences. {block name=’cms_content’} {$cms.content nofilter} {/block}

Hello, I have a Problem. Elementor does not show some widgets such as “list products” for editing. Elementor shows a blank space and cannot be selected for editing. In prestashop and Warehouse 4.3.7

Hi, Is there any way to save a Elementor banner but to reuse it in other place. So far the only way to do this is to save the Elementor section and copy paste it at other place. It does not allow to edit only once the banner and to be automatically updated everywhere it is located. Possible with the theme ? do you have a mudole in mind that woudl work ?

There is no such possiblity sorry

Would be really nice to include this in a next version. With the IqitElementor – Paye Buided there is already the Content on hooks. The Hooks. Instead of Hooks a simple short code should be possible.

Hi, it seems the lottie widget in Elementor must allow to upload JSON files as described on their documentation (https://elementor.com/help/lottie-widget/) : “Select the source of the Lottie file, either Media File or External URL”. Could you tell me what to edit in your code to get this standard feature ?

you refre to wordpress version, in warehouse for uploading files in elementor there is defualt prestashop file manager used and it does not allow to upload json files, thats why you need to put path to file manually sorry

Ok i understand. thanks for this detailed reply. Have a nice day (or night ;)

Hello, the theme does not renders hook “displayAfterProductThumbs”

just checked again and this hook is implemented and it works

so you a. have custom modificaitons which removed that hook b. have some old verwion which does not had this hook implemented yet


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