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Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

appreciate it. thanks!

GoodWork John Doe :P


thanks! appreciate it!

no, just WP for now

Specialized niche themes. Could do with more of these on Themeforest. Nice work :)


This is exactly what I’m looking for! Great work. Before purchasing I do have some questions.

Do you think it would be possible to acitvate/place the comments directly below the blog posts? And not through the comment button?

Can I change all the icons and links of these buttons at the bottom? Is this a WordPress menu?

As I would like to use the theme for Germany, I would like to know, if I can change some values/wordings during the checkout process. Because we have to show for instance the tax directly at the price. And a link to the terms and conditions page has to be included inside the shopping basket. Furthermore the “purchase” button text should be changed. In general I have to translate the complete theme, can this be achieved with po/mo files?

Do you think I can make some book chapters available for all users, and restrict some with the Restrict Content Pro Plugin? As I would use as suggested a subscription model for a new book project.

Thanks in advance!


Glad you like it!

Moving the comments would require getting your hands dirty in code but yes, it is possible.

Same thing for changing the bottom toolbar icons. Its not a WP nav menu. You’d have to change the icon font.

The digital downloads/ ecommerce side of things is handled entirely by Easy Digital Downloads Its pretty flexible so you should be able to adjust things as needed.

The purchase button text as well can be changed through the theme options.

Its translation ready so you should be able to easily generate .mo/.po and translate the strings to German.

Re: Restrict Content Pro – yes. you can do that with the plugin.

Hope that answers your questions!


Perfect, thanks for the quick answer. That helps, I will check the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Excellent work my friend!!!

Looks great!

Great Work!!

I was looking for HTML version of your template. WP is not a supportive platform to publish books in HTML.

I would like to get informed if you release a HTML version of this template in near future.

Glad you like it. I’ll have to consider releasing the HTML version but its currently not available.

Nice animations :)


Hi, Can I sell multiple ebooks? Or just single one? Sorry, maybe it´s a stupid question :/

Yes you can. The Easy Digital Download plugin can handle multiple ebooks. Should be easy to set the theme up like that as well.

Nice theme. Is the springy-ness and animation customizable, and can it be turned off? When scrolling on the homepage, I would like the ability to have just fade-in happen, with no location animation. Is that available in the WP UI? Thanks.

Hi Jeff. Glad you like the theme. The animations aren’t options in the theme options. Perhaps in a later release. But they’re easy to adjust if you’re ok with commenting out a couple lines in code.

Hello, first, sorry for my english. I’ve download the zip theme and it’s ok, but i don’t know how i can do to import page templates, shortcodes, etc. I haven’t anything! Also, the language folding is empty. I would appreciate more information than our pdf. When i’ve purchased your theme i’m sure that you have much more information (it’s not my first theme). I don’t know how can i do!!

Thanks for the purchase!

To get shortcodes, find and activate the “zilla-shortcodes” plugins that’s inside the suggested-plugins” folder. If you prefer using a different shortcode plugin, you can use that instead.

You can use the page templates in the normal way you’d use them in WordPrss. When you create a page, assign it to a Page template. Otherwise, I’m not sure what you mean.

To get translations, you can generate the .po and .mo files and place them in the languages directory.

hope that helps

Thank you very much. Sorry, now i’m very confused, and my english is very bad.I continue investigating. Thank you!

how do i change the background color , when i select themestyle it shows an image with the back,ground blue, but when i select that theme, only the border is blue. please help, also is there a way to take away the catagories option and archives option on the side of the webpage?

the theme styles change the overall color scheme of the theme. when you select the blue scheme, it changes the header, footer, links, etc color and backgrounds. if you want to make further changes, use the Custom CSS box to make your edits.

The sidebars are widgetized so you can remove the default content by inserting a new widget. or by digging into the code and manually deleting the sections you don’t want.

Hello again, how we can transform the chapters in pdf, epub, etc documents as you show in the demo? Thanks

The theme lets you present and sell what you already have. You can write a “web book” and either sell access to it or offer it free (like in the demo). But the theme doesn’t do the conversion for you.

Ok. Thanks

Reall good theme! ;)

Hello , again thank you for your last responce to my post. it helped alot! another quick question would be does this theme support featured image? i have been trying to add a featured image to the mainpage that is different from the ebook cover, and when i pos tthe featured image nothing shows up on my page. If featured images are not supported , is there a way i can change the .php or somthing like that to make them available. And actually i would prefer to have a youtube video be where the ebookcover location is , but have also had trouble doing so. plz help :P thanks webbie

Yes, the theme supports featured images for posts and chapter custom post types. The cover, title, synopis, etc are handled in the theme options. Currently, you can’t substitute the image for a video.

Yes, you can change this be behavior by editing the necessary lines in “template-parts > sidebar-call-to-action.php”, the “sidebar.php” and “sidebar-ebook.php” files.

Hi there. First to say I appreciate your theme a lot. It is very nice, but I need your advice. Basically, from your theme, I would use just a blog with a sidebar, and I have two questions. 1) How do you set up a page to be the overview page of all posts (as in blog example on your theme); 2) I would like to change the purpose of “Read Online Link Text” – basically I would like to rename the orange button into “Take the tour”, and link should point to some other URL. Is that possible and how can i do it? Thanks in advance…

Hi Kupac,

Thanks for the purchase & I’m glad you like the theme. 1.) To only have a blog, you need to follow the standard WordPress directions on setting a static front page and a blog page. If you’ve just activated your theme, then the blog page should already be the home page (by default).

2.) Currently, the rea online button only assumes that you have your book available tor read within the site so you can only link to an actual page that you’ve already created. But yes, you can change what the text reads.

Hope that helps.

Thank you. I have fixed the 1) and will think of something for the 2) Once again, nice theme! :)

joey can you tell me how to change the .php files to make a youtube video on the mainpage where the ebook cover image goes? i need this for my website if it cant be changed can i please have a refund please?

Can you sell MORE than just books? Like just basic files

Yes, you can. The suggested plugin (Easy Digital Downloads) lets you sell pretty much any kind of downloadable file.

You can also choose to use a different e-commerce/ digital downloads plugin if you prefer, that doesn’t affect how the theme functions.

You’ll just need to tell the Webbie Theme functions where to direct your site’s visitors so they can buy/download your fiels.