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popolis Purchased

Hi, I would like to know if latest and actual Theme is compatible with Wordpress 4.7.1 Thanks!


Yes, there are no known issues. If you do run into anything, let us know and we’ll get that sorted out.

Hi, I am having trouble finding the theme options. I do not have a tab under appearance …. I can’t find it anywhere.. any ideas ?

Haven’t had that issue happen before. Could you please submit a private support ticket at danyduchaine.ticksy.com and include WP admin and FTP information, I’ll get in there and figure out what’s going on.

Mention the issue in the ticket as well.


I was not aware that this theme required so much CSS coding.

That does not work for me as I am a novice website designer.

Can I get a refund?


Hey, no sorry I only give refunds when the theme is broken or doesn’t work as “advertised”. If you need help wioth the dummy content, simply head up to the support forum and we will help you there : https://danyduchaine.ticksy.com/

How long does it take to get answers on the support forum? I submitted 4 questions over 6 hours ago and have not received any response.

Support is handled once a day and it can take up to 24 hours ( Monday – Friday ) to get a reply. But it’s usually less, 24h only if it’s submitted right after the support round for that day is finished.

It’s just one person handling support, sorry about that, but we can’t afford to hire a support team of 3 members to cover 8 hours each ( 24h, live support ). It’s similar for most of authors on TF, most are just 1 or 2 persons ( developer + designer ).

The next support round was supposed to be in 7 hours from now but I’m currently available to handle it so I’m taking care of it now.


I just purchased this theme and I installed it. Only one problem so far… The Dummy.xml doesn’t load well… Maybe it’s not fully compatible with WP 4.7.1 ? Could you please take a look at this ?

Thanks, Adrien


That link is a Themeforest item preview URL, it always takes to the homepage, so I’m not quite sure which page exactly from the demo you wanted to link to.

Go directly to the demo ddthemesdemo.com/wave/ and then go to the page you want and you can get the actual URL of the page and send it over.



The way the visual of the picture looks.. It looks like a carousel. Does the design comes with a grid fonction of it or should I use a plugin for this?


No, sorry, there’s no grid functionality for the gallery images on the single gallery page.

As for plugins, there are a lot of plugins for showcasing a gallery of photos, some examples are:

Photo Gallery

NextGen Gallery


Billboz Purchased

Hi, I would like to know how to enable the arrows in the galleries on mobile. Thanks


You can use this CSS code to show the arrows on mobile:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .carousel-nav {
        display: block;

You can add it in WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Custom Code.


Billboz Purchased

Thanks, This displays them, but on a mobile device when you press the arrows nothing happens.


Can you please send over the URL to the website and WP admin information via a private ticket on danyduchaine.ticksy.com and I’ll go in there, figure out what’s going on and sort it out.

Hi – Just bought the theme and like it – but can’t get the homepage slider to work or resemble the demo. Read through the documentation and followed it. Help please


Just answered on the email you sent.

Sorry, I just woke up, I answered to the automatic email Envato sent me about the comment, not to your email. Brain hasn’t turned on yet :)

Here’s the answer.

I’m assuming it might be image dimension related. Being a full width ( of the browser window ) slider there’s no exact width for the slider images and the ratio between width and height needs to be a bit bigger ( in favor of height ). On the demo we use images with dimensions of 1732×500 so I’d suggest using that.

But if it’s not the dimensions that are the problem can you please send over the URL to the website, will help me understand what’s happening.

Hi there, Lovely theme.

Is it possible to center the header menu?

Many thanks

Derek McArthur

Hi Derek,

Thank you.

Do you mean having the logo and navigation in separate rows and making them both in the middle ( centered )?

Drop this CSS code in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

#nav {
    float: none;

#nav .sf-menu > li {
    float: none;
    display: inline-block;
    margin: 0 10px;

juan666 Purchased

Hello, we have problems with the active link. There is no automatic setting of the wordpress navigation classes. Can you give us a hint on how we mark the current page in the menu?

Please answer to marius.schneider@e-site.com

Should be working there as well, but you can use this CSS:

#nav .sf-menu > li.current-menu-item > a,
#nav .sf-menu > li.current_page_item > a {
    /* css rules here */

Also, for submenu items it’s this code:

#nav .sub-menu li.current-menu-item > a,
#nav .sub-menu li.current_page_item > a {
    /* css rules here */

juan666 Purchased

I sent you an email with the links to the site, so you can check yourself what i mean. Thanks for your reply.

Just answered.

I don’t know how to use this.

If you’re having trouble setting it up you can send over WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll set it up.

Do you have a basic tutorial on creating a website from your Wave template? There are some aspects I can’t alter from the default eg. Banner and the words wave and photography. I migrated info from a previous template and am finding this one more difficult to navigate.


The package comes with a documentation file that covers the theme’s features.

As for “Wave” and “photography” I’m assuming you are referring to the logo in the header, that is an image. You can set your own in WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General.

Had a question on this theme. We installed it for a client in October and then somewhere along the way it was replaced with this one (http://themebox.co.in/). Did something happen with the original theme?


A theme with the same name was released on WordPress.org repository. It has a bigger version number and because of that WordPress is showing like there is an update to our theme in your WP admin dashboard.

Back in July we released an update for the theme ( can be downloaded on Themeforest ) which removes the update notification caused by that other theme.

Can you tell me when you’ll be compatable with Wordpress 4.7x and WooCommerce 3.x

Thanks, my client would like confirmation before they commit to purchasing. Looking forward to hearing back.

Hi Dany, any chance you’ve confirmed compatibility?


Yeah, we’ve made an update on Friday which fixes some issues we found and adds compatibility for the product gallery slider and zoom feature that came in 3.0

You will have to send me a different link as I cant download my purchase. Nothing is happenining and I feel very frustrated. I am not a well off person and I cant afford to lose the purchase price. Could you please refund me as I have been working in this for 2-3 hrs. Kerry Gulliver

File downloads are handled by Themeforest and I am not aware of any issues.

But you can send over a message via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll send over an alternate link to download.

I can’t add the link here since this is a public comments board, everyone can see it.

Hello, I purchased Wave Theme for WordPress (I use WP 4.7 and shortly I need to update to 4.8), however there are few issues with it and I can’t find documentation (but themeforest.net says the theme is well documented).

So, first issue is the [ view all ] button always point to a specific article in my blog.

The other issues are related to the fact I’d like to learn how to create carousels of pictures and slides, but, as I mentioned already, I can’t find documentation for the theme.

Any help?

Thanks, - Paolo


View all

The “view all” button points to the page which has the correct page template set.

For blog posts it points to the page with the Blog page template, for gallery it’s the Gallery page template and so on.

Do you have those pages created?


Go to WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Slider. In there you can create the slides for the slider.


bneal5 Purchased

Hello. I purchased the Wave WordPress Theme for Artists. I would like to rename the header from “Wave / Photography Theme” to something else. I looked for hours and I am unable to find the file to edit this. Can you please provide me the file name and what folder it is in so that I can edit this header? Thanks!


bneal5 Purchased

Sweet! That worked! TYVM. Please take a look at http:artisticoni.com and let me know if it is possible to move the “Contact Us” to the left side of the header. I prefer to the left of the logo. If not at least be able to move it to the left of the writing. Thanks!


Give this a try:

#nav { float: left; }

HI, I am using Wave and the version I have is 1.05. I cannot see to update the theme safely. Every time I do, the styling gets broken. I want to update to 1.17, the latest but I get nothing. I also noticed that this theme does not have a child theme I could use. Anyway, what must I do to properly update this theme?



You can download the latest version from Themeforest. But you’ll need to be logged in with the account you used to purchase the theme. The account zindezine does not have a purchase of the theme.

Is there somewhere to get a version of the theme set up with the template used in the demo? I and my website consultant are having a hard time navigating the standard theme. Was looking for something a little more plug and play.


In the package you downloaded from WordPress you’ll see a file called dummy.xml ( dummy content, demo content ), it’s the export from the demo, you can import it using the WordPress importer.

Hi Danny, how can I add a soundcloud link to the dd social widget?


Unfortunately soundcloud is not available, but send over an email about that via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll figure something out.


I bought the theme and found I was not able to customize the template and so we tried to reinstall the theme only to find that we got an error message saying the files were blocked every time we tried to upload it. Advice?


Not sure why it might be blocked, didn’t run into that issue before. Can you please send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact from on our profile page and I’ll take a look at that.