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Hello Ace,

I have what I believe is a bug. I am using the admin-bar class as a toolbar/button panel similar to how you are doing in datatables.html to add a new row. However, when I condense the menu and the screen is wider, the admin-bar doesn’t extend all the right to the right, so it looks unfinished.

Also, can you assist me with how I can pin the admin-bar as the bottom footer so that it will not cover any content preventing scroll? For example, now when I show the admin-bar, it lays over the text which is not idea as the user needs to be able to read/edit fields it is covering up.

Having stated that, how do I stick it as the footer to the bottom, yet allow the content area to scroll?

Hi there True, Just had a look its because of the new Layout API we have missed out the admin-bar, apologies on that. Lets get you a quick fix.

.page-content.condensed .admin-bar-inner {
margin-right: 50px !important;

You can add this to your style.css file and it should be all fine :)

Hello Ace, thanks, this did the trick and works well. Also, for anyone who wants to make the admin-bar not overlap your form or content, add the below to the .grid class.

margin-bottom: 110px;

Hi how can i download 2.4

Hi there you want the previous version of webarch ? v2.0.3 was previous it was a huge jump because of the new features added :)

yes we can give you the older version, its best if you can send me your email address to

i found lots of problem on new version so wanna check old vesrion. please email me here –

I there could also point those issues that you found too ? :) via email

I goto datatable documentation and I saw table.row.add( ...) to add new row why this doesn’t work :S ?

Hi there bgvc

Checked up the demo datatables.html

it has the same fnAddData and it works fine, are you getting an alert box error ? or any JS errors are shown in your console ?

    $('#example3').dataTable().fnAddData( [
        $("#val1 option:selected").text(),
        $("#val2 option:selected").text(),
        "789.","A" ] );     

yes I know it is fnAddData() ... but I don’t understand why on the documentation on datatable plugin it is only row.add() .. maybe because there is a new update of datatable ? please write it on your task list :) to update on the last datatable plugin v1.10 :) and other too will be very good to have always new updated plugin :) another things the plugins folder is around 20MB size… it will be nice to put an logger who write on our console which plugins is used on the page we see… to delete others…because Im afraid to delete one by error

Hi there Bgvc :)

Thats a great idea! :) why didn’t we think of that, will include this in the demo version for referencing and also in the next update.

Logger to show which plugins used in the particular file

Thank you :)

I want to use “work.jpg” on my project. Do I need to relicense it and if so, where can I buy a license of this image?

Hi there, if your going to resell your project to multiple clients then you should get the license, or if not we can mail you our extended license, please drop a email to :)


I noticed that the progress bar “animate-progress-bar” within data table is not populated for other pages. How do I make it populate?

Here is what I came up so far with:

<script type="text/javascript> $("th").onclick(function() { $('.animate-progress-bar').each(function () { $(this).css('width', $(this).attr("data-percentage")); }); }); </script>

It does not work :(

[UPDATE] Forgot to close the quote, nevermind. All works fine, but perhaps still good to include in future update?

$(".sort_trigger").click(function() { $('.animate-progress-bar').each(function () { $(this).css('width', $(this).attr("data-percentage")); }); });

Still cannot get it to reanimate on pagination. Could you please help?

Hi there! :)

You want to re animate it on sort and as well as on pagination ? :)

Yes, please!

Hi! Placeholders are not shown on IE9, but it’s said that the theme is compatible with IE9. Thanks.

Hi there Yes noticed but getting to work IE 100% is quite hard, why do not we give you a fix for it :)

Once you download this, simply add the jquery.placeholder.js to assets/plugins/

and include it in your HTML file, once that is done open up assets/js/core.js and simply add this line of code

$('input, textarea').placeholder();

This will be added in the future updates! :)

Very professional!;

Hi there! Thank you very much! :)

Hi, Do you have such a complete form elements page, but I really would need a Input type file css.. I know you have the drag’n drop but I need the normal input file element.. can you help me with that?

Hi there Sorry about the late reply :) Yes we only have the drag n drop option but Ill help you to write a custom CSS for input type file, could email to :)

I use a simple Basic Dropdowns example but when I tryto open dropdown my page goes on top …

Hi there Quite strange Im sure your talking about boostrap drop-downs and I checked the demo version it does not, usually happens because of the href=”#” but boostrap actually automatically adds jquery event.preventDefault();

instead of the href=”#” make it href=”javascript:;” its a patch but I dont know why yours do trigger the default event :) did you see the console log for errors ?

ah yes thnx javascript:; works weell done but i’m thinking is isn’t a good practice to put this term on ahref tag.. hmmm i Use bootstrap 2 i’m thinking and when i let only href=”#” it doesn’t work :( ... very strange effect

Can you paste me an example to get the “Search dashboard” feature working ?

I’m not interested in the JS code. I know how to implement the AJAX logic to get something searchable.

What i’m looking is just the “popin container” css/dom to display the results just below the “Search dashboard” input. something like 700px large to display row results (just like the popover notification when we click on the connected user, but larger)

PS: Can you put me an example where the skinned checkbox label would work with that dom pelase ? (the label is left sided)


Hi there Sure more like a search list in a drop down ? :) if you could email me to


I am a customer, currently testing your demo/examples on all kinds of devices (iOS, Android, Win8). On a 7 inch Windows 8 tablet, as well as on a 10 inch Windows 8 tablet, in portrait mode, the header is the one for the mobile (black top bar, side menu completely hidden), but when I click on the 3-lines button to pull out the side menu, it’s not working. It’s not doing anything. I can’t pop out the side menu. In landscape, everything is fine, the side menu is displayed in full, like on the desktops. On Lumia 720, in both landscape and portrait, everything is working fine, the mobile top menu appears, and functional (you can click on the 3-lined button to pop up the side menu, which works). Can you help ?

Hi there let me rephrase your issue, On the 7inch & 10inch tablet windows tablet (Portrait mode) the black top bar is hidden and the it does not open the sidebar, other devices it’s all fine. Is this correct ? :) We have checked a few couple devices and sadly could not get hold of any windows device, but we want to help you out and get this fixed for that, we might need a few screen shots to debug this problem and little info about the device like the resolution :)

Thank you for reporting this

The black top bar is not hidden. It appears, along with the menu toggle button (3 horizontal lines), the logo and the Home button. The side menu is completely hidden. And it does not appear when I clock the 3-line button on the top bar. I will email you some screenshots in a few minutes.

Screenshots sent. Please help :)

Hi Ace,

How do I go about removing the function where that when the site is visited on an tablet (iPad), that is ‘auto’ condenses the sidebar menu?

I want it show similar to desktop view on initial loading.


Hi there Yes there is an option, but its best If can email you the barebone folder :) can you email me at

Email sent. Thanks Ace!

Replied :)

I would like to make a suggestion to a future release: add autocomplete/type ahead examples into the template. Thanks!

Hi there Lets add a small tweak to the stylesheet, open up style.css

and add
z-index:1151 !important;

I am very appreciated with the continuous support you guys provide to your customers. By far, the best experience I’ve had in ThemeForest. Just one thing: This answer is related to another topic I posted regarding the date picker component. This post is more of a suggestion. It may be already part of the template, I just could not find any autocomplete feature based on JSON file.

Hi there Thank you for the great feedback! :) truly appreciate. Have you used boostrap typehead ?

<input type="text" class="typeahead">
        name: 'countries',
        prefetch: 'your-json-file.json',
        limit: 10

Hope this helps :)

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The search results page doesn’t render well responsively. I’m using the Samsung galaxy s5

Hi there Sorry about that just fixed it up on the live version :)


you can add the following code on to the responsive .css file

or less

@media (max-width: 500px){
  #Parks.grid .mix{
    width: 100%;
    padding-top: 53%;

    display: none;

@media (max-width: 1000px){
  #Parks.list .meta{
    width: 150px;

@media (max-width: 840px){
  #Parks.list .meta.region,
  #Parks.list .meta.rec{
    display: none;

@media (max-width: 540px){
  #Parks.list .meta.area{
    display: none;

  #Parks.list .titles {
  max-width: 37%;
and a small change in the style.css css
#Parks ul{
    padding-left: 0px;

#Parks {
    padding-left: 0px;

Hello, Please I need to view the datepicker in months format and years format, how I do that?

Hi there Im guessing your talking about the view mode

Here is the documentation for it :)

Try changing the view mode :) attribute

thanks :)

Hi, in the version 2.03 the padding of the ‘scrollup’ remain in the wider sidebar width when i change viewport. Any hotfix for this without upgrading to 2.5?

Please advice, Kostas

Hi there Yes we can give you a fix, viewport as in a different resolution? what might be the resolution so we can use media queries to change the scrollup class

Hello, i need fox for the standard viewports. when you change the browser size (in your demo as well) and the sidebar fully close, the scrollup remain in the middle of the screen.

Hi there! :) Its been a while! sure why not, If you can drop an email to I can write back

I believe there is a small bug in the Form Controls area in the form_elements.html page. Specifically, the username control with the instagram icon appears with inner border when it should be transparent. It seems like the live version does not contain this issue. Can you let us know what the code-fix is? Thanks!

UPDATE: I am using Safari 7.0.5.

Hi there Sorry about yes its going be update in the next version


Using CSS
Open up assets/css/style.css add this code
.input-group .form-control:last-child, .input-group-addon:last-child, .input-group-btn:last-child>.btn, .input-group-btn:last-child>.btn-group>.btn, .input-group-btn:last-child>.dropdown-toggle, .input-group-btn:first-child>.btn:not(:first-child), .input-group-btn:first-child>.btn-group:not(:first-child)>.btn{
Using LESS
.input-group .form-control:last-child,
.input-group-btn:last-child > .btn,
.input-group-btn:last-child > .btn-group > .btn,
.input-group-btn:last-child > .dropdown-toggle,
.input-group-btn:first-child > .btn:not(:first-child),
.input-group-btn:first-child > .btn-group:not(:first-child) > .btn {
  border-left: 0;

Hi . Please tell me the solution that by which page template I can get all plugins and option facility in one page because I am stuck by adding one by one plugin JavaScript in one page and most of the time its not work . Please tell me one page in this awesome solution which have all plugins support.

Hi there Adding all the plugin will make your page really really heavy, Im assuming your working from the barebon folder ? if so let me guid you through in which plugin or element you need to add and what goes wrong :)

First please do always refer the documentation in case of a problem and if that does not work, open up the debugger in chrome or firefox and go to console tab, once your there you might see any error coming up, let me know what they are and what plugin or element you want to add, I’ll be happy to help you out :)

Hello Ace,

I think I’ve hit another bug, in short I have 2 problems:

1. I am using the datatables plugin as used in the example and I am using table tools. The problem is when I click on the download button to get the drop down of options, it shows an overlay that prevents me from clicking one of the drop down menu choices. Then when I try to click an option, the overlay simply closes and the menu is gone. I think somewhere in the code it is invoking an overlay. Also, when I remove “sExtends”: “collection”, from aButtons, it shows all the buttons, but only the CVS button works, but it downloads the PDF as if some image map is out of place.

2. On my samsung table, I can’t get the menu to expand or show the sub-menu items. Works fine on pc.

Hello Ace, for #1, I was able to find out what the problem is, not sure how to fix it. Basically, when I click the download button, DTTT_collection_background gets applied and that’s what causes the overlay. I read a few problems with this down the same lines, but no solid fix in this particular case, you have any suggestions?

Hi there Will look into it and get back to you :)

Hi I use wysihtml5 in the form. All editor buttons are huge and get styles from regular theme buttons. How can I give them regular look of text editor controls?

Hi there This is surprising, We have fully tested in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, in Windows 7,8 and also Mac OSX, will you be able to tell me more info about chrome version, and OS version ? :) Thank you again

Hi. I’m sorry, the problem was in 3rd party chrome extension. Everything is ok now, the question is closed. Thanks a lot!

Great Happy to here that :)

Fixed : Problem due to chrome extension