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We got caught by the bogus Wave theme update, which blew out our site for a while. Once I deactivated the theme and deleted it, I was able to upload the Wave.zip to install yours. The theme is now working properly again, with one little odd detail. On the Themes screen, it still shows the image of the other theme. Has the WordPress update option now been forever ruined for your Wave theme?


It’s most likely due to browser cache, try refreshing a few times and the correct image should show up.

I have refreshed the browser, and I have opened the site in another browser with the cache cleared. This is the image I see right now. I assume your theme is still for Artists, and has not been rewritten as a Photography theme. http://oaxacaarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Screen-Shot-2016-07-18-at-12.21.10-PM.png


That’s the correct screenshot. Originally it was meant to be a photography theme but then was switched to a more general artists approach. We’ll change up the screenshot when we do an update, to avoid confusion.

I installed this paid version of the wave theme and set up my website a while ago and when I launched the site today I found it is defaulted to the free version. Is there a fix for this?


There is no free version of the theme, what happened is that a theme with the same name was released on WordPress.org repository. It has a bigger version number and because of that WordPress is showing like there is an update to our theme in your WP admin dashboard.

We have recently released an update for the theme which removes the update notification caused by that other theme. Download the new version from Themeforest, delete the currently installed one via WP admin and install the one you downloaded from Themeforest.

Hi Dany,

I am looking for a similar theme where I can have artists list, their individual page and their galleries and I think your theme can suffice my need. However need to know if artist wise access can be granted to upload their work to the site



Hi Kandi,

The theme is suitable for individual artists, not so much for a website where artists can submit their own work.

Unless it’s artists you personally know and trust, in which case you could create author accounts and they can submit their work through the WP admin.

Thanks Dany

You’re welcome.

Hi Dany,

I am trying to make my site exactly like the demo site which is being displayed, like in Avada theme there are preset layouts of the various categories available in the theme. Can you help me with such layout where all I need to do is just change the content.



If you’re having trouble setting up the demo content you can send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll set it up.

Include this in the message as well, for reference:


Thanks Dany, just sent you the details

Handling support now, will get to the emails shortly and take care of it.

I paid for your theme quite a while ago. I was wondering if there was anyway to make the galleries go in alphabetical order as it’s a lot of work to change the dates to make them fit in? I also installed the demo and I have no idea how to use it.

So if I do renew it will you be able to help me change the setting or whatever to get the galleries in alphabetical order? I understand and I have no problem renewing it or anything just as long as there’s a guarantee that I’ll be able to get that fixed or something.

Oh, nvm thank you though!


Yes, we’d assist in making it order alphabetically.

Hi Lushain, Can you let me know from where you downloaded or how you installed the demo. Thanks – Kandi

Just answered on your other comment.

Hi Dany, I’ve accidentally deleted my homepage header jpeg in my Wave template and cannot figure out where to place it. The original path was: http://cbgallery.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/header-image4.jpg Does it go in the stylesheet? Can you please resend the documentation link so I can try to fix this. Gratefully, Joanne


Got your email about the issue being resolved. Everything is fine now, correct?

Hi, I am installing your theme, but there isn’t a thumbnail image showing for the gallery?


I figured it out. For others, when you create a gallery, on the right side, there is a “Featured Item” link. Setting this determines the thumbnail.

Happy to hear it’s sorted out.

Hi, great theme. I really like it. On my site, the menu isn’t showing up on my phone on the home page. The site is http://www.olgacoronovschi.com/


Yeah, I see the issue, but not quite sure what’s causing it. Can you please send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check it out and figure out what’s going on in there.

Dear Dany,

We purchased the WAVE theme from you. It is not responsive. Can you look at it and help with a solution.

The website is : http://finchleyartsociety.org.uk/

Also, the website takes a lot of time to load. We have compressed the images as well. Please advise


The theme is responsive, those modifications done to the theme are the issue.

The person who has modified the theme for you should make those modifications responsive.

We can assist with issues with the theme itself, but not with customizations.


As for the load time, let’s take http://finchleyartsociety.org.uk/gallery-view/other-media-paintings/ as an example.

Most of the images used are quite large. For example this image. It is 715KB and the dimensions are 2536×1780. You don’t need images larger than 1200px in width.

I took that image, changed the dimensions and ended up with 240KB ( here’s the resized verison ). That’s 715KB vs 240KB, which is a huge difference.

We bought this theme…but have no idea how to download!! There is no download link in any of the 4 emails you sent after we made the purchase….Maddening!!! PLEASE provide me with the link to download!


Go to the Themeforest Downloads page. There you will see a list of items you purchased, for each there’s a download button. Click it and then click the “All files & documentation” and the download will start.

When you download it, unpack it on your computer, inside you will find 4 folders:

1) Documentation
2) Licensing
3) PSDs ( bonus )
4) WP

Inside of WP is wave.zip, that’s the file used to install the theme.

Hi…I just purchased Wave template for Wordpress…is there some info where I can see the images dimensions used on this theme.? Dimensions for Slide images, logo image and all the modules?...I have not installed this template yet…thank you in advance for your cooperation.


For the slider the suggested size is 1732×500 ( it’s what we use on the demo ).

Logo can be anything you like, on the demo we use 117×48

The other images on the homepage and the blog/gallery listing pages get automatically resized to fit the needed dimensions.

On the single gallery page ( the gallery slider at the top ), we use 1180×563. The width of the 1180px is suggested, as for the height, it’s up to you, whatever suits you best.