Discussion on Wealth - Responsive Landing Page Templates

Discussion on Wealth - Responsive Landing Page Templates

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Hi! My theme dont work when i upload it on Wordpress why?


Thank you for creating a very useful theme.

I am currently using the following design: http://jituchauhan.com/wealth-demo/medical/wealth-1/index.html. When submitting the appointment form, it does not take you to a separate standalone thank you page – a little message appears underneath the button. Could you please guide me on what would need to change in the code for it to work using a separate thank you page? I tried including a re-direct within the email.php file, but it loaded the page in the tag.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


One other thing, I added another field to the form and followed the same structure you had in the code. But the following error message appears:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: company in /home/ou0kqucdsdl5/public_html/fluidlab/email.php on line 6

So I uploaded all the original files that were part of the theme to the server to test, and that didn’t work either.

This error also appears in the Console, not sure if it is related:

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: https://pacificlabpromo.com.au/js/jquery-1.10.2.js Source Map URL: jquery.min.map

Hello, Let we check the files and help you in the same for redirect link PHP files.

Thank you.

Thank you.

In terms of my second comment about getting the ‘Undefined index’ error, I solved it by using encodeURI as so:

$(”#mail_msg”).load(“email.php?name=” + encodeURI(name) + “&company=” + encodeURI(company) + “&phone=” + encodeURI(phone) + “&email=” + encodeURI(email));

Hi do you have a code to make the logo bigger on the wealth theme. thanks

Hi, Please share me your link of website.

I purchased the Wealth package of your landing pages. When I download the files there is no zip file where I can use to install a specific page on my wordpress website.

Can you tell me how I install this on my website using wordpress?

Thank You

Hi , i am having problem uploading the theme on the website . it states : The link you followed has expired.

how do i solve this ? i have already increase the size to maximum in the php

but still the same problem

Hello. I am waiting solution of this comment https://themeforest.net/comments/22868891

can you writetothe email and we will solve this problem promptly.

Thank you very much, I solved this problem myself

Hello, can’t find mobile version of this template, CAn you help me. My site is not responsive


Hi, In your website this image affect responsive. http://miheenko.by2.by/images/pricestudio.jpg

Please in this img responsive-img class. thanks

I removed the image. responsive is not appear, check please

Ok, Let me check and support in you responsive template.

hello, i can’t add main image 1900*700 in the MakeUP I do not see any code in the index.HTML file

Hi, let me share your URL.Or contact us via profile. thanks

I have not noticed that the theme is not for Wordpress. can you help me. I need it for wordpress. I have already paid 17 €. Please help me!

Hello can i have your help in order to have contact form working correctly? http://www.trapiantocapelliverona.it

Thank you so much

Hi, Have you uploaded contact php file ?


Where can i find this file?

I can see only email.php andnewsletter_mail.php



Contact us via profile. thanks

Does this work in a blogger account? how does it work?


Its HTML template. are you looking for blogger google ? If you want start blog. You can find here CMS – wordpress theme.




I just bought your theme and I am searching for Restaurant landing page but I can’t found it under “Import Demo Data”


Best regards Luka


Wealth is simple responsive HTML template. No any CMS files. thanks

Hi There,

I am unable to upload this theme with the zip folder I downloaded/purcahsed.

Wealth – Responsive Landing Page Templates Regular License 6 months support (expires on 16 Mar 2019) Purchase code: 577424ba-b2d5-4ac3-af84-ea05c7976efc


Hi, Its nit WordPress theme. Its simple HTML template.


Hi in the contact form file related email.php my host requires me to add my email how do i add this to the email.php file?

Hi, Please Use Gmail account in email.php thanks

i need to add my host i cannot use GMAIL!


You need to setting SMTP from your host. thanks

Hello! My name is Erick and I purchased your Jitu template. Great design. I wanted to know if the template was available on Bootstrap 4? Thanks for your help on this.


Hi, Well for now Bootstrap 4 is in beta, we not yet updated it with bootstrap 4. Contact us via profile. thanks

Hi, I bought your template a few hours ago. I am using Car Wash template. I have uploaded it on server, but I see that email spam stated to attack me. How can I defend my contact form?

Best Peter

Lot of spam all day. How can I block it?

Hi, Please use a gmail account in php files. Let me know which email address you using. contact us via profile. thanks


ref: purchased this item. 0d185a92-7bb2-4b85-b7aa-c48a1d0e3e44 – 9 Aug 2017

I need this in wordpress the law one,but is not. worpress is not usefull..

please issue the refund asap.

sorry i did not read this..

Hi, You can just create refund request from themeforest. Also please share a WordPress Version purchase code. thanks

I dont know how to request the refund,please issue it..

Hello – I cannot get the email address to pass through from the form. I am using the meeting room template and have modified the form to include an “email” field.

Hi, Please share your live link. thanks

Can I use a different theme for another site?


Yes, but which theme ? thanks

I use the diet theme on my own site. Can I use the hotel’s theme for another site?Do you have any license problems?


Yes. Its bundle product. you can.


They can give me the money back, then I buy their theme for Worpress for 44 €!

Hi, please share you WordPress purchase code via profile contact. thanks


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