Warta - News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Warta - News/Magazine WordPress Theme

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Warta is a responsive WordPress theme designed for news or magazine website.

16,581,375 colors

Easily change the color scheme

Page builder

Build your own homepage layout with drag and drop page builder.

Google Fonts


Font Awesome icons with 439 available icons.

Review System

Theme Options

Easy to customize the appearance of the theme.

Translation and Multilingual Ready

Warta can be translated into many languages, compatible with WPML plugin and support RTL languages.


  • Responsive layout
  • 16,581,375 colors
  • 4 styles (Boxed, Boxed Flat, Full Width, Full Width Flat)
  • Page Builder
  • Translation Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • bbPress Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • RTL (Right to Left) languages support
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Google fonts
  • Custom CSS, JavaScript and Google Analytics integration
  • Layouts:
  • Shortcodes and WP Editor Custom Buttons:
    • Paragraphs with columns
    • Dropcaps
    • Small Font
    • Button
    • Label
    • Alert
    • Custom Blockquote
    • Embed
    • FontAwesome Icons
    • Togglable Tabs
    • Accordion
    • Carousel
    • Page Break
    • Spoiler
  • Social Media Icons:
    • Amazon
    • Behance
    • Blogger
    • CodePen
    • deviantART
    • Dribbble
    • Facebook
    • Feedly
    • Flickr
    • Forrst
    • Foursquare
    • Google+
    • GitHub
    • Grooveshark
    • Instagram
    • Kickstarter
    • Last.fm
    • LinkedIn
    • Myspace
    • Picasa
    • Pinterest
    • Quora
    • reddit
    • Renren
    • RSS
    • SoundCloud
    • Stack Exchange
    • Stack Overflow
    • Steam
    • Technorati
    • Tencent Weibo
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • Vimeo
    • Vine
    • Wikipedia
    • VK
    • Weibo
    • WordPress
    • XING
    • Yahoo
    • YouTube
    • Zerply
  • Share buttons
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Digg
    • Tumblr
    • Mail

Sources and Credits

  1. Frameworks
  2. Icons
  3. Images
  4. JavaScript

Change Log

V2.0.0 – January 31, 2019
WARNING: Breaking changes. Please follow the upgrade guide.
Removed: secondary, headings link and body link color options.
Removed: Less PHP Compiler plugin requirement.
Updated: replace contact page map coordinates with embed code.
Added: option to use custom contact form.
Removed: bounce carousel animation option.
Updated: move theme options menu to under "Appearance" menu.
Removed: contact email functionality and use third party plugin instead.
Updated: Move content*.php template parts to parts/content directory. Remove: TwitterOAuth library and use oauth-twitter-feed-for-developers plugin instead. Updated: Requires at least WordPress 4.7.0. Removed: StumbleUpon share button and social icon. Added: reddit, VK, XING, Skype, Blogger and Evernote share button.
V1.8.8 – October 17, 2017
Added: Custom view more link option for Articles widget.
V1.8.7 – October 15, 2017
Fixed: The excerpt on Articles widget should not be displayed if the excerpt length option is set to 0.
V1.8.6 – August 14, 2017
Fixed: Text widget no longer working on Page Builder since WordPress 4.8.0.
Updated: WooCommerce template files.
V1.8.5 – July 28, 2017
Added: option to show/hide the footer.
Improved: set the body background-size to cover if the image width >= 1367px.
V1.8.4 – July 11, 2017
Fixed: related posts should not be displayed if the current post does not have any categories or tags.
V1.8.3 – August 20, 2016
Fixed: share buttons not displayed.
V1.8.2 – April 20, 2016
Fixed: pagination item is collapsed when there is a white space.
Fixed: Slider Tabs stopped working on WordPress 4.5.
V1.8.1 – December 28, 2015
Fixed: Allow users to change the threaded comments settings. By default, WordPress ignores the threaded comments settings if we use max_depth argument on wp_list_comments().
V1.8.0 – December 25, 2015
Improved: responsiveness of the images.
Improved: posts pagination.
Fixed: loading icon cannot be displayed on the page builder since WordPress 4.4.
V1.7.9 – October 15, 2015
Added: Ability to show random posts on Articles widget.
Fixed: Pinterest cannot share the featured image.
V1.7.8 – August 09, 2015
Fixed: Custom sidebar only works on pages, but not posts.
v1.7.7 – April 24, 2015
Fixed: Security vulnerabilities.
v1.7.6 – April 18, 2015
Fixed: page builder content can only be displayed for logged in users.
v1.7.5 – April 10, 2015
Improved: Page Builder user interface.
Fixed: wide table overflowing on small devices.
Added: WordPress SEO breadcrumbs.
Fixed: Broken link on post meta views.
v1.7.4 – December 9, 2014
Improved: Sub Categories Widget. Allow users to select any sub-category as long as that sub-category have sub-categories that are not empty.
v1.7.3 – November 21, 2014
Added: option to force all gallery posts to display with selected column count.
v1.7.2 – November 20, 2014
Added: pagination option to Articles widget.
v1.7.1 – November 05, 2014
Improved: page builder flexibility.
Fixed: cannot use TinyMCE plugin "column" for multiple paragraphs.
v1.7.0 – October 24, 2014
Added: Page Subtitle metabox.
Added: ability to reorder the share buttons.
Added: option to enable/disable the share button's number.
Added: option to enable/disable the navigation to next/previous post.
Added: option to show Site Title and Tagline on all pages.
Updated: WooCommerce template files.
v1.6.9 – September 16, 2014
Changed: lightbox loading image.
Fixed: wrong arrow direction on pagination when displaying in RTL language.
v1.6.8 – September 13, 2014
Added: WPML support
Updated: WooCommerce template files
Fixed: logo not displayed properly on small devices if the image is too wide
v1.6.7 – September 6, 2014
Fixed: cannot update the CSS file in some servers
v1.6.6 – September 5, 2014
Fixed: modal window is not overlapping WP editor on WordPress version 4.0
v1.6.5 – September 2, 2014
Added: new Archive page layout
Added: featured media options
Improved: WP Editor custom buttons
Fixed: error when entering invalid color code
Simplify font options
Disable Review Box's top position because it can cause layout issues if the content isn't just text
v1.6.3 – August 20, 2014
Improved: Articles Widget appearance
Removed: Template homepage
v1.6.2 – August 12, 2014
Added: bbPress support
v1.6.1 – August 8, 2014
Fixed: can't select a category on Articles widget if the characters are non-latin
Fixed: conflict with Fancier Author Box plugin
v1.6.0 – August 2, 2014
Fixed: some widgets are not displayed properly on custom sidebar
Added: option to hide featured image on all posts
v1.5.9 – August 1, 2014
Fixed: link color on comment children
Added: new icons for Social Media widget (CodePen, Foursquare, reddit, Renren, Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow, Steam, Tencent Weibo, Vine, VK, Weibo)
Fixed: contact form issue when there are apostrophes in content
v1.5.7 – June 30, 2014
Added: custom title background option on category archive page
v1.5.4 – June 20, 2014
Added: Feedly social icon
Fixed: extra border on dropdown menu
Improved: post view counter by using AJAX, so it'll work even when using a cache plugin
v1.5.2 – June 6, 2014
Improved: SEO on review posts
v1.5.1 – May 27, 2014
Added: WooCommerce support
Added: link color option
Added: custom sidebar metabox
Fixed: custom page title background in static pages
v1.4 – May 12, 2014
Improved: color option
Added: option to enable/disable zoom effect
Improved: tags and pagination appearance
Changed: default headings font to Arial Narrow
v1.3.5 – April 30, 2014
Added: option to show/hide featured image on Tabs widget
v1.3.4 – April 27, 2014
Added: favicon option
Improved: WordPress calendar widget appearance
v1.3.3 – April 23, 2014
Added: accordion option to select which section should be displayed on first load
v1.3.2 – April 20, 2014
Added: icon selector on breaking news widget
Improved: page builder in RTL mode
Added: plugin widgets to page builder element
v1.3.0 – April 18, 2014
Updated: TinyMCE custom buttons to be compatible with TinyMCE 4
Added: page builder
v1.1.1 – April 11, 2014
Added: typography option
v1.0.9 – April 4, 2014
Updated: Flickr link and image ads link to open in new tab
v1.0.8 – March 31, 2014
Updated: maximum logo image height to 60px
Added: spoiler shortcode
v1.0.7 – March 26, 2014
Added: capability to disable carousel excerpt by setting the excerpt length to zero
v1.0.6 – March 25, 2014
Updated: theme option validation to accept special characters
v1.0.5 – March 21, 2014
Fixed: Missing translation: "Read More" 
Fixed: Display light on images option
v1.0.4 – March 20, 2014
Improved: appearance on tabs > recent-comments when the comment is just a few characters
Added: option to disable review score categories
Added: link to lightbox on carousel shortcode
v1.0.3 – March 19, 2014
Added: option to change review box position
Added: advanced option on review metabox
Fixed: delay on breaking news
v1.0.2 – March 18, 2014
Added: option to use featured image as page title background
v1.0.1 – March 17, 2014
Added: time range option for popular posts query on articles, slider-tabs and tabs widget
v1.0.0 – March 17, 2014

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