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Nice Theme with just one mistake. I think it would be better that the color scheme match over all sites and dont change with blue on the first site, red on the second, green on the third and yellow, pink and so on later, because you used blue for linking and so on :)

The rest is very well coded and designed.

Keep up the good work.


I agree 100% with Massix…

This template has really good sales potential with a few tweeks…

Firstly I would have a solid background of white – or at least as an option. Nice and clean is the way to go!

Secondly, the black navbar is a little out of place – I would have it white with a rollover corresponding with a coloured theme used, perhaps a grey on the standard – the black is a litle harsh I feel.

Third, and most important – As Massix says Don’t muddle different colours into one theme, have them seperated and keep them relatively neutral so they will work for many industries… I really like the green you have used, but the blue and especially the pink does not work well I feel.

Bottom line – you have a really beautiful tempate here in the making, and with a few changes, I honestly think your slaes would seriously improve.

Just my 2 cents mind you!

Best of luck with it!

I love this just the way it is!! It’s fantastic. Any chance of a WP version?

Thanks vvaughn, appreciate the comment! Depending on the popularity of this template, I will convert it to wordpress :)

Thanks again mate!

Hi, Where did you get the social networking icons from and other design bits and pieces, or do you have some of the psd files for the slideshow, im looking for the textured sort of background, great work by the way.



really cool! thanks.


Can I change the ‘3d turning slider’ to a ‘fade’ slider?