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Thanks Friend, This is my First Theme :D

Great theme! Is it easy to integrate social media icons such as pinterest?

hi Wain

Sure, If More Other Users request to add Social Icons Collection, I can Add Social Icons Set

Very cool mate! congrats, GLWS

Oh, Thanks Very much Friend, You Are My Teacher :)

Woow.. Awesome Theme Broo… Superb.. I’m Impressed, This Is Cool

Thanks Very Much Friend, :)


First up- My deepest respect and thanks to your work. It works like butter on my site and I was the 3rd person to purchase it :)

Can you please help me fix the following bugs?

1) Image Slider- How do I activate it? 2) How to activate the the tabs above new post (Games and tech gadgets in your demo) 3) Can we move the labels to the bottom of the post in posts section.

Eagerly awaiting your reply

Thank you Author,

I solved it… can you please help me with point 3??

hi friend, i visited your site, its good and i see you don your point one and 2. friend, if you move this top recent post by labels widgets to bottom, you should change whole theme structure, its difficult to you,

Hi Author,

Thank you!! your theme has been a lucky charm for me and works like a breeze!! hits jumped from 6 to 10K impressions a day after implementing the new theme.. Huge thanks and please keep up the great work!!

Thanks Very much For Your Honest Review, This theme Design as a Seo Friendly (onsite seo). if you need any help, i can help you,

Hello I really liked your templates and I would love to buy. only you have a problem, I am Brazilian and my PayPal account this Brazilian money and not in USD and do not have credit card to make payment. It would be possible to send the money to your PayPal account I send 50 real (BRL)

Waiting for response ….

hi Marcos202

Dont Worry About Usd, If you Pay Using Paypal. Auto Convert Brazilian money to usd, :)

Go to http://www.google.com and Search “brazil money to us dollars”, then google search page show currency Converter

I think you have used this theme (Sahifa) and make some changings “http://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-newsmagazineblog/2819356?sso?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=mo3aser” Am i right?

Dont misunderstand, this is not a copied template. its unique design, and this theme is not a WP theme, its blogger template

Hey there,

If i buy this theme, can you help me with few modification? :)

Nice theme by the way.

Thanks, Regards.

please chekc this image -


do you need like this ? yes i can do, but this ads banner show only full screen theme only, mobile and tablet size ads banner not showing

if you like, you can order :)

YES, that’s it. :) I like it that way and no worry about the ads on mobile/tablet.

I will place the order very soon & sent you the template file for modification.

Thank you for your time sir.

Best Regards.

Sure, You Can Buy, send massage after buy this theme. i can help you :)

Hi How can I change the font of the post? (style and size)

Sure you can, please send me to privet massage, i can help you

thanks To buy my template

I Sent you a private message, thanks for the fast reply.

received my private message? it is urgent.

im sorry, about your massage, i can send you your theme edited file. please wit 3 hours,


@MarcoCrupi88 your updated theme file Send :)

How to install this template on blogger

text is not displaying on the picture what can id do i add links on the pictures and also text but text is not displaying

im visited your blog, i seend you change some of css, so your blog not loading correctly. i seen your top clock working correctly. no any bug,

I wants to add facebook content lock so that when a visitor open my site he like my fb page to unlock the site.But in this template its not working in my other site i use another template and it works on it

Hi, I cannot get thumbnails to show on blog. Would you be able to tell me why?


I visited your blog, your blog images are not hosted on google blogger (picasa). your blog image hosted at “aeseda.psu.edu” web site, please upload your image directly, after you can fix this error

Good Template, and good person…. You’ll get help if u get trouble after u buy cbtblogger template. This is my experience… :)

Thanks Very much To Your honest Review, Its help for my next theme :)

hi i wants you to check my blog columns popular post,video and category are not working url www.moazzam2019.net plz tell me that i change some thing wrong in html

i wants to add facebook content lock i use it on my another site but in this site its not working with facebook content lock visitors will be forced to like my facebook page to unlock my site

can you pm, fb content lock tutorial url?


How do I disable the auto resizing of the images within the post?

Here’s what happens: http://area51test.blogspot.com.br/2013/07/download-aplicativos-uteis-para-o.html

I want to put it like this: http://jogosandroidgratis.blogspot.com.br/2013/08/download-aplicativos-uteis-para-o.html that is the normal .

and how to change the size of the thumbnails of the posts?

Now Item Updated, Please Re download This Theme and Upload It to Your blog, Thanks :)

congratulations for the excellent work

Thanks Very much. All Of your Comments Are Very Important For ME.

Please don’t Forgot Rate My Theme :)

Adsense Ads Not Working Whats The Problem

Bro, please Read Theme Documentation, i updated theme documentation, and added how to install adsens :)

Love the template. I installed it on a test site, with the intent to install on our live site if all works well. I noticed that this template adds the words, “top title edit” to the top of every post. How do I get rid of that?

Hi, Thanks To Show My Theme Bug,

Theme File Updated, Please Wit Several Hours, Themeforest Moderators Email you, After File Update,

so you can redownload this theme and use it


Thanks for the response. I also discovered another similar issue. At the bottom of each article are the words, “Adsens Code”.

Yes i know, i fixed this bug, please re install new theme version,


Is there a way to make the Slider and the Recent Posts by Label to display only on the main page? Currently, they display on both the main page and label pages.

I’ve read the documentation. It doesn’t address how to turn these off for the Label pages.

do you need remove label post?

I want the Slider and the Recent Posts by Label to display only on the Main page, not the label pages. Currently they display on both the main page and label pages. For example, on this URL: [http://warmmag-cbtblogger.blogspot.com/search/label/Game] I would like the Slider and Recent Posts by Label to disappear, but I want them to remain on the Main page.