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Elementor SVG

Hello, how I can use svg instead of png at Elementor?

It seems that uploading with ftp and manually inserting svg path/name works fine!


gesdi Purchased

​​cannot be translated : “​​It is your account dashboard. Choose your section.​”


{extends file=’customer/page.tpl’}

{block name=’page_content’} {l s=’It is your account dashboard. Choose your section. ’ d=’Shop.Warehousetheme’} {hook h=’displayMyAccountDashboard’} {/block}


gesdi Purchased

The PrestaShop /module/psgdpr/gdpr is widely used in Europe, it has an icon launched with “Material Icons” and if these icons are not activated in WareHouse (to optimize the load we do not load icons that are not necessary), then in instead of the icon a text “account_box” is displayed. Are you planning to make a template for the prestashop rgpd module?

Prestashop native module: account_box GDPR – Personal data


gesdi Purchased

Sorry, we’ve updated the warehouse rgpd module theme. We had an old version and it didn’t load. Now it works well. Nice theme!

Hi, can’t find the option to hide the category title in category page ; prestashop 1.7 latest with demo style 14 (https://houseofmoroccanrugs.com/10-berber-carpet-moroccan-rugs-beni-ourain)

you need to hide it with custom css or by tpl edit(but category apge is h1 tag for page so you should create your own then for seo purpose)

PixelMM Purchased

Warehouse 4.3.7 – PS Why you can add to cart products more then a quantity available? https://gyazo.com/bc50f253a8d8457ffd82aa4a53cf969c


I’m using Prestashop and Warehouse 4.3.7.

Since this last upgrade I’m not able to add extended content with elementor on category pages:

- I open elementor on category page, create the design/layout and then click save: the bar keeps loading forever but doesn’t save anything. It was working fine until this last update. - I set “Show elementor content only” to YES and after refresh it goes back to NO again.

Can you please help on this?

Best regards

make sure you performed update on modules as showed on update guide https://iqit-commerce.com/xdocs/warehouse-theme-documentation/#from-ps-1-7-from-warehouse-4-x

i mean go to modules and click on update button on all iqit modules

and make also sure you refresed browser cache after upgrade

Good afternoon. Find errors. When catalog mode is enabled. The search still displays the price (in the drop-down list). But in fact, the price should not be displayed. http://rumoda.by/1111.jpg

you can hide with css

.autocomplete-suggestion .product-price{

display: none !important;



mma87 Purchased

I updated the theme with the last version and now it doesn’t show the categories’ description made with elementor builder. How can I fix this issue?

make sure you finioshed upgrade of template as showed on upgrade guide https://iqit-commerce.com/xdocs/warehouse-theme-documentation/#from-ps-1-7-from-warehouse-4-x

i mean make sure you performed update action on modules

Remove ”@keyframes wobble”

From where I can disable the generation at css for example ”@keyframes wobble” ?

deleting manually from theme.css is not working , it is generated again

Hi, any input about this?

there is no switcher for that

you need to remove it from themes.css manually

or rtegenrate assets and remove animations from it https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/getting-started/asset-management/webpack/ https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/development/compile-assets/

but animations are used by elementor


Hi, is possible to hide tab “Reviews”. Thank you.

just disavel iqitreviews module

Hi,Is there a way to make a combox menu using megamenu, i thought to use the custom html content, but i didn’t find any example for use it.

sorry I;m not sure what you mean exatly, you need to show some example/screenshots

Hi, thanks for your answer. I mean a simple vertical scrool menu with all the categories (in this case they are almost 100), i didi it using the custom html in megamenu. You can see an example in my demo site at https://storecomputer.tfactory.it/ at menu Navigazione—> Tutte le Categorie. My question was if there is something native like this in your megamenu.

Is it posible to build dynamic URL in Elementor Links (Example in Banner widget) ? I add a banner in a category page but I need to set up the language link inside the URL for all languages when I use a custom link. Any way to do it oin another way ?

but elementor layout you cratee saparatly per each langiage, so you can define diffren link per each


zahiras Purchased

Hi, I am trying to use style 16, but I can’t find how use “iqitelementor_displayBanner_and_checkoutFooter.json” in order to add it at the top of the page (like in the demo)?

in page builder, in elementor on hook section, create two blocks and hook one to displayBanner and econd one to checkoutFooter hook


feelbox Purchased

Hello, after updating i can’t edit/add widgets with product carousels/grids, to the homepage. Also can’t edit the existing ones. The section is just blank. Thank you

Support is provided by platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/ not by comments

send me ftp and backoffice access data I will take a look on your problem


feelbox Purchased

Hi, i tried submitting a ticket but it says our support expired. We have 3 licenses for this theme, can you help us?

Thank you


kristoz Purchased

Hello, how I can increase the size of the countdown .. don’t want to pay extra support for only this.. maybe you could help me

what countdown you mean exatly

you need to do by custom css in thmeeditor

.price-countdown{ //your css code }

Hi! How can i center the content a displayNav1 and displayNav2 in mobile?

Hi, I have a problem with multistore, the style in the shop2 is broken.

I have imported the style from the main store with elementor, but it not change.

I try to change the style with the live edit, but when I open it I see the main shop.

I have selected the right shop in the top munù.

Hi I follow the instruction but not working. When I open elementor from shop2 I see the home page of shop1.

Contact by support platform https://iqitcommerce.ticksy.com/

Hello and thanks for this great theme

is there a possibility to make touchspin and add to cart block looks like this


Thank You

there is no such build in design, you can do it by own css modificatioms

Pk, thanks for the reply

Hello ! Easy question : Is this possible to display a map of the different stores ? And not only a list of them ? Thanx !

you mean map with multiple markers on it? then sorry there is no such feature

Yes ! Thanx. Such a shame it s not a feature. I will buy a plugin then. Thanx a lot.


nyx17 Purchased


I have prestashop and warehouse version 4.2.1 I need to update to the latest version of both, does it give many problems? I have no problem hiring the support, but I’m afraid that it will cause problems …


nyx17 Purchased

Add to the previous comment .. It could be updated from version 4.2.1 to the latest version or you have to go one at a time… Thanks!


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