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Hi there. My site is single-page and I am having problems with different widths of the pages, when scrolling down.

Link: http://skoletæ

Specifically, the page ‘Efterord’ is somewhat wider than the default and the page ‘Anmeldelser’ even goes to the limit of the browser.

I have not used a lot of fancy editing in the CSS so I wonder how this happens. Thanks for any help!


Theres a syntax error in your source code, more specifically a tag is not closed with just below the book image. You can try to edit the page and zoo if you can fix this, or feel free to give me admin access and i can help you clear thing up.

Hi Peter, me again.

Is there any possibility to display a submenu in small screen mode ? I mean, of course I can see my menu on a iPad, but because the “hover” issue on a touch screen, it’s impossible to display the sub items.

I’m sure you have a genius idea to resolve that ! ;)

Thanks ! Phil.

Hi! Sorry about the issue, i can see what you mean. If it can wait a couple of days, a bigger update is coming next week and i will include a fix for this!

Hi Peter. Thank you for this wonderful theme!

I have a question about the blog section. For an illustration displays in the blog section of the homepage (called “Inspiration” on our website, we need to set a picture as “featured image”. But once on the blog page (, this has the effect of displaying the picture above the post title. Can we avoid this?

Second small question: how to get downer the “View all posts” button in the “inspiration” part of the homepage, just like on your live preview?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry about the late response!

How would you like to display the featured image on the blog page? You get a better look & feel if you use the full-width layout. (Theme Options / Blog Layout at the bottom)

The second one is clearly a bug, sorry about that. On the demo site, you can see that theres more text below the title, in your case theres no content, or only a single line of text, which is not enough to push down the button. While i work on a fix, you can use the following CSS code in Appearance / Theme Options / Advanced / Custom Styles to fix this issue:

.homepage-blog-list #nav-below {padding:35px 0 0 0;}

Thanks Peter for your answer. I would like to display the featured image below the title. Or only on the homepage and not at all on the blog page.

Hi! “Merci” for your great theme! My question: how to change the order of appearance of items in the portfolio menu? Thanks!

Sorry about the late response! You can use a free plugin called “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order”


Hi very nice theme :) I have 2 little issues to finish the site.

-How can I update my contat form ? [contact-form-7 id=”400” title=”Contact form”] I can’t find it…

-Also I would like to put a portofolio section on the homepage (but just a portfolio section), is it possible to add it ? How coul I do that ?

-Is it possible to remove comments in the ends of pages (

Thank for your help !!!

Hi! Sorry about the late response!

Site looks really cool!

1. Looks like you’re using a different plugin on your Contact page. Make sure you have Contact Form 7 installed, its a free plugin, you can find it when you go to Plugins / Add New. Then you can insert the form with the shortcode similar that you wrote above.

2. Thats a little tricky one. First, edit your homepage and make sure it is using the Single Page Layout (you can choose this on the right side.) Now if you refresh, all of your pages will be included on the homepage to give you a single page layout. Now you need to disable everything else, except the Portfolio section. To do that, go to Appearance / Menus and edit your main menu. Click Screen options in the top right corner and make sure the CSS Classes field is checked. Then, click on each of the menu item that you don’t want to display on the homepage and write disabled inside the CSS Classes field.

3. Yes, when you edit the page, click Screen Options in the top right corner, make sure comments and discussion is checked and now if you scroll down, you can disable the comments in the Discussion box.

Hi, love the theme, but would like to expand the fonts list, I want more google fonts in the dropdown, what file do I need to edit

Also another question does my portfolio page have to be called portfolio, could I for instance change it to fonts?

Hi visztpeter, thank you for good theme, we just have a little problem: we putted the logo over the menu, and when you click on a element, the scroll doesn’t go on the right point of the page.

What can we do for solving this? Thanks in advance.

Hi! Sorry about the late response!

Can you show me your site? If its private, you can message me from my profile of from my website(

Hi there, I’m having problems after updating to WP3.9 that the shortcode buttons are no longer there. Will there be a fix coming for this soon? Many thanks!

Hello again….. any update on the shortcode problem with WP 3.9?

Hello, thank you for the great work on this theme. I have probably messed my copy up a bit, but was hoping you could help me increasing the page width on larger screens.

My main page width is currently about 1120 pixels wide on a 2560 pixels screen, slightly narrower than on your demo site. I’m sure it’s something I’ve edited along the way with my low level of understanding. Thanks.

Hi! Sorry about the late response. Can you show me your site? If its private, you can email me on Thanks!

Hi, very very nice theme ;) Congratulations. One question regarding FONTS. May be I missed it somewhere but how many google fonts can be chosen in the theme (is there a list somewhere ?) + by any chance, would the theme support Typekit through the following plugin ? Thank you.

Hi visztpeter

I have a problem with the “load more” button, under the “works” section it works perfectly ok,( but in the “main index” ( this function doesnt work properly, the “items” seem to duplicate everytime you press the button and you can keep on loading items forever ¿?

Any idea on how to fix this?

Thank you very much for your help

Hey Visztpeter,

I have the same problem als Alvaronate has discribed above here. There seems to be a maxium of showing 30 portfolio items as thumbnails, and when I push the ‘show more’ button, it shows the first 30 items again, instead of the other older items. They are now somehow invisible for the public.

Hope you can give us a hand,

cheers, Esther

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this theme but want to make sure it will stay up to date and compatible with current and future versions of WP. Is the developer still active for support? Thanks! Beautiful theme, really hoping it will work for my needs.

Hi is there anyway that you can re-arrange the way portfolio items are displayed?

I’ve tried using the plugin but it just re-orderers the categories instead of the folio items.

Hi! I really like your theme!

Is it somehow possible to use two different portfolios separately and have them both on single page layout? If it is possible to do so in this theme, then this theme would be the best theme ever I used.

Please reply me. Thanks in advance.

Hi visztpeter.

Again, thanks so much for your great skill to make such a nice theme. This is honestly the best theme ever I purchased only if I can do one more thing.

Question — could I some how make multiple portfolios? and show it on the front page (single page)?

Please help me with this.

Thanks for your support!!

Are you planning to release an update to this theme for WP 4.x.x?


Hi! Of course i do, but generally speaking, theres no issue with wp 4+ even with the current version, but theres some stuff to change for better compatiblity in the future. If you find issues, please report it to me by writing an email on my profile or on my website. Thanks!

I’ll try testing a bit maybe it was just a misconfiguration on my part. It did give me a few exceptions though.

I reinstalled Wordpress made all configurations of the site in 3.8.5 and then updated to 4.1.x now everything works like a charm. Thank you for your quick reply!

The Purchase code i got seems to be invalid?


First of all, thanks for the wonderful theme!

I’d like to know if it’s possible to remove (unregister) or at least hide “Skills” taxonomy from the menu under Portfolio?


Hi! If you don’t fill out the Skills field(so you don’t have any taxonomy term under Skills), it won’t be visible on the frontend.

If you would like to remove this completley, you can edit the weald/includes/portfolio/portfolio.php file and remove the function from line 29. This method is not the perfect solution if you plan to update the theme later, because this change will obviously come back later.

For a future proof solution, create a Child Theme, for example with “One-Click Child Theme” plugin. Then edit your functions.php file inside the child theme and add the following code:

add_action( 'init', 'unregister_taxonomy',20); function unregister_taxonomy(){ global $wp_taxonomies; $taxonomy = 'portfolio-skill'; if ( taxonomy_exists( $taxonomy)) unset( $wp_taxonomies[$taxonomy]); }

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am trying to remove “Skills” taxonomy from the admin section, because I don’t need it and don’t want to show it.

I have created a child theme, because I have some other modifications and I would like them to not be overridden by an update of the theme.

And I already tried this approach to unregister taxonomy. It does remove “Skills” from the Portfolio submenu in the admin area, but on the front end it results in some kind of error – the single page becomes unusable: the Wordpress admin panel disappears from the top, leaving a ~30px gap before the header, portfolio items disappear and so does the “Contacts” page content, which comes after the portfolio.

I assume the theme conflicts with qTranslate X plugin in some way. It also conflicted with WMPL which made me switch to qTranslate – I found that out when I translated the “Show All” text: javascript switching of the portfolio section stopped working and opened portfolio pages instead, and the content underneath it (I had Contacts section) disappeared as well.

Another option is to completely unregister weald_portfolio custom post type in the child theme and create a new one, just without the Skills taxonomy. But then I’d have to link all the functionality to the new post type. Not sure how to do that and it seems like an overkill for just hiding the Skills taxonomy.

So I think I’ll just add these lines to ‘portfolio-skill’ taxonomy in portfolio.php:

‘show_ui’ => false, ‘show_tagcloud’ => false, ‘show_in_nav_menus’ => false

..and try to remember to do that after each update.

Thanks for the info.

Take care, Serge

I just found out that the approach to remove Skills taxonomy doesn’t conflict with qTranslate, there is some different issue. I have no plugins at all, but the page acts funny when I add this code to child theme’s functions.php:

add_action( 'init', 'unregister_taxonomy',20); function unregister_taxonomy(){ global $wp_taxonomies; $taxonomy = 'portfolio-skill'; if ( taxonomy_exists( $taxonomy)) unset( $wp_taxonomies[$taxonomy]); }

aletics Purchased

Google Maps is now requiring an API key for it to function. I’ve created one for myself, but I don’t know how to integrate it to make the theme’s Google Maps shortcode work.


aletics Purchased

Nevermind– figured it out. Went into the theme files and edited the shortcode section for Google Maps to include the api key.

Thanks, i’ll add an option in the settings where you can specify your API key in the next update.

Hi, please look at If you load then page on a small screen and then immediately open the menu and click on releases, the menu stays open and nothing happens. I would expect it to close and scroll to the releases section. Can you please help me on this? Thanks.

The problem is that the “begin” hook of the onepagenav function is never called when no scroll is triggered. Then the main menu is never removed. I put the removal of the main menu into a separate click handler:

$('.page-template-page-templatessingle-page-php header.header nav.main ul').click(function() {
    $('header.header nav.main').removeClass('show');

That solved the problem for me. Just FYI. Great theme otherwise, I am very happy with it.