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really great work

love it


and amazing! nice work!

I really like this theme and it’s almost perfect for a website that I’m designing. I have a question though. I want to center the menu and logo with the logo right in the middle of the menu, and 2 menu items on either side of the logo. Is this possible?


Its possible but it needs further css customization.

Amazing work – can I see the other skins in demo please?

Yes look a the footer. for the links to change the skins

Hey can we change the background image to our own image?

You can replace the background images files with your own files to customize its look.

You have to do it manually.

Thank. How do you link the Menu or with this template “the pages”. We know how to create new pages and post but nothing will link. We dont want the menu in the side bar, we wont it at the top like the sample. How do we set up the links? Is it a widget or coding change?

You need to change the permlink to numeric and add create a blog page

Please refer to the help file it explains how

Heres the wordpress method:

The live preview won’t work, but I’d really love to see this theme in action. Thanks.


Thanks :)

is it possible to have the blog be full width layout?

Not at this time. Ill consider that for the next updates.

Thanks, that would be awesome. Love the theme but really need the full width to showcase large images.


Dropdown menus? is that possible?

& can we change the Cufon font?

I like this one…


thanks for the great them Im having a little trouble getting the right size follow me icons like facebook to be the right size? can you help me out

They must be 18×18 pixels to fit right.

Nice looking theme, just noticed that on the hover over on the gallery page the white overlay is 1 pixel out to the left. I’m browsing it in the latest firefox version on a pc.

Does the top menu support Parent/Child pages? (Example: Would a drop down menu appear if we had a page called “Mission Statement” under the “About Us” page?)

Love the look and feel of this theme, by the way!

sorry it doesnt have drop down menus. ill consider that for the next update.

It’s been a long time since I saw a site(theme) I’ve liked as much as this. Thanks! I hope to use it some day!

How do I set the captions for the Front Page slideshow images?

They are images. you canno set text on the slides in the front page.

Thanks… had an image ‘Alt’ showing up over my slideshow that appeared as though it should have been a caption. I changed the Slideshow settings to the correct number of images and it went away.

How would I go about changing the homepage so that it displays pages instead of blog posts near the bottom?

Edit the front.php from the theme folder at line #43:

change this:

$myposts = get_posts('numberposts=3');

to this:

$args = array(
    'post_type' => 'page',
    'numberposts' => 3
$myposts = get_posts($args);

ill make it admin configurable for the next update.

The update is ready.

You can manage the type of post with the admin now.


Where is the styles.css? the one I open show that it is linked from another one. How do I open this one in the editor?

I am trying to have the same look on all pages (not a blog site) but the ‘default template’ does not apply the sidebar widgets like other themes’ ‘default’ pages’. Instead it has a text balloon on the upper right and the date and ‘more’ inserted in them (only applicable for blogs). When I apply the ‘regular template’, there is no sidebar with the widgets.



You need to open the styles.css that is inside the css folder.

It doesnt have that template page like that i’ll consider that feature in the next updates.

send me an email trhough my profile and ill send you the template if you cant wait.


Very nice design :)

It doesn’t mention Chrome under compatible browsers… is there an issue using chrome?

No tested on it yet.

Hi, I want to buy this theme, but I have a few questions first :

- Is the theme ready to translate ? (I will use it in French)

- Some buttons are images / sprites with text (the “more” button, more-button.png, and the “submit” button, submit-button.png). Does this images come in .psd format so I can translate them easily in french.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

YES and YES .

Hi, I’m back (see my previous message).

Althought you didn’t answer my following questions, I bought the theme because I wanted to work on it during the week-end.

The theme is obviously not “ready to translate”. I’ll do it probably myself.

As for the *.psd of the buttons including text, there not included in the archive. Could you please make an updated or maybe send them for me ?

Thanks a lot !

You mean the bebas font doenst have french characters?

Yo can always choose a different font using cufon.

let me know what can i do for you.

i cannot inlcude the font file however heres the link:

How can I specify which pages I want to show on the home page? I’ve changed the setting to show pages instead of posts, but it just shows 3 random pages.


Ill release an update soon with that option.

thh sample has a menu drop down and the purchase one doesnt! i bought it and i need it to use this feature!


Let me check.

Hi again.

I donwloaded the package and it does include the dropdown menu.

Download it again to make sure you have the most recent update and when adding subpages make sure you assign them a parent.