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great work,. glws ! :)

Wow! Beautiful design, mate – love it! :)

Hi, Is this pure CSS or is it dependent on jQuery Mobile? Are more icons included?

It is built on top of jQuery mobile, but only the AJAX page navigation is making use of the library, apart from that the appearances are pure CSS.
Currently only 9 icons are included, I will add more very soon as updates.
Thanks for your query.

excellent work,good luck:)

thanks a lot :)

Gallery is not workig for some reason it is not showing larger images.

I have used random dynamic images for the gallery, so the larger preview does not recognize it as a gallery; I had hoped this shouldn’t be a problem.
But I will place static images for demonstrative purposes, thanks for pointing this out.

This is fixed. :)

Great work! Good luck :)

Thanks a lot, buddy :)

Great job as Usal:)

Thanks @pixelzeesh :D

Hi Rahul, where do I have to place my own background images for the home-page? I want to show them in the same random dynamic way … now the path is … “background: background: url( #000000 no-repeat;” What do I have to do? Thx and greets, sun

Please check your email, I have replied there.

“Please check your email, I have replied there. Thanks.”

can i have this answer too, please

In that case, navigate to file “css/main.css”, find ”#home-page” and you can change the background image from there. :)

Thank you

You’re most welcome.

How I can change the background by some own?

Please navigate to the file css/main.css

    background: url( #000 no-repeat;
Change the background image URL to anything you like.

Very nice design. We’ve purchased it.

Can I count on the detection of mobile/non-mobile to add and remove the iPhone image/layout from the homepage…like in the demo here on Themeforest does? Or do I have to do further customization for this? Please excuse if this is a noob question. I am a DBA and new to working with themes.

Actually, that is the previewer, it doesn’t come with the theme I’m sorry. :)
The mobile detection is supposed to be used for detecting mobile and desktop sites. If you however require this, please contact me via my profile.

Hi Great plugin, thanks. Please can you help me. My primary website is in Wordpress ( and i am unsure about how to go about with the re-direct and exactly where to put all the files on the FTP (this is the first mobile site i have done) Thanks Luke

Hi, thank you for the comments and purchasing the theme.
Please check the documentation for redirection assistance.
Since you have the primary site as wordpress, you can also use an existing plugin to assist you in redirection. eg:
And just upload the unzipped package “water-html” or “water-php” on the root of your FTP “public_html” directory. This way your redirect URL for the plugin will be “” Let me know if you need any help.


I’m having an issue with the background on the home page. I went through the documentation and couldn’t find any information on this. I changed the bg.png to my own image, yet when I view it in a browser, I see a variety of images be used that aren’t even in any of the image folders. I also updated the path in the main-less.css to pull this image from the images folder instead of from an external path and it’s still not work. Please advise. Thanks.

I presume you have the answer to this already? Sorry for inconvenience. Let me know if you need anything.

Disregard my post.

I was reading the documentation and saw where we can change the theme color to whatever we want by going to “File: /css/styles.less”. However, I don’t have such a file. I was able to change ”@themeColor: @red;” to ”@themeColor: @blue;” in the main-less.css file, but I still see the red color. Please advise. Thanks.

Answered above. Thanks.

I was reading the documentation and saw where we can change the theme color to whatever we want by going to “File: /css/styles.less”. However, I don’t have such a file. I was able to change ”@themeColor: @red;” to ”@themeColor: @blue;” in the main-less.css file, but I still see the red color. Please advise. Thanks.

Ok there was a confusion as to which of your post I had to disregard, sorry for that.
That is a mistake in documentation, I meant main-less.css file.
But by default, the css file in use is main.css which is a basic css file, and you will have to replace the color code ”#c7432b” manually (Find & replace all). In case you are okay to go for the LESS version of CSS, please change the include of css file from your HTML files (as shown below):
        <!-- change rel to rel="stylesheet/less" if you are using main-less.css file --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css">
So it becomes as follows:
<link rel="stylesheet/less" href="css/main-less.css">
Please let me know if I can assist further. Regarding the documentation, I will update it.

Hello, I put water-php folder into the root directory of my PHP website, and then put the following code into the head (I had tried putting it into the body, too) of the index page for the main site:

// Check for mobile device.
        require_once 'Mobile_Detect.php';
        $detect = new Mobile_Detect();
        $layout = ($detect->isMobile() ? ($detect->isTablet() ? 'tablet' : 'mobile') : 'desktop');

And then I put Mobile_Detect.php into the root directory. But my redirect is not working.

I can go to my site and go to /water-php and see the mobile site just fine, but it’s not redirecting my mobile device to there when I test it from my pone. Am I leaving something out?

I see lots of customization info in the documentation, but no specific installation information as to where on the server to put the files, or where on the page to put the PHP or js code for noobs.

Thank you!

Hi. Apologies for delay in responding.
Sorry, but the php code I have given in documentation is incomplete.
Please change it as follows and place it at the TOP of your index page for your main site to make it work:

require_once 'Mobile_Detect.php';
$detect = new Mobile_Detect();
if($detect->isMobile() || $detect->isTablet()){
Ensure that you place this code right on the top, even before the “doctype” of the index page.
Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

Thank you – we decided to use a responsive site template instead of the monile theme, but should I need it for another project down the road I will keep this info on hand – thanks!

Okay, all the best.

I have purchased this template, but it is not as per demo site. It is not working in google chrome. Shows Error – “Error Loading Page”. Also on Contact page there is no image button for Google Map. Please give me a proper theme/template as per Demo otherwise return back my many. :confused:

Thank you for purchasing. Please make sure you are running the website on a server (WAMP or XAMPP) or upload your project to your server and everything will run fine. The navigation is AJAX-based, so just opening a file with browser will not allow for navigation between pages, you need to run it via Server or disable ajax navigation. Let me know if I can help further.

Hi theunexpected1, This is a really powerful plugin you have. Can you show me where you got these set of icons for the home page from? Thanks!

Hello, I have picked these icons custom from different locations and some designed myself. :)
Still you can check out for both free and premium icons. Thanks.

Greetings. I have purchased your water-pobile template and it is great, however I am having some issues with it.

The gallery does not seem to work correctly. It does not open up to the window where you can scroll through and hit next image. And when you hit back on the browser to get out of that window multiple images of the same photo appears. My test site is The gallery is under Photos. I need to finish this as soon as possible. Any ideas?

Hey. I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding.
Please check, some of the images have failed to load because they are not uploaded. That is the reason for the error in page, thereby leading to error in the photo lightbox pop up. Please fix this and let me know if it worked, or I can further assist you.
Best Regards