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Hi there, Good theme but custom backgrounds doesn’t work at all.

Have you a solution ?


Thanks) don’t forget vote ;) you use custom background plugin? tell me your email and i send you instructions

ok i send u an email, i will vote :)

i just sent you email about unworking plugin and transparent header

Hi, I cannot install. The installer says:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.



Hi, unarchive this package and install only folder with the theme ;)

Shame on me.. Found it.. Completely forgot. Thanks.

how do I get the slide feature with 1 post, my only gets minimum

Correct Get this


hi how remove menu time ?

example img


My email

Thank you!! :)

please need help how do the template in the forum?

thank you :)

Ok, don’t forget vote ;)

which gets to vote?

its not letting me upload a image for the logo, when i click upload image its not doing anything

Hello, what browser you use? also it’s can be plugins conflict, try disable all plugins and check again

Hi, Nice theme. I have problem with Home carousel 1 – featured category Look this

Hi, can show your site? please write on my email:


Hi, I’m using the Warwick template. But I’m having some trouble setting the main slider, all slider rectangles are not aligned, somtimes you can’t see the picture at all. Any Suggestions?

I can’t find the Page builder… and just 3 home pages are included in package, the demo shows 9 :). Slidebox image is not 100% wide, it is resized to max-widht 576px, but css is 100% and slidebox.php just call to .slide-box.

Hi, open plugins folder in package and find js_composer plugin, other variants you build from page builder, it’s only 3 page template with different sliders) What Slidebox not understand? can show on your site or screenshot? please write on my email:


I purchased the theme and I’m just configuring it. I’m aiming for something close to the demo, so I’m following the instructions on the video step by step. Though, I can’t seem to understand where to get the Header – Single Banner Code from. ¿Can you help me?

Can you point instructions to build the main menu the way it is in the demo? I mean, with the icons and the drop down of thumbnails on categories.

Thank you.

Hello, you have video in documentation, tell me your email and i send you Single Banner Code example)

Hi I am having troubles with the header. It won’t take up the full space of the site and keeps hugging the right side. Is there a way around this? I would prefer it either left aligned or centered, not right aligned.

Here is the site

Thank you!

Hi, so you want full width logo? now you use banner not logo! tell me your email

You can wait, tomorrow i make new update and i add this option!

I’m having problems with the visualization of the featured carrousels in the home page. The lower bar with the metalic stylized buttons to navigate between posts do not appear.

How can I fix it?

Can you show your site? also tell me your email or write on my:

I have problems with Visual Composer. If I want to create a post with VC, Visual Composer does not respond. I can not, for example, Share, paste, or delete column. I use Visual Composer version 4.0.

Who can help me here?

Thanks and regards Beli

Hello, it’s can be plugins conflict, try disable all plugins and check only VC!


I have all plug-ins disabled except VC and still does not work. It just does not respond and I do not know why! At some other tips?

Thank you Beli

can i go to your site and check it? write me on my email:

Hello, I bought the theme two days ago, works perfectly, very customizable. You did a great job on this!

My only concern is that I can’t find how to get the “Hot News” ticker on the top of the website.

Yes, this option only for Homepage, not for single pages!

Ok, do you plan to make this option switchable for other pages in the future?

Also, just to let people who are interested by Budypress know, I just installed the plugin, had to fix some bugs here and there but this works just fine otherwise. You may want to know basics HTML/CSS/JS and a little bit of PHP indeed.

As always, thank you for this theme, greatly thought and built. Love working with it. The website should be out in a few days now. ;)

Thanks, i think about it)


It´s possible to link the featured images in the home to exernal websites?

Thank you.

Not, this sliders not designed for this, only if you insert your custom slider, However you can add custom links from Homepage content with help new shortcodes, see all examples here: I builded easy page like this:

how can i change the icon at the tab?

Hello, tab you mean menu? watch video in documentation

Hello, very interested in ordering theme but I have a few questions first. 1. Is it possible / easy to change the boxed width of the layout to 1024px? 2. Is the smart grid able to be configured to show featured posts, and if so, can it be modified to form a smart grid of 5 or 6 posts instead of 15-20?

Thank you for your help! Great theme.

Hello, 1) Yes you can set 1024px or other resolution, because theme support all sizes! Just change some styles i tell you where) 2) Of course, 5-6 posts support also! and 2 post also

Importing the xml file fails. Need help.

Import WordPress Failed to import event_location 223 Park Avenue Rutherford Failed to import event_location 223 Park Avenue Rutherford, NJ 07070 Failed to import product_tag apple Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled Failed to import shop_order_status completed Failed to import product_type external Failed to import shop_order_status failed Failed to import product_tag gaming console Failed to import product_type grouped Failed to import product_tag Ipad Failed to import product_tag iphone Failed to import event_location Kngston Town 400 Southwest Kingston Avenue Portland Failed to import event_location Kngston Town 400 Southwest Kingston Avenue Portland, OR Failed to import event_location NJ 07070 Failed to import shop_order_status on-hold Failed to import event_location OR Failed to import shop_order_status pending Failed to import product_tag phone

and so on.

Can anyone give guidance?

Don’t worry all posts uploads normally, configure theme next!

Hello. In the Tab/Accordion elements. When I insert an image gallery to “Tab 1” or “Section 1” it works fine and loads fast. When I insert an image gallery in “Tab 2” or “Section 2” it takes too long to load, over 30 seconds.

In “Tab 1” / “Section 1” = 9 images in .jpg format with a total size of 837KB works fine, loads fast.

In “Tab 2” / “Section 2” = 13 images in .jpg format with a total size of 295KB loads too slow.

And when I put the same images in both “Tab 1” and “Tab 2”. “Tab 2” takes too long to load, even with the same images as “Tab 1”.


Hello, strange, i check but i not see this problem on my site, can show your site and this page? Write me on email: