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May I know about how can I change the colour of the Webbie theme style, other than “Default (Main)”, “Light Blue”, “Light Green” and “Black & White”?

Thanks, Oliver

Hi I have just installed it on but it seems it is not complete as shown in demo. Will you please able to provide full demo version file so that we could edit it with an ease and publish our number of books

Thanks, Ahsan

Does your theme satisfy these requirements;

Will this work in WPMU?

1. Is this a clean open source (unencrypted) theme in any manner, without any backlinks, codelocks, keys etc. I only want a clean white-label theme.

2. Post sale, will you set it up like your Demo1, Demo 2 as shown with the images and content to be uploaded as well (with links to our site), so that we are able to proceed further to setup/ edit the content – as it takes too long to figure out the setups and I prefer to start with the demo itself and make edits.

3. Are upgrades/ updates/ new features free and how often to you make them?

4. Can this be installed on 1 website or more websites owned by me only and not for resell purpose.

Does this theme work with a faceted search plug in that allows filters for product search options?

Hi. Thanks for your interest in Webbie.

The theme leaves it up to you what ecommerce plugin to use. The suggested plugin for digital downloads is the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. You should check to see if the faceted search plugin is compatible with that (or with whatever specific ecommerce plugin you want to use).

There should be no issue using the plugin with the actual Webbie theme, though.

Thanks again for your interest.

Hope that helps.

I guess this theme is no longer supported ?

Fantastic concept!

For some reason, I’ve always loved online readable books. We’re so used to reading online, it just seems like the info goes faster into the brain when the ebook itself is instantly accessible and formatted in in online format.

With an online version, honestly, it’s almost like we haven’t read a book at all… yet, before we know it, we have! It’s just great.


Super functionality & great thinking

Can you kindly consider…

1. Clickbank support. I still think CB is one of the #1 sales channels for ebooks, so this would likely increase your sales (and I’m happy to mention your theme on CB related forums to help give you some extra financial support for your efforts)

2. Perhaps making a new theme based on this one, but with every you know now, 2 years on? Maybe with an updated look like Ethority or one of the other nouveau themes heavy on the white and cutesy HTML5 effects.

Thank you


Thanks for the kind words and the detailed feedback! I absolutely will consider CB next time around. Re #2: Nothing beats a clean, minimal look! I’m not too sure about “cutesy”, though :) But, you’re right, general web visual aesthetics do change over time.

Thanks again!

Hey, man – just bought this and installed it, and immediately, my site’s disappeared. In its place, I have a database connection error. Talked to my hosting, they said it’s the theme. Had to do a fresh wordpress install, but still want to use your theme! Any ideas?

Hi Sam.

First, thanks for the purchase. Sorry you’re having issues installing the theme.

I have not run into or heard of this issue occurring before. The theme does nothing that would cause a database connection error to happen on installation.

What, specifically, about the theme did your host point to?

I am looking for a sample xml file. Is there any way that you can give me a smaple xml file that will be just like –

Thanks a ton


I have 3 questions:

1. How can I easily edit the code in order to get full logo image on the very top? 2. In the review section, how do I remove the stars in the “review section”? I want the stars completely removed. And how do I uncenter the text/image and justify it left.? 3. Is there anyway to prioritize what order the sections can be placed in? For example….main hero space, review, feature, feature, author?

my website:


Thanks for the purchase!

If you’re comfortable digging into the source code, all these changes are straightforward.

1. The header logo image on the theme is really only meant to be in icon size. You can, however, make edits to the CSS to achieve whatever look you want.

2. Assuming you’re comfortable making changes in code, find the `template-parts > reviews-listing.php` file and delete the `review_rating` div that holds the star ratings.

3. Yes, you can reorder the sections. Again, assuming you’re comfortable making changes in source code, find the file in the `page-templates > front-page.php` and close to the top you’ll see the 4 lines of code that represent the 4 sections on the home page. reorder them as you need them to appear.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much! So helpful. Yes I am very comfortable digging into the source code.

1. What code do II need to delete and replace in order to expand the icon size for a full width header along the top?

2. Thank you! I got it to work.

3. Thanks!

Sorry one more question: 4. How do I get the videos to horizontally position next to one another and not on top of each other?


Glad the response was helpful.

1. The sticky header styles are probably the first thing you’ll want to take a look at. It’s CSS class `.header`. The logo image/icon itself is CSS class `.logo_icon`. Make your adjustments here as needed. You’ll also want to take a look at the parent `hgroup` just to get an idea of how that’s working. The best way to figure out what classes to adjust/tweak is to inspect the live demo in browser. The changes you want to make are more customizations and are a bit beyond the scope of general support.

Re: 4. I’m not really sure which videos you’re referring to. Could you clarify?

Pre purchase question can we sell more than one product in it


Thanks for your interest in the theme.

Webbie is really focused on presentation and sale of one product at this time.


hello , I wanted to know if your theme ” Webbie ” is compatible with the ” visual composer” . Thanks Marco

Hi. Thanks for the purchase!

If Visual Composer is designed to be plug-and-play then it should work fine with Webbie. However, the theme wasn’t explicitly designed to work with any one specific third-party page builder plugin.

Hope that helps.

Hi. Are you available for customization work. I like your theme but I want to use another them for the homepage. Give me an email to reach you if you are interested

Purchase code: b3dd016d-73cb-427c-974c-06e444a42dac

Wow. I was really hoping this theme might be production ready. I have my doubts now. Book cover image is not working right off the bat. After I add the image it says (Remove upload) so I know the image is there. But when I save, the (Remove Upload) always disappears and nothing shows up on the front page. What gives?

I also now see that the logo upload feature doesn’t work either! I am in a big hurry to get this up and running and it is clearly not ready. There is clearly something wrong with this theme. I would appreciate a prompt response or I am going to have to ask for a refund.

Hi, I responded to your refund request. I’m unable to replicate these issues and they haven’t occurred for other customers. Either way, apologies for any inconvenience.

Hello, i just purchased this theme and the book cover image is not working properly. After I add the image it says (Remove upload) so I know the image is there. But when I save, the (Remove Upload) always disappears and nothing shows up on the front page. Please help.


Hello,,,i want to buy this template,,how is price and can you tell me how it work and what i ned to install this…and have any idea hot to us in andoid and ios APP…thanks

Hi, Flat is the new beauty! I want a theme like this to sell more than one item, is that possible? Beside I don’t sell books, I sell softwares that I made. Thanks,

Pre Sales Question- i have ebooks in PDF and Word Format that I want to offer e-books to online visitors for reading and download. Will this allow me to upload my ebooks which are in PDF and Word format ?

Dear Weebie Team, I am interested to purchase the Weebie Themes, but before I have some questions:  I seems it is just to promote and sell just one book, how about I have five books, can I still use Weebie?  I want my customer to access and read my books online, I read with Weebie they can do this, can I see a sample of how they can do this, or I want see a piece of a book to be able to read online? Can they do this no matter if the have a pc/tablet/or mobile, they can read the same material online and in a responsive manner?  Do you have the links of real projects with Weebie?  Am I able to put a chapter or book for free and get in return that customer register in my eBook library (or their email addresses?)? Thank you, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your interest in the Webbie theme. To answer you questions:

1. Yes, Webbie was intended to handle the sale of one book.

2. Restricting content to customers or premium members is something you can do with a plugin like Restrict Content Pro or any other Membership-type plugin. The Webbie theme is agnostic in this area and leaves it up to you.

3. Yes, the theme is responsive and mobile-friendly so users can read the book’s contents from a desktop or mobile device.

4. If you want to collect email in exchange for access, you might want to look at what Membership/Content Restriction plugins are out there.

Hope that helps.