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Great little app. Well written and documented. For those who are looking for a wordpress theme (which is what originally I googled but came across this) you will find it’s not that difficult to setup and use. Just a bit messy having to edit the HTML etc. However it’s pretty easy and there is adequate comments within areas of the CSS etc you might need to edit.

If you really needed it within a wordpress framework, and although I haven’t done this myself, it should play nice within an iframe. However you will still need to manually edit the html with content.

Only one area I’m having a problem with the contact form where the captcha is not displaying/working. Have entered the api keys. Public in index.html and the private + email address in the .php file – but no joy. The captcha section is not displaying, so hitting the send button results in… nothing happening!

Anyone with any tips to fix this, please chip in. Thanks.

Hi, Is there anywhere I can see it online to take a look at it? You can upload it in a test folder. Give me a replay using the contact form from my profile. ;)

Brilliant – WP, thanks for you SPEEDY response and fixing the problem! For those who might have a similar problem. I had missed putting the public API Key in a second place within index.html. Doh!

Hi WickedPixel, Already bought the theme, love it, and use it for my personal site (ianreagan.com). There are a few things that I am interested in implementing and was hoping you could offer some pointers. 1) Is it possible to have the site automatically “open up” without having to click the screen. And 2) Is there a way to disable the site from “closing” when one clicks outside of the content. If you could answer my questions, that would be greatly appreciated. Again, great theme!

Hi, send me a private message from my profile contact form and I will send you a tweaked js file.


Seem to be having an issue with the site.

I have only amended css and text content, but seem to have the following code sit just above the footer, on the far left of screen l>

Do you know what may be causing this?

example http://danwainman.co.uk/test/


Seems at the very end of your html file are those characters. Maybe they got there after some misplaced copy-paste action. Remove them and it should be OK.

Silly me!! Well spotted. Really appreciate you looking at it =)

By the way, are you able to send over the amended js file to allow it to auto open….like you did for someone else?

email to dwainman @ hotmail . co . uk


Hi WickedPixel, Already bought the theme, love it, like IanReagan, i need to : 1) Is it possible to have the site automatically “open up” without having to click the screen and keep the cool effect. And 2) Is there a way to disable the site from “closing” when one clicks outside of the content.

Could you send me the “tweaked js file” too… Many thanks and great theme!!

Hi, send me a private message so I can know on what email to send the tweaked file. ;)


I just downloaded this theme but I can’t make it work. In fact when I upload it on my ftp, it says

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Name: themeforest-300441-wave-cv-first-impression Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Description: Template is missing

It seems like the style.css is missing in the file I downloaded.

Could you help me please?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi, This is not a Wordpress theme. It’s a plain HTML template that does not need Wordpress to work. You can use a simple code editor to edit it.
Wordpress version is in the works, it will soon be available.


I am a newbie to setting up sites and have been doing it with Wordpress. Since this is not a Wordpress theme, can it still be set up through Wordpress?


Converting this in a Wordpress theme rises some coding challenges because users want lots of options available in the admin area to make it friendly… Like colors, rig the page order, portrait image settings, title&info etc…
All this needs a lot of work, being too complex compared with how easy can be filled with content in the current state, using a simple code editor.

As I said in the previous post.. a Wordpress version is coming soon. I’m in the process of finalizing it.


fanstastic, simple design, which I like.

A little question: how can I make Polish fonts work properly?

greetings, inez

Hi, Add this tag in the header of your HTML file:
<meta charset="UTF-8">

Thank you. Truly great design. I bought it but will wait for the Wordpress version.

Can I use the buttons as links ? Instead of them changing to another page, using the buttons as links to other websites ? I am referring to the side buttons

Hi.. Great theme, need the tweaked JS file for opening the main site without clicking the image and, also, how can I hide/remove the left toolbox? My email is saiyad @ drsaiyad . com


mail sent

Thanks WP…. it works like a charm… is it possible to change the transitioning of Portrait from splitting/sliding to fade-out?

Hm, the template was designed with the wave animation in mind, all the code is build on top of that. It may be possible a fade… but with serious tweaks on the design and code.

I bought your theme is under wordpress theme, I have read that it is not a wordpress Theme, maybe it should be reclassified.

Hi, all themes types are on the same site. Both html and wordpress. You must read which of them are wordpress or not. No wordpress theme costs here only 8$.

Have you clicked the thumbnails the site shows in “More Items By” section?

Very nice work. I plan to use it and already bought it. Is it possible to create submenu and how ? Thanks

Good job. I bought the template, but I have a problem. The index-nocaptcha.html file does not work properly with the fancy-box. Look here where there is a fresh installation http://onesahost.it/testone Images on the page featured project does not start with the lightbox.


I have a problem: Wordpress 3.4.2 And don´t found the style.css. Nor porssible to install. You could help me????? Thank

Hi wickedpixel

I purchase yor html template, im happy working on it. Great Job ;)

But I have a problem, my contact page doesnt work… I read your documentation y follow step by step but when i fill all the fields and click SEND no works, the page do nothing… theres no alert success and i dont recibe my mail.


Please take a look and make a test


Best Regards.

Hi, the url you wrote does now work. Send me a private message with another one and will continue discussion that way. Cheers

sorry, yesterday night y found the problem reading your FAQS. everythings works fine.

Just I cant quit the captcha


Great looking design!

Newbie question: what are the advantages of purchasing the wordpress theme vs this one? A specific goal of mine for posting my CV is to be able to reach people on computers and mobile devices alike, which both versions seem to accomodate flawlessly unless I am missing something…

Wordpress theme has more features. Like the blog thing + admin content management. The HTML ones is more stripped version but is more compact and easy to manage by an user that knows basic html.

brilliant! I will get this one and wait until I am better versed with WP to see about getting the other one. Thanks!

Well, actually one more question. Is it possible to increase the number of thumbnails for the portfolio gallery? what about deep linking?

Hi, how remove control panel?

Hi. You need to remove code from the index header. It’s explained in the read me file and signaled in the code.


I have been writing to support many times, but didn’t get any reply???


The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please advice!!!

Hi, This is an HTML template. What made you think is a Wordpress theme? The link for Wordpress version is in the Item info.

Hymmmmmm sorry!!! Thanks…. :-)

I have no knowledge of HTLM or anything like that, do you think I will be able to set up and use properly this item is I purchase it and try to install it in Wordpress?

This is an HTML template. The job of customizing the current HTML content using the demo content as reference is pretty much 42342345 more easy than trying to convert the entire thing into a Wordpress theme. The wordpress theme version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/mediabook-multimedia-wordpress-theme/3025192