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Cant wait until you have it as WP version!

Clean work, congrats :)

thank you Bedros :)

Congrats! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you Final

I sent you an e-mail, please check it :)

really clean and nice design. good luck with sales mate !!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you, Moutheme

Thank you:)

Great work! I just bought it. Is there any wp theme coming soon?

Yes coming soon later

nice design.. good luck!

Thank you !

Very nice design, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much

Hi tendosk8er,

If you would like to team up and sell this together, I can code it for you, and we can sell the html/css/psd version together on themeforest. :) let me know if you are interested.

I”m getting a message the psd files are not photoshop documents? they won’t open? :(

hmm, this is weird. All of them? or just some files?

All of the files – I”m on a deadline, so please replace the files or send a refund. Thanks

You are the only one that can’t open the files, All other that have purchased didn’t have problem to open the files. Could you try to download it again? If it doesn’t work again, I can send you the file.