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How can I make the header/slider look like your sample page? I have all set (slider image, title, description and button) but it doesn’t show off. All I can see is a tight header with the logo and menu bar, plus the background.


In WP admin > Settings > Reading, is the “Front page displays” set to ” Your latest posts”?


I have been running into an issue where I can’t edit the “Lead Developer” title under the team members plugin. No issue anywhere else, but I can’t find where to edit this title for the life of me.

Thanks and great theme btw, Seth


Are you sure you are using our theme? The account “SethJohnson77” does not have a purchase of this theme, also the theme does not use any “team members plugin”.

Hello, I installed the themes in my hosting. I modified the themes, then i uninstalled. When i install the themes again i view the changes i set before uninstall the themes.

How do I get the theme that comes by default?

Thank you. Martin

Hi Martin,

If you modified the theme files then deactivate and delete the theme, and then install using the theme ZIP file ( which you downloaded from Themeforest ).

But if you are referring to modifications such as in the theme options and other content then you can use a plugin like WordPress Reset which will delete all custom content ( posts, pages, menus… ) and bring WordPress back to it’s default state ( like a fresh WordPress installation ).

Bought wave WP template, but import dummy content fails, how can this be resolved

Thank You

DanyDuchaine Thank very much for your quick support! I apologize, my fault; I didn’t take the time to familiarize with the template workings/settings. Everything is working fine; including dummy import. 10/10 would recommend this template.


You’re welcome and thank you, happy to hear it’s sorted out. If you have any questions just let me know.

Hello Dany Duchaine, I have two questions:

1) I added a Widgets (Search), I do not know how to specify which page stay the Widgets (Search). The site has five button: 1 Custom Link (My Home), 3 Pages y 1 Gallery. I need to de Widgets (Search) stay in on of the pages (the third page), is it possible?

2) In my botton Gallery, i want to show a lot of gallerys, how this link: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/wave-wordpress-theme-for-artists/full_screen_preview/5038373?_ga=2.51837545.1996702564.1504496821-1313745685.1502996354 How do I make the galleries appear here? It is my site (in construction ): http://b5d.6c2.myftpupload.com/

Thank you. Martin Pires

If you need to add more widgets to the sidebar area you can do that in WP admin > Appearance > Widgets. Simply drag the widgets you want to the “Gallery” section.

But if you want to add widgets in a different location ( not the sidebar ), that’s unfortunately not possible, widgets can only go in their specified locations ( sidebar and footer )

OK Thank you. Another question: In Theme Options-> Homepage -> Second Row in specified Products. where do i add the products? I want , in my home, my products appear under the gallery


The products section is powered by the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which is WooCommerce. Products you add with it will show in there.

Hi Dany, how can i change ‘Newest Galleries’ and ‘Newest Articles’ to e.g. ‘My Galleries’? I cannot find the option to edit it in your wave Theme. Regards Gita Vasa


Those are localized text strings, you can translate them using the regular WordPress theme translation methods.

You can try poEdit. You use poEdit to create a translation file which you then upload to the theme folder called “languages”. Here’s a good tutorial on how to do it.

Hi Dany, I would like to change the letters in the title of the gallery to italics and change the colour of the black transparent background and also change the height of the background. Can you help me, please?


You’re welcome.

To make the color of the description white you can use:

.gallery-single-slider .slide-inner-description {
    color: #fff;

If you don’t want the title/description area to go over the image you can put it below with this code:

.gallery-single-slider .slide-inner-info {
    position: relative;
    top: auto;
    left: auto;
    right: auto;
    bottom: auto;
    padding: 20px;

You’ll notice I added 20px padding, it looks better with that padding if it’s located below the image. You can remove that part if you want.

Thank you for your support. The above changes are good. I have to report the following oberservation on my mobile Iphone which ist confusing on my website: http://vasa.online/ -The “view all” button for e.g. beside the newest gallery button does NOT list all galleries below one another as one would expect. Stangely, It leads you to the first post. The “view all” button beside “newest artikels does not list all the posts below one another. As far I can see I do not understand the function of the “view all” button also on my PC. Can you support me please.

You’re welcome.

The “view all” button searches for the pages with the “Blog” and “Gallery” template and links that button to go to those pages. If you don’t have those pages please create them and the buttons will link to them.

Hello, When i am checkout (with woocommerce), i need to enter account password, and if not enter this date i can not do the place order (the checkout). It is possible to hide this field, I do not want to have to register with a password to make the purchase.


WooCommerce handles that, the theme does not alter the way it works.

Go to WP admin > WooCommerce > Settings. Then in the top navigation go to Checkout and on that page you’ll see the option to enable “Guest checkout”. I believe that’s what you’re looking for.

hi there i recently purchased the wave theme but upon trying to install it, it said it would not go through. it is missing the style.css stylesheet. how can i get around this? thank you


The ZIP you downloaded from Themeforest includes documentation, licensing and the theme. Unpack that ZIP on your computer and inside you’ll find the actual theme installation ZIP file.

More info on the official Themeforest help page

Hi, the theme no longer functions well on my site. I tried to pay for it again and still does not work like it used to. My Gallery page is gone.


Can you please send over the URL of your website and WP admin information ( user/pass ) via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look at what’s going on.

If I understand correctly Wave Version: 1.0.3 is the current version and to ignore the automatic update feature in the WordPress admin?


You should ignore the automatic update in the WP admin but there is an update to the theme which fixes that issue and also fixes and improves some other things ( mainly WooCommerce related ).

You can download that update in the downloads page, here on Themeforest.

Everything about the theme is great, the only issue is on mobile. The title menu goes over the navigation at the top. The site is artlabrx.wpengine.com. Thanks for your help.


Give this CSS a try:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    #slider {
        padding-top: 265px;

You can put it in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.