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Beautiful design! Looks awesome! Congrats and good luck in your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal

Great work, neat ideas ; congrats ! :)

that about html version?

Thank you!

LOL . G. Becali is a web developer. :D

Great Work. Good luck with sales ;)

:) Thanks

“Gigi Becali” – Lol..

Good job.

:) Thanks

beautiful design great job

Thank you

pretty sleek..

Great designer :) Good luck with sales, i love your style.

Thank you

Thanks mate!

Great design! love it :)

Sweet! I really like it!


your designs are superb! but will you ever code them ? :)

Thank you! We hope in the future to code some themes. Cheers!

Hello there, nice style. What would I need to do to get this converted to html, would I nee to slice piece by piece and convert using Photoshop?

Would you ever decide to release the html version?


Hello again, did this manage to get released yesterday, I cannot locate on TF?


Wasn’t approve yet. I’ll give you a sign when is online. cheers!

Where did the HTML version go? Link no longer works :(