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Could you add a top navigation with a mega menu like this:

Hi there Thats one huge menu! :) but will include much more elegant one in the next update

haha awesome

1. How to make the mini sidebar the only sidebar, or toggle between a, NONE b, Mini, c. Big

2. On TOP BAR, We need the logo on the top left with the small/mini sidebar. We are able to see it by editing in INSPECTOR the header-seperation style=”display: box” from none.

However do not know where to edit to make it permanent??

Thank you Thank You
<div class="header navbar navbar-inverse ">
<div class="navbar-inner">
<div class="header-seperation" style="display: box; height: 61px;

" /></div></div>

Greetings, we can send you video screenshots as the above has lots of hiccups. do advice. Thanks

Hi there Sorry about the delay on replies, working on something awesome :) just got some time to take a breath and yes that would be great, to

Sent you the email :)

Hi. I have an issue in Chrome 36 (36.0.1985.125 m) Please, check screenshot below:

How to reproduce: 1. Open the page 2. Press Ctrl+R

once the boostrap panels are made to webarch we will mail you the code and guide, it will look exactly like webarch portlets :)

Thanks. I have sent you email.

Got it! :)

Hi there,

I can’t get tooltips to work correctly, I can’t find any working examples at, plus even on the documentation, the examples don’t work!

Can you please help?

Regards, Aaran

Hi there Just had a look I dont think you can use short hand closing tags for <i /> or <span />

This way you will have so many unclosed tags where it will look all crazy :)

so just a small part I fixed <li class="leads active"> <a href="#" class="tip" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Up here!" data-placement="right"> <i class="fa fa-users" /> <span class="title">Menu 1</span> <span class="arrow" /> </a> <ul class="sub-menu"> <li class="start"> <a href="javascript:;"> <i class="icon-custom-home" /> <span class="title">Menu 1a</span> </a> </li> </ul> </li>


my code doesn’t use that shorthand form anywhere, so that must be an automatic formatting issue with the comment system here on ThemeForest….

Any other ideas?

Regards, Aaran

Hi there Sorry about the late replies, working on something awesome now got some time to breathe :) yes themeforest comments section is not a good idea to send code, if you can email to I can have a look

hi, i’m using less… how can I have only style.less to compile into .css … now I have style.css and responsive.css how Can i put responsive.less into style.less without conflics?

Hi there

Did you try adding the

@import "responsive.less";
just below search_results.less include ? :)

Hi, is the best admin template I have seen here but I would like to ask if is on your plan to the the version with the top menu, I mean the menu we have now on the left have it on the top (Is what I need)—Example: -> go to configuration and choose top menu. In case is yes how long? Thanks

Hi I have access to the repository but I can’t see the top menu. Are you still working on that? When will be released? Can I see it on the repository? Thanks

Hi there Sorry I did not push any updates, working on something awesome for themeforest :) will make a push tomorrow, Thank you for waiting

ok thanks, please let me know when you push it. thanks


Can you tell me what happened to the documentation? no longer works.


Hi there Its and also distributed with the package :)

I have a table with 1000+ records, my tables takes a long time for the table to populate with the data records. How I can change that?

Load less data or another solution. It’s possible to configure out a way to recover less data per row? Something to improve the data load.

I’m using the table #example2 with ajax search.

Hi there Well first question would be are you using datatables plugin ? :)

something like this would be more ideal for your problem

It will only load the first few and on pagination request it will load the next set with a limit say 10 per page :)

Any plans for e-commerce pages?

Hi there Not at the moment but you might want to see what coming up on the 8th August ;) a big surprise :)


First of all, great theme!

I was planning to build an app using Angular.js and I noticed in the past comments that you have a git repo for the Angular.js version of this. Could you add me in?

My GitHub handle is @stevetan86. Thanks!

Hi there Sure! :) we have a private repository, if you could email me at will add you with that email address and Thank you very much for the feedback and comments :)

Hi – great work on this template! I’m moving to Angular as well. Would it be possible to have access to the AngularJS beta version?

Hi there Thank you very much! :) we have a very basic angular version and its pretty much a very high demanding area, just added you the git via your gmail account

Hey, I’m very interested in purchasing this template, I jst have a question. In the iPhone version, when the chat comes up, it doesnt scroll down to all the users available, is the any work around on that or something to get it working, Just yes or no would do, then I purchase it, I’ll email you about. Yeah?

Thank you!, ugh. 2 months in php, then suddenly html, can throw you off a bit lol I very much appreciate it

No worries :) glad I could help

Alright, well let me know in that settings tweak.

Hi Ace,

Sent you an email about this but I know responding here might be easier sometimes.

I am implementing Datatables similar to your EXAMPLE 2 whereby a user can click for more details.

Within this table, I am using the option to hide columns.

The issue I am running into is responsiveness. When I use and reduce my window size on this site:, the table responds.

However, when I use it on the template, the last row seems to cause an overlay and appear outside the table element.

I know the issue has to due with using this feature because is I opt to show all rows and make it similar to your example (1), once the screen is resized, it will adjust and hide those I marked data-hide=”phone,tablet”

Would you have an insight into why this is happening?

Hi there Mike, sorry about the delay with your request, Im trying to replicate your scenario

Just dropped you an email too

Hello Ace,

Can you please update the DataTables to 1.10.1 and theme the extensions like ColVis and Responsive?

Thank You.

Hi there Noted! for the next coming update :) , also you can update it manually. Simply update the files located in assets/plugins/jquery-datatables

Thank You, Yes we can update it manually, but the extensions like ColVis and Responsive isn’t themed for webarch.

Hi do you have any repository where we can see the new changes and keep update the bugs? I am interested in the Angular version as well. Thanks

Hi there Sure we do have a private repo, if you can send me an email to will send you an invite :)

I have sent you an email. Thanks

Hello, First i want to say that you done amazing work.

Question: Do you have page with Advance Editor and no only Simple Editor like you have now ? See Print Screen:

Hi there Thank you very much! :) currently no advance options available in the boostrap editor, we can do a bit of search and find a great plugin :) . If you do have any recommendation please do send a cross

We will start the work next week and i will be happy to get it before. I dont know any plugin but from the way you work and the style of the html i believe that you will do great work.

Update me when this will be ready :)

Hello nice theme by the way ;) but we whant to put more than 1 Simple Editor on the same page and the bar whit the option dont show.

Can you teel us how this is possible?

Best regards

Hi there Ok you want multiple instances have two text fields with different IDs say example1 and example2

and then in your JS


Hope you got it :)

Is it possible to put some of the information in the admin panel onto the Front End? Such as DOW Jones, Weather and maybe a news article or something? That would be awesome!

Hi there Extremely sorry that this comment was not attended, I do not know how we missed it, yes you can! :) try copy the widget code and pasting it on the front end, you will need the required JS files too let me know if you need any assist. Hope you had a great weekend

Hi Ace,

Do you have a solution for error handling with input-group-addons in conjuction with the form validator? If I manually add the class ‘has-error’ in the css, the correct formatting is enabled. However, if I add that same class inside the form validator script

highlight: function (element) { // hightlight error inputs

The class with add but the formatting is still off causing the ‘input-group-addon’ to stretch down. Similar to issue:


Figured it out!

For anyone else needing this functionality:

                focusInvalid: false, 
                ignore: "",

                highlight: function (element) { // hightlight error inputs
                    var parent = $(element).parent();

                unhighlight: function (element) { // revert the change done by hightlight
                    var parent = $(element).parent();
                errorElement: 'span',
                errorClass: 'help-block',
                errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
                    if(element.parent('.input-group').length) {
                } else {

Thanks mcarlotta! :) appreciate the knowledge among users

Hello Ace,

How can make the Craft Map height 100% of the content div? I tried deleting data-sync-height=”true” and adding style with 100% height but the map rendered broken.


Hi there Did you email us too on this ? :) we got a similar request, btw craft map is a bit crafty plugin so it appends an iframe not a div, we have to have a height with px, what data-sync-height does is it takes the width and equals it to height in px not percentage, hope you got what im talking about :)

Yeah it’s the same request :) Is there away to automatically adjust the height?

Hi there Sorry about the late replies let set a constant height first to 650 via HTML and afterwards from js we get the content height and set it to the iframe :)

assuming you have an ID for the iframe say #my-map add this code to any of your JS files maybe core.js