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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice job!! Very profesional, i love this stuff.

Very nice!!!


nice template


Ivor Envato Team

Congratulations dude! :)

Thank you guys! More templates from me are coming, stay tuned!

love this design…keep it up!!!

Love the design, but that faceless guy scared me :D

Are there any site that use this theme that I can check from. Also I need to modify the main image to place my own image so does it comes with .psd file? And which Wordpress version can it be used with.

Hi, nice work. QUestion: is this only psd or is it also a html complete site? Thanks. Misko

Only .PSD file dude, thanks for your interest!

This is really a cool design.

Btw, i am also an XHTML converter. But i am not sure how much it is easier to convert into xhtml. Particularly the menu area.

are the menu areas fixed width for each item?

Very cool design indeed. about the menu, yes it’s a bit tricky but it can be converted.. I think I’ve seen someone build that kind of menu in the site templates category…

I really like your design style and would buy it in html in a flash – Are you planning to rlease your design for html?

Also, I’m new to psd templates – once the template is built, is there rollover effects within the site or is it totally static?


Thanks sticker.

1) I sell PSDs only. 2) No rollovers inside.

Best, K.

Thanks kaisersosa, this template is awesome. I do have one small request to make though. I’d like to have the entire geographical map on the bottom left of the Home page in order to show a location other than Buenos Aires. Is there some way to organise that?

Kind Regards, D

Of course, you can do that by editing the PSD file before slicing and coding.

Sorry, I should have made myself a little clearer. As it stands, the world map shows South America and a large part of Europe and Asia. I live in Germany, and would like to basically shift the box right on the map so that Europe is where the spot goes. I can of course manipulate the PSD , but pieces of it are missing. I was wondering if you could re-release or update the PSD so that the whole map was present?

DaveWhiteNet, all maps layers are masked, so basically you must to unlink the mask on them and just move the maps to a new desired position.

Are there any sites out there that are using this template? If so can you post them? I wold like to see this in action. Thanks

You can see this template live at:


The cost of this HTML /CSS version is $12.

Thanks for your purchase! K.