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Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thank you, hoping to make the best.

Absolutely amazing.

Fitting flat design, color coding the elements, and the color palette is perfect. Subtle animations are extraordinary! You don’t really notice them, and that is what makes it perfect. Also, superb typography, and a very creative way of showing it. Layout is great, functions are great, the whole thing is so beautiful, intuitive and functional, i personally think this is one of the best thing I’ve seen on themeforest.

Great work indeed! Best of luck with the sales!

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your feedback :) lets hope for the best. Have a great day

This template is simply beautiful! Well worth every dollar!

Thank you for the purchase, greatly appreciate.

I just noticed that it is Bootstrap 2. Any plans to make an update to Bootstrap 3?

Yes we are planing the next update to be Boostrap 3 and font awesome 4

Just perfectly awesome. In the top 2 of the best I saw on Themeforest. Congratz and keep up good work.

Note : On smartphone, the top menu is a little bit buggy when scrolling up and down.

Hi there, thank you for the feedback, noted the bug, will update on this soon.

Amazing Work !!!

Quick Question

1. After purchase is it possible to link the dashboard to my users ? for them to sign up and receive their social media accounts information (followers, following, tweets, comments, etc…) ?

2. If there is much work to be done after purchase, do you know anyone or any services that are very cheap that could code to adopt to my need?

Thank You

- Stas

Hi there, yes it is possible, We do issue further extra support, but please do PM a elaborated Version on the brief required, we’ll let you know how it goes asap. Thank you

This is fantastic! If purchased, do you have any PSD’s of this admin template that you may have put together to use to build this template that you can supply? Or can I purchase separately?

Really great work!

Hi there, Yes,One main layered PSD is included with the package. Thank you

really like it. first admin theme I really like on themeforest. will be using it in the future I believe

Thank you for the feedback, Looking forward for your purchase :)

perfectly awesome. cool… i will use for next project :)

Great! :), Thank you


Thank you.

Simply awesome! Bookmarked this and will purchase once it move to bootstrap 3 :)

Thank you, Will surely update to Bootstrap 3 :)

Congratulations! Great Job!.

Have some planning for the next updates? Such as the login page?

Yes we’ll do bootstrap 3, login page, sign up page, lock screen, will add more plugins etc.

perfect i’ll wait for this update!! I hope this come soon :)

Hi there, The new updates are now available with log-in, lock screen and minor bug fixes.

I love the design! It’s great!

I just have a question, can I integrate this to opencart? The ecommerce platform?



Hi there! You are planing to integrate it to opencart admin panel? Yes its possible since its HTML5, we have included a great documentation and clean code. Let us know if you need any further assist, Thank you

Great design, I like it too. :)

Thank you! :)

add jeany upload image and multiple upload image

i love it :), next update i will buy it :)

Thanks! next update would be in a few hours. It will have Login page, signup page, lock screen.

Hi there, The new updates are now available with log-in, lock screen and minor bug fixes.

Will the release in the next couple of hours also be Bootstrap v.3 ? I would like to purchase tonight for a project and start ASAP. Please let me know if you think it will not be done in next couple of hours.


Hi, The demand for Boostrap v3 is quit high and we will do our best to release it with the next version but keep in mind migrating to v3 is hours of work. But I assure you it will be updated to Boostrap v3 in few days time :)

Bootstrap 3! Great job guys!

yes will update it soon, Thank you :)

so i want to get this but how do i use it? ( im new to website coding and such)

Hi there, Its HTML5, There’s a Document included, please refer to its guidance, if there’s any doubt, please let us know, we will convey our support to you.

Hi, do you have the login page ?

Hi there, We dont have it in the current version, Will update it with the login, sign up and the lock screen late today at Night. Thank you

Thanks a lot

Hi there, The new updates are now available with log-in, lock screen and minor bug fixes.

Great Template. Is any BS3 Version coming up?

Yes we will Upgrade it to Bootstrap 3 soon, Thank you

thanks. We plans to buy after upgrade.

Perfect template! Just need a bootstrap 3 update. GLWS!

Thank you, We are working on Migrating it into BS3, :)