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Conrgrats brother.. :D

There aren’t any PSD files included in the download. Please advise ASAP.

Hi. There are no PSDs, it doesn’t say there are in the file description. there is a layered file of the header so you can call the emailer what you want but that’s all.

The reference to PSDs is in the documentation you provided.

Hi, this is an error in the documentation, which will be rectified. May I ask what is it you are trying to achieve by having a PSD.


I purchased your email template, but I have a couple of questions/remarks. I’m trying to use the blue template with the white background and when I import the template in Microsoft Outlook, it’s not showing like in my browser.

1. The color of the heading tags is black instead of the blue color from the template.

2. Some parts of the code seem very strange: - The html opening tag is missing on top. - There seem to be 2 body tags - There are some classes and id’s in the code that have never been declared in the CSS style. And I’m not sure, but I think these aren’t even supported. - There are div’s in the code and if I’m right, these aren’t supported in an email client.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards, Silvio

Hi, could you email me through the contact form on my page please and i’ll get back to you through there. thanks

Is there anyway you can make this email template a responsive template for email?

Hi, unfortunately no.

In outlook, the dashed lines appear around the entire content box. Do you know how to tweak the html for outlook?

Hi, thanks for the purchase. Could you send me a screengrab of the issue please. Have you tweaked any code yourself, maybe best to send me the html too just so I can check that too.


Campaign archive doesn’t appear to work in MailChimp. Some parts of the code must be missing as they showed me and one other commenter has pointed out.

Hi, just insert |ARCHIVE| behind the link ‘Please try the web version here’ and this should work.


add an asterix either side of the lines above, for some reason it’s not coming out here when i copy and paste it. thanks

Does it work with phpList? Also I had question about styling. Is styling inline or via separate css/js? Our clients use all different interfaces like, Outlook, Thinderbird, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc.. Will this work in all?

wonderful, i am loving it;

Is it possible to integrate this template to sharepoint ? Is it compatible with IBM notes and outlook mail?