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Great work, good luck with sale! :)

Thank you very much! :-)

Clean work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you! :-)

Nice template and welcome to themeforest :)

Thank you very much! :)

Just got it, great job;-) Thanks!

Thank you! :)

Clean and smooth…Excellent work…

The navigation bar is glitchy and doesn’t work when you test the responsive features in Crome.

Hello. Thank you for your comment. We tested in all browsers this template, and all is fine. When you changing resolution on “live” (re-sizing your browser manually) you need to press F5 (refresh) to position all elements properly (because of some elements). We also created script for displaying properly elements while re-sizing browser “live” but for now we disable it. We didn’t find it useful, because when you load some web page in your mobile device (for example) it loads with properly positioned elements. We can provide that code for live re-sizing in next update if you think it is useful and if you want to use it :) Thank you again for comment.

Also I have to start scrolling down to see the white arrow facing down. When this shows up, there is also the up facing arrow being displayed at the same time.

Thanks again for your comment. I explained in previous comment things, and if you refresh page other arrow will not be displayed at the same time. If you have some more questions, feel free to at and we will help you with your requests. :) Kind regards.

Looks like your service section was jacked straight from

Hello STYX2109 :) Thank you for your reply. If you buy this item, you will see in included PSD that we created custom made icons – ale are shapes and our custom work. Also for the first time I saw this website. Only two icons are similar, but of course not the same. Even the hover effect not the same. It is only coincidence. You also know that copying other works are strictly prohibited, or if you are using some other works you need to write source of it, as we wrote in our documentation file. I hope so that you will see on our other works the rest of icons we created by our-self. :) Thank you once again :) Kind regards.

Beautiful template, excellent work! And thanks again for the quick response to my inquiry. Perfect support!

Thank you. Always on service :)

i just purchase your theme. i’m new in html5. how i can change the background? it come from how i can change it? please helpppp.


Hello ryohattori2! Thank you for purchasing our theme. You can change this very ease. First, open css/style.css. Then, go to the line 661 and you will see this code: background: url(‘') no-repeat 50% 50%;

Just change the url. If you have local image (for example “img.jgp”) in root folder “images”, then your code shoud look like this: background: url(’../images/img.jpg’) no-repeat 50% 50%;

If you have any other question feel free to contact us at ;)

is this an installable wordpress theme or just CSS/html pages? thanks

Hi. Wordpress theme is in process of development. We hope so that it will available soon. This is HTML5 / CSS3 template who includes PSD files + SCSS code.

ok. Yes would be nice as installable theme. ta

It will be soon ;-)

Is this compatible with Wordpress?

I just read the previous comment. Is there an ETA on the Wordpress theme?

Hi :) Yes, WP edition is in development phase. We hope so it will be available with full options for about 30 days. Maybe less… We’ll inform all interested people about WP version – we have a list of them :)

Are any static pages being developed? i know its a one page theme but a single portfolio would look awesome

Hi. Currently this is single page template. There is no multi pages. Maybe im the near future we develop multi page template, but for now is only single page. Thank you :)


This theme looks great. Quick question, will I be able to make the opening image into a slideshow? I see it is currently a static image, so I would probably need to add the slideshow in myself. Just want to know if there are any limitations to doing this? Any slideshow or plugin you could recommend?


Ohh, that section. Yes, it could be done for sure. You could use with some FREE sliders, or if you want a really great slider it is ROYAL slider, but it is premium but also really useful :) If you find some problem while integrate slider instead static image, please let us know and you can write on our email ;)

You are welcome ;)

Hi, great work! One pre-buy-question: Where did you buy the main image on the home page?


Hi. Thank you for nice words ;) You can buy image on . Just search for image #23454616 ;) If you can’t find, please let me know and I’ll send direct link on email :) Cheers

I love this template! It works amazingly well. Great job! I have a logo that is 300×75. Can you send over the CSS that is necessary to change the logo width and height to accommodate a larger logo?

Many thanks!

Hi. Thank you for nice words :) Please, in min768.css file inside CSS folder, you have header .logo img {width: 119px; } Change it to width and height you want :)

I have changed in min768.css file inside CSS folder, the width and height of the .logo section but in mobile or tablet it appears above the next section, do i have to change anything more? Thank you

Please, can you provide us a link to the your website? You can send to and we’ll see what’s the problem. Thx

Pre-sale question.. Do you have more icons than the four in the live-preview? (dashboard, app development, etc)

Regards Dan

Hi. Thx for question. We don’t have any more icons, but we can help you to create some similar for your purpose if you want? :)

Please let me know and send me on what you need before purchase so we can see. Thank you once again.

Hi! I.m interested to buy this template but I have a question: The 13 $ that I have to pay is a payment for one month or forever? Thks

Hi. Thank you for asking about our template. Here, on Themeforest, if you pay 13$, you will get this HTML5 template, and that’s one time fee. If you have some questions and problems with it, you can write us at and we can help you to solve any issues if you have it. ALso, you can write us at same email regarding some other questions :) Thanks.


How can I change 4 icons (dashboard, app development, etc)?

I drawn 4 another icons but when I change files in /images/icons nothing has change in site? What I must to do for switch this 4 icons?


Hi. Thank you for your question. For icons in About section you need to change whole sprite file – you can put your icons into it. File is located at images folder – If you open that sprite image in Photoshop, you can simple put your normal state and hover icons on it and just save the file :) If you need some additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we can do that for you.