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is it possible of doing this template in ie 8

Hi there The only problem is some of the plugins are not supported :( like d3 charts, some form elements, design perspective the rounded corners will not work but obviously with a patch :) so we have left out IE8 compatibility out

Hi There,

You have been very helpful so far in providing additional assistance. However, I am still waiting for a response to my most recent email. I trust you’ll be able to respond soon?



Hi there derek, sorry for the delay please check mail :)

I found an issue with my sidebar, as you can see selected item looks weird. How can I fix this issue?


Also can you tell me how can I show full sidebar (Desktop size sidebar) on tablet size?

Hi there image is really small :) Yes you can enable it , open up assets/css/responsive.css

line 159 media query you can remove all the classes with .page-sidebar

Thanks. I fixed it :)

Hi, I am looking into purchasing this product, however, I did not see a note taking page or widget. Is it possible to implement note taking in this theme?


Hi there Yes we do not have a note page widget, but some thing like this with more look and feel

1. Email html templates. 2.multiple file upload. 3. form -x editable. 4. form controls. 5.lots of ui components missing 6.ajax portlet. 7. scroll options,edit options and other options in datatables.

Hi Ace,

I saw that this template is “Rails ready”, but I’m having a really hard time integrating it to Rails. Maybe I’m missing something here.

Is there a tutorial or some sort of resource/reference that could either walk me through this process or point me in the right direction?

I use Rails version: 4.0.1

Big thanks!

Regards, Tiago Santos

P.S.: Awesome template!

Hi there We have provided the .haml files for rails :) so that you guys don’t have to convert from ordinary HTML to HAML

Hi Ace, I added the haml gem to my rails app and renamed the index file to index.html.haml, but I’m getting several routing errors. I substituted the default rails assets/ directory (located inside the app/ directory) with the one you provided. But I’m still getting errors such as “ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] ”/assets/plugins/jquery-slider/jquery.sidr.min.js”):”. I have also tried copying the assets/ directory to the /vendor/ directory. Do you have any pointers? Big thanks.

in config/environment/production.rb in your application set
config.serve_static_assets = true 
or try this
rake assets:precompile 

Horizontal scroll not working properly in data tables in mobile view., column header not adjusting in mobile view it is breaking

Hi there I think your referring to the basic table responsive Horizontal scroll one, what kind of device are you using for that ?

Android mobile

One of the best themes I’ve purchased off themeforest. Amazing work!

:) these wonderful comments are the reason we update Webarch frequently, Truely appreciate it :) Thank you

Hey does this work is this a stand alone dashboard that we can define the input information for with a login system or what?

Hi there I don not understand by what you meant by standalone :) but off course this is HTML so you can integrate it with php or any other third party webapp, but also keep mind its not a simple install you will have to develop and map out the variables and so on :)


In IE9 on server, the form placeholders disappeared. But there is no problem wiht IE11 or chrome ?

Hi there Placeholder support in IE9 is not available but from 10 onwards it words fine :)

Hi, When you update the bootstrap to version 3.1.1 ? thanks.

Hi there Why not right, Will update it now :), Its simply updating the assets/js/plugins/ folder

How can add together button and combo on datatable’s toolbar.?

$(“div.toolbar”).html(‘ <button class=”btn btn-primary” style=”margin-left:12px” id=”test2”>Add</button> ‘);

are you adding tree ccontrol or auto complete search textbox_?

Hi there When your creating the datatable add the following parameter :)
"aButtons": [
                    "sExtends":    "collection",
                    "sButtonText": "<i class="fa fa-cloud-download" />",
                    "aButtons":    [ "csv", "xls", "pdf", "copy"]

you could also use jquery HTML funtion like in
$(“div.toolbar”).html(‘ <button class=”btn btn-primary” style=”margin-left:12px” id=”test2”>Add</button> ‘);

Hi, i’ve a problem with WebArch and AngularJS. When i load a partial template the menu bar not close (because work on refresh but i can’t do a refresh). It’s possible to force a pace menu close?

Thanks, Jacopo

Could you be kind enough to elaborate again :)

Excuse me for the delay. In Mobile view if i click on item on menu after loading page the left side not close (<body ng-app=”tynAdmin” class=” ng-scope breakpoint-480 pace-done” style=”width: 579px; position: absolute; left: 260px;”>)


Hi there On mobile view the menu is hidden and can be view by the slide in option from left and you want to close all opened menus is it ?

When will boxed layout with horizontal top nav be added? I have been waiting to purchase this until then.


Hi there Fixing a few minor bugs that were reported will update this asap :)

I need the exact code, and files to import, to create a data table.

Please provide me the HTML and the JS necessary to achieve that.

There is not a SINGLE useful manual to use this theme.


Hi there Let me guide you through :)

First the required files
<script src="assets/plugins/jquery-datatable/js/jquery.dataTables.min.js" type="text/javascript" ></script>
<script src="assets/plugins/jquery-datatable/extra/js/TableTools.min.js" type="text/javascript" ></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/plugins/datatables-responsive/js/datatables.responsive.js"></script>

have the below jquery include


Create a table with any ID you want “myTable”

Include the JS

<script src="assets/js/datatables.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

and add the following code in a new file or exsisting

$('#myTable').dataTable( {
       "sDom": "<'row'<'col-md-6'l><'col-md-6'f>r>t<'row'<'col-md-12'p i>>",
       "aaSorting": [],
                "oLanguage": {
            "sLengthMenu": "_MENU_ ",
            "sInfo": "Showing <b>_START_ to _END_</b> of _TOTAL_ entries" 

Thank you! Finally something that works out-of-the-box

Great! :)

Clicking the steps 1-2-3-4 on the bottom om does not validate the input fields, as “next” does. Maybe you want to look into it :-)

Hi there Already working on it :) Thank you for notifying it

Would you give the code to make a table selectable through checkboxes, like the one that is on the demo? I couldn’t find anywhere the correct and clean code to make it works.

I want to select a row by clicking on the checkbox and highlight it in this way or select all rows by clicking on the table header checkbox.

Thank you.

Sure :)

    $('table .checkbox input').click( function() {            

Hi Ace,

Has the fix for the Drag and Drop grid been added. I am still seeing this issue…can you tell where exactly I add the min height? or the fix. I need to make 4 columns across. I need the drag and drop to not re-order items that had not been dragged leaving either left or right empty with no place holders.

“Something is not quite right with draggable grids. Ex. if you drag on from left to right then the right side has more items, but you cannot now drag from right side back to the left side unless it is above another portal item on the left. To reproduce this at the extreme: drag everything on the left side to the top-right side until there is nothing on the left side. Now there is no way for any of them to be dragged back to the left.”



Hi Lets get your css fixed then, open up assets/css/style.css Line 3370 class name .ui-sortable

Change to the min-height to 10px :)

ALL and Auther,

I get this theme from my client and dont know how to install it in admin.I wasted 6 hours to figure out without any result. Can anybody please help me?

In extracted theme there are 5 folder and 1 file. Please help me.

Hi there I think @fishsoup answered :) yes its not a wordpress or a CMS site there were few miss guided customer who purchased it thinking its CMS and yes Envato should emphasise the difference between HTML and other templates on their site as many people seem to not know the difference. We will write to them :)

@jamesbond0071: This is an HTML template, it’s not intended to work with CMS products (like Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) out of the box. You need to use a product specific template for those, or be prepared to spend considerable amount of time adapting this template to your needs.

I think Envato needs to emphasise the difference between HTML and other templates on their site as many people seem to not know the difference.

Thank you! for answering :)