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hi how remove Designed by RoyalwpThemes ? thanks

Hi, open footer.php file and find this code: Designed <a href="" target="blank"> by RoyalwpThemes</a>

Can you add a 1000px wide version?

You need only 1000px without responsive? i can tell you how you can do it

yes, i need only 1000px without responsive

i can do it easy, write me on email after purchasing theme:

hi, have a problen see the img please :


ammm all explorer ie and chrome !

you try disable all plugins and check again? maybe it’s plugins conflict. also write please on my email:

yes this problem in plugin t coutdown.. thanks

Name from a champion in League of Legends? :) Nice Theme.

Yea, thanks ;)

The VisualComposer plugin is causing strange issues when attempting to edit posts. For instance, Quick Edit, Changing Screen Options, and Changing the Featured image do not function.

I have to disable all the plugins, make the change, and then re-enable.

try download and update now theme and composer, i update it to version 2.0! also it’s possible plugins conflict

Do I have to remove old theme and plugin, or will it prompt for update?

better remove old and install new

Hi, How to update theme ? i have 1.01 version … Re-Install all theme ?

yes, and also update js_composer plugin, but better remove old and install new

I can’t see the big slider or little 2 sliders in the site, i send email to ‘’, can you help me?


i reply the email, thx :)

i try all buy don’t work :( can you help me?

Ok, last question and I’ll try to leave you alone. How can I tell what the correct featured image sizes need to be for the featured slider and carousals on the home page?

For big slider on homepage min size: 1140×460px. For 2 carouseles: 560×300px

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the colorization. If I put my mouse in the field to enter a color change, I get the popup box but I’m unable to actually select a color. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome and had the same effect both times.

this conflict can cause any plugin, try disable all and check again

I ended up just over-riding in the Css.

Hello I just purchased your theme (Warwick – Responsive News/Magazine WordPress ) and have it up and running. I really need to get up and running asap and word love to see the demo pages to see how they were constructed, where can I get your demo content with all the demo pages etc. Thank you for your help.

Hello, you download only theme, you need download all package from themeforest, and unarchive him, and find documentation, plugins etc.

Hello could you send me screen shots as well please. I too cannot find the plugins and am having similar issues with slider not showing up and need visual composer. Thank you

hi how remove menu time ?

example img


you have email? or write me on: and i send you instructions


send email thanks

I have a Pre Buyer question. I have been looking over the theme and think that it is a great theme. My question is can more advertising space be added to the home page of the site? If so how?

You mean you need more banners? you can insert unlimited banners in Homepage content, and also you have banners widget for sidebar!

have other error :(

see pic pls


send email thanks

Does the theme works with WPML?

Any theme work with wpml)

and the theme comme with: mega menu, page builder and visual composer ?

I got an error when I am home date menu I get this but when I’m in another menu I get the correct

that is the error help please

Yes i see this bug, i sent you email with solution

How do I: Add an icon to the menu pages in the menu bar? Make my featured images crop instead of stretch on the homepage? Change the red buttons and hot news background to a different color

The documentation in the zip drive doesn’t tell me about any of these things. Just a bunch of random screenshots that don’t have anything in them.

Hello, open documentation and watch video how to configure menu in chapter 11 – Video, if you have any questions write at once on my email:

Hey, love the theme. But am having a few issues. I sent you email. Thanks!

i sent you)

Really loving the way this theme lays out. Is there any way the change the date format in the preview windows? I can’t find a setting in the JS_composer.

Hi, you mean in shortcodes on home page? i can tell you where this option, tell me your email.