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How do i get the menu to function like the demo. Stick to the top of the page?

You mean sticky when scrolling? go to Appearance -> Mega Main Menu -> General tab main-menu, and enable Sticky option

I have an issue trying to edit any of the VC elements. When ever i try all it does is clock. Never comes up to a let me do any configuration. Frontend or Backend it’ doesn’t matter.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Hello, it’s can be plugins conflict, try disable all plugins and check again

disabled all but 3 and that worked. now just need to figure out which one. Also how do we get updates for VC and EventON?

You need wait new update because it’s modified plugins, only for this theme!

Hi, Can you tell me if the Warwick theme has a custom css area in the theme options panel? Can’t tell from the description. Thx. SD

I can easy add this option if you need it, just wait soon new update)

I appreciate that. This theme is on my client’s shortlist but until that feature is there it removes it from the running, relative to the other magazine/newspaper themes we are reviewing.

Hi, I removed a load of the categorys and then the main slider stopped working. I’ve added the tags back in and allocated them to posts, but it still doesn’t work. Can you help me?

The slider loads, but then shrinks as it appears to have no content in it:

Strange, check your posts, they must contain post thumbnails, also try disable all plugins and check again, maybe something plugin conflict

Hello, is it compatible with WPML plugin??

Hello, of course, all themes compatible with WPML)

is it possible to create a wallpaper adspace with this theme?

This is a great theme. I have one more pre purchase question: I noticed that the demo acts a bit funny on my smartphone. However, I see there have been many updates. Is the demo the same as the latest update?

oh and I should have said retina support…not HD sorry.

Yes, in demo you see latest update! I use other script for generating images, but for support retina you can use special plugin, example:

I see this warning: This is a Demoversion of the Visual Composer Extensions WP Plugin. You will not be able to save any changes to the Global Settings. Please enter your License Key to unlock all Features!

Where to find the licence key?

Another question: what is the default photo size?

Hello, in documentation, also watch video 3! what concrete photo?

Thank you, I managed to register it … but now I have another problem. I did everything like in the video but when I want to edit post I still see only the traditional way of doing it, Visual Composer does not appear. How to fix that? It is installed, enables and licence key was accepted.

Maybe you not install Visual composer? only Extension? Visual composer located in js_composer zip!

Quick question, is it possible to have two menus at near the top of the page in the Warick Theme similar to what can be seen at

I’m considering changing over to the Warick theme but need two above the fold menus.

No, this theme not support top menu

Hey can you send me the video on HOW TO INSTALL SLIDER MENU?


Similar to what you have on the demo

1) Homepage shortcodes not designed for display latest posts, but you can create one main category and other sub-categories and in shortcode (for homepage) select this main category!

2) You mean you have something problem with upload images? it’s can cause some plugins, try disable all and check again

Absolutely nothing is working for me, we can not post anything. I have removed the theme and re-installed and YET nothing has changed.

Also what do you mean by “select this main category”

I am kind of regretting this purchase

sent on your email

Hi, after Warwick installation, i have some problem, please visit an see with your eyes.

For example, click on “Youtube & Vimeo Video”.

How i can fix this?

Wordpress is v3.8.2

The RSS widget on the right don’t work, after installing Warwick theme.

Hmm, maybe something conflict with this widget, try use other, example:

Thank you! Now works fine! ;-)

I need to enable or configure the smartphone version somewhere? For me, on my iphone throughout the site appears broken and is not equal to the sample

Hello, can show your site? also you can write me on email:

I removed the adsense banner and the problem continued, I believe that this is not the cause of the break in Mobile

Hi, I just purchased the theme and I am new to WP. Where do I put the Google Analytics Code in your theme?

Thank you.

1. How do i setup my home page as your demo, HOMEPAGE FULLWIDTH PORFOLIO.

2.How i get Visual Composer License Key? (not the Extensions Plugin)

3.How or Where do i Set Up the Price Tables like in your demo?

Thank You.

I Purchased the Theme a week ago, And I got troubles with some plugins included. For Example If I install Yop Poll I can’t Activate de VC Extend and I was unable to install Woocommerce.

The result in those cases is a blank page, the front page still works but the admin is missing

Maybe is a Plugin Conflict or something like that. I tried deactivating all plugins and activate one by one but those three never work together

Hello, can i check it on your site? write on email please:


Found the Plugin in Conflict….. Thanks for the Tips. Waiting for the Update with new version of VC


This theme is exactly what I’m looking for and without any questions I would be ready to buy it. But there is one very important thing missing for me – buddypress compapitability. Are you thinking this theme to make buddypress ready? If yes, when I could expect to see it?

Hello, buddypress it’s simple plugin like woocommerce or bbpress forum) of course you can use him, but i not write custom styles for this plugin.

You work with buddypress before? if not then search more info in the internet, examples:

There is a conflict. When you activate the Akismet antispam plugin can not change the edit mode in the post HTML / Text. I disabled the plugin and everything came back normally, but I can not do without Akismet.

Maybe Akismet cause this conflict i not checked this, but if he cause conflict you need try search other similar plugin!

From where do I get the license key for visual composer ?? Do I have to purchase them on my own :(:( ???

Hello, Visual Composer i modify only for this theme, install this plugin from package, you can’t update this plugin in auto mode!

Great theme! How do i setup my home page as your demo, HOMEPAGE FULLWIDTH PORFOLIO? Thank you!

Thank you for your response. I tried what you advised and still cannot get the Homepage to display the Fullwidth Portfolio. Please help!

Also, where do I find the Visual Composer License Key?

And one more thing… how can I get the featured images resize in order to “fill the space” in the Homepage sliders and category grids, thumbnails, etc.?

Thank you so much!

Update – I started over and reloaded the theme and I have the Full width portfolio working! yay!

But I am still wondering about the auto image sizing & visual composer license key.

thank you!


In theme integrated auto crop of images, and they have auto resize, what resize you need i not understand?)

Sorry, but It’s modified builder and you can’t update this plugin manually!

Hello, i configured the template without problem for now, it’s up and running. I have only a dummy issue related to the header banner, can you explain me better about “code banner” or send me a sample code banner?


Hello, code example:

<a href="" target="_blank"> <img src="" alt="" /> </a>

Hi, nice theme, but I have some problems with the slideshow. How can I change the carousel slider into another (revolution slider for example…). Thanks!

Hello, just change page template for Homepage)