Discussion on Warta - News/Magazine Site Template

Discussion on Warta - News/Magazine Site Template

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a lot of bugs in less files … and not supporting RTL languages :-(

Are you using gulp.js to compile the LESS files? RTL styles will only be generated if you’re using gulp.js.

The custom-color-rtl.css contains placeholders that need to be replaced with actual values. You can generate the values from https://friskamax.com/documentation/warta-site-template-files/.

As for the variables, please make sure you’re using gulp.js.


Thank You Gonna Check That ASAP… I actually passed this phase as I told you… but u still need to check the undefined errors in some .less files…

Thanks for your support

Could you send the output of the gulp.js command?

Installing theme from uploaded file: themeforest-2VlgxJA6-warta-newsmagazine-site-template.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Hi talalshahid,

Are you trying to install it on WordPress? I’m sorry, this is not a WordPress theme. This is an HTML website template. You can’t install it on WordPress.


Then I don’t need it. Can you refund?

Yes, I think you can request a refund here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new.

Is this template able to be used on blogspot?

Hi mroodschild,

No, this is not a Blogger template. This is an HTML site template.


Hi, what’s new in your recent update ?

Hi SEO_tools,

We have updated the change log, please check it.


Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!

Thank you :)

hi mba friskamax. how to create multilevel dropdown menu in this template, i’ve tried some tutorial, but it didn’t work. thanks in advance.

Hi Mas Yandiko,

Thank you for purchasing our template.

I’m sorry. This template is based on Bootstrap. So, just like Bootstrap, it does not support multilevel dropdown menu.


how to add this css code to blogger , there 5 , 4 css fils showing in downloaded file . please help ..

Hi ranga1988,

I’m sorry, this is not a Blogger template. This is an HTML site template.


Hi, I just bought the theme, now I need to change the colors but can not find the customizer widjet that you have on the leftside in you demo. What should I do?

Hi qlab01,

Thank your for purchasing our template.

The customizer widget is for demo purpose only, it doesn’t permanently change the colors. Please visit http://friskamax.com/documentation/warta-site-template-files/#LESS and scroll to LESS section. There is an example how to change the colors.

If somehow you can’t follow the instructions, please tell us what colors you want to use. We will compile it for you. Please send via email, so we can send the CSS files.


Dear a friend of mine purchased the template, really nice and good work, but RTL files not available ??

Hi ayman_87,

Please see the image below and verify that those files are exists. If it doesn’t please ask your friend to re-download the template from http://themeforest.net/downloads.

template files


sorry but i cant change the colors of my project, i ve seen your guide about less but it doesnt work for me. is there any other old fashioned way to solve it?

sorry now it works,its just that prepros doesnt compile to .min

Hello, I liked the template, and that’s why I purchased it, but I would like to know if there is a simple way to change the primary and secondary colors, for someone who doesn’t know less, and doesn’t have the time to learn.
From my knowledge, most authors provide a version with less, and one without.
Thank you.

Hi eu12clid,

Thank you for purchasing our template.

You don’t need to learn LESS, if you just want to change the color. Just change the colors in /css/less/variables.less, then re-compile /css/less/style.less. There is a simple tutorial in the documentation.

Or if you can’t do it, please email us via Support for Warta Site Template with the colors that you want to use. And we will compile it for you.


Hi Friskamax, its an awesome template..I want to purchase it asap. can u please let me know whether a working contact form will come alongwith this template or not?

Hi sajid1218,

Thank you for your interest in our template. But unfortunately this is only a HTML site template. So you need to setup the server side form processing in order to make it work.


Error trying to install theme. “Installing Theme from uploaded file.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”


Hi rguardiola1,

We have replied your email.


OK love this theme! (purchased by a client of mine for me to implement)

Is there a way I can post social media icons for a “post” not page – Either in the sidebar or in the post itself ?

For example each post is about a different business and I want to add different social media icons for each businesses in each post. ?


Nevermind I worked it out. For anyone else reading. You can add a custom sidebar to each post and add the social widget to that sidebar.

OK, thank you.

Great theme. I am having one problem though. I use the boxed style, and uploaded an appropriately sized title background. Problem is it doesn’t scale correctly on mobile devices. Is there a way to turn the title background off by default on mobile devices?


Hi balaji_k,

I’m sorry, I can’t find Purchased indicator next to your username, so I can’t confirm that you’ve purchased our theme. Please reply with your account that you used to purchase, so we can confirm that you have purchased our theme. You can also send the purchase code via http://themeforest.net/user/friskamax

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi again,

There is a bug in the blog detail page, Related section, here to be exact: http://friskamax.com/warta/html/blog-detail.html

To reproduce the bug, do the following: – Resize window to minimum width (or so) – Scroll down to comments – Resize window back to its width – Scroll up to Related section

You will see that the css is broken. Also when I tried to convert this section into tab container (with multiple headers), again the css scrambles on tab switch.

It looks like the same problem as Gallery section on main page that you have fixed before. What do you advice?


Well, the problem is something general I guess. This bug exists on all sections. Here are other article widgets from home version 2:

http://i1.someimage.com/A8Bjimo.png http://i1.someimage.com/RlO2z4J.png http://i1.someimage.com/nCLSxpi.png

After window resize they get scrambled.

Hi tntblow,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We’ve fixed this issue. Please update the template.


Hi ! I am getting the following error when I try to install the Directory:

Unpacking the package…
Installing the theme…
The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
Theme install failed.

Please advise. Thanks ;)

Hi SinaSafaei,

Are you trying to install it in WordPress? I’m sorry, this is not a WordPress theme. This is a HTML site template.


Hi, In your HTML template, In mobile/tablet version, is there any option to view the full website view (desktop view) instead of responsive one ?

Hi reflexins,

I’m sorry, there is no option for that.


hi, thanks for the great work, how can i use the third level menu.

Hi 3adjib,

I’m sorry, this template uses Bootstrap’s navbar which only support 2 level menu.


tntblow mine is same.

Hi belvvn1990,

Thank you for purchasing our template.

This problem has been fixed, please download the template again.


Thanks. :)

You’re welcome :)


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