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Awesome work mate, nice usage of JS and that styleswitcher gives thousand options!

Hope it sells well!

Edit: but the guy scares me ;)

Hey, nice file and very good js fallback. Welcome to TF and good luck with the sales ;)


This is great work!

- Phoenix

Awesome stuff as always WP

Nice job with js… Wish you a lot of sales :)

P.S. Picture of girl is OK :D

Congrats on your first themeforest template! :)

Hey man,

That opening is just gorgeous! Nice work. :)


Amazing work

This is great work! congratulations!

Great cv display mister WP! ;)

definitely getting this! (:

Thanks for the GREAT feedback guys! :D

Awesome work, good luck with sales!

Hey you!


i bought it!

preview not working now .. did anyone notice that?

Works fine here…

Preview isn’t working for me on Firefox – Mac but it is on my p.c….. It just says loading…..

Firefox version?

It’s fine on Firefox 4…

Doesn’t seem to work on Firefox 3.6.

IE8 – 9 sees it OK.

Hey, man! Thanks a lot for the feedback! It helped me finding and fixing the error. (generated by the reCaptcha contact form)
The preview is updated and the new download files are in the queue for staff approve. It will probably be available in a few hours.

Thanks a lot again!!

gr8 work…

I downloaded the latest updated file and the fonts don’t seem to work correctly at all. It just goes to helvetica as a default.

I’m using FireFox 4.

Hi, fonts come from google servers. If you try the website offline you will get the local fonts.