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Looks cool, I love it! Best luck with sales :)

Thanks @Gifky .. but is not about sales.. it’s about passion :)

I’ve noticed you’re passion :P You have some nice email templates, this has to be my favorite so far – really good idea. Good job :)

Font which you used the button? “OK, count on me!”


Hello @webtunes , @bwinfo

Thanks for the feedback.. I love the feeling when I see reactions.. positive and negative..

@bwinfo .. regarding the “font which you used..” .. is * DIN _RO

Awesome concept, this is really nice :)

I got this to help communicate daily project progress to my clients so the calendar and 4-colored clocks worked perfectly for showing upcoming milestones, defining dates in the project and brief summaries as well as perfect spots for static content like contact info as well. (Maybe this could be a niche? I certainly don’t see many people designing for this sort of thing)

You formatted it perfectly and really, I doubt there could have been a better email template for my needs even if I had looked another week.

Great job on this!


Thanks and I apreciate your feedback… I’m glad it worked out for you ;)

I feel great to know that the newsletter helped and that you use the template. Thank you. Also If you need help with something, updates not hesitate to contact me ;)

All the best, Alex

How easily can the color themes be changed? I’m not a fan of any of the three.


Very easy. Open the .PNG source ( Fireworks ) and you have only to change the colours and save again the images – on the same name or other ;)

Been a while since I’ve had my hands in Fireworks. CS4 OK ?


CS4 is ok, also CS5 or CS3 ;)

I will follow your feedback on this. Also if you need hellp, please contact me ;)

Have a nice day, Alex

I am interested in buying this, but I have some questions…

Would I be able to use some other small icon instead of a clock? Would I be able to make the day blocks bigger? Like make the whole calendar bigger?

Thanks! :) Tyler

Sorry to bother you again, but have you made your enlarged version of this? I would buy it! I need a bigger calendar!

Haha. Thanks!


Hey @appsurplus,

Not yet > I was to busy.. but, this month I will add a new concept for that template :)

All the best, Alex


As I promise, follow my latest work

I hope you like :)

P.S. I you need any hellp, please buzz me.

All the best, Alex

I’m thinking about buying this for a local non-profit I work with, but would they be able to edit and use it if they don’t have any Adobe products… and a lack of tech know-how?


Hm, without some knowledge of HTML coding, not realy > also you need Fireworks & Ps (Adobe Product) to edit the template :( but, follow up on my email and send more details.

Thx for your feedback,

Great template! quick question—will the reading of the email be able to export the event titles and time to their calendar?

Oops, my question was confusing, sorry. What I’m trying to find out is when someone reads an email composed with this template, are there codes within the template that’ll allow the reader to export the dates and events onto their chosen calendar client?

Nope, and I don’k now any solution to make some exports :(

Thanks for your reply. I don’t even know if it’s possible without knowing the specific email client being used. I was asked by a few people on a community site I’d set up, they claimed the dates and time info, although correct in the newsletter email, somehow got mixed up after they uploaded to their calendar….they won’t (or can’t?) tell me what email and calendar client they use, yet seem to think it’s my “mistake”; trying to explain to them that I only use straight html codes in the newsletter therefore the issues are on their end, but it’s like banging my head against the wall, so I was trying to see if I can find some script that might help clear things up.

Thanks for this great template! do you happen to have vector versions of the clocks?

Hello @blaizer247, nope, unfortunately when I buy the clocks icons, was in .png mode,


Is there any way of putting the two calendars side-by-side?

I’m using this for a client, and they want all calendars “above the fold”



Sure, you just have to duplicate the calalendar table

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. Any tables I add just get placed below the rest, not side by side. Would you be able to send me example in HTML please? Thank you so much!

Hm, can you send me the HTML source, on my email? Thx,

Hi there

Can I just ask, can the calender take in an Ical feed? I run an up to date Ical calender and an automated weekly email with the updated events/ical would rock?!

I do not think there will be problems, that’s because HTML is well constructed and adapted for all formats,

can the calendar on top be removed and is it editable in CS2v9?

hello, sure > you can edit everything there

Hi, how can I integrate this to mailchimp? There is a easy way?


Pls try to import or insert some Mailchimp encoded tag into the WOW Alert template

Gorgeous work and a good one, which even triggered me to think about some UI calendar control. However, this doesn’t work in Safrai? I’ve failed three times in displaying this. But, In FF it works well.

Hm, strange.. maby was a current Safari update, I will check asap

Hi there! I just bought your plugin and was looking forward to using it, unfortunately when I tried to upload and install the .zip file the response was: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” My Wordpress version is 3.9 Beta 2 Any ideas?

Pls try to import only te .HTML file, and not the .zip one, thx :)

Oh my god, the HTML code is awful … not really easy to customize table inside table inside table … result is pretty beautiful and template pretty cheaper, but I’ve broken my eyes when I saw the HTML code