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hi, can this theme be used to sell more than 1 ebook ?



Hi Jorge,

The theme suggests integration with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin through which you can set up a full downloadables shop. So, yes, you can sell more than one ebook. However, the theme’s Chapters feature only accounts for one “web book” at this time.


Hi there, I’m interested in this theme, but I’m not quite sure I understand the description:

1. Does this theme come with the ability to make ebooks, or do they have to be made somewhere else and uploaded to this theme?

2. I saw on the drop down that a user could “read it” or “buy it.” Does this mean that the site owner can give users that option?

3. Is there a function where the site owner can allow the user to read one page only, and then if he wants the rest of it, he has to either purchase a download or pay to read it all online?

4. Does this theme come with membership options? Or are all purchases supposed to be done via redirect?


Hi Rita,

Thanks for your interest in the theme. Re: #1 The theme itself doesn’t create ebooks. more like “web books” i.e. it has a chapters Custom Post Type that make up your webbook. A PDF or ePub for download, you’ll have to make elsewhere then upload to sell.

Re: #2 You can sell access to read your book online. Integrate with the suggested plugin Restrict Content Pro — Premium Content Plugin and you can set subscriptions to sell access.

Re: #3 With the suggested plugin, Restrict Content Pro, you can set free excerpts and then require payment to read more.

Re: #4 Not directly with the theme. You can integrate any membership plugin set membership features.

Hope that answers you questions.

thanks, again.

Hi !

First, excuse my english. I really love your theme and it works perfectly. Just few questions, How can I delete the “buy it” option ? How can I disable the uppercase on the first letter of each chapters ? How can I order the second nav ? And, Is it possible to put the second nav in the sidebar on other page (like blog or contact)

Thanks in advance ! Really good work !

Hi, Thanks for the purchase.

How can I delete the “buy it” option ? This should be an option in the theme options

— How can I order the second nav ? And, Is it possible to put the second nav in the sidebar on other page (like blog or contact)

you can use the regular wordpress (pages) widget to insert links on any of the widget-ready areas

You’ll need to edit the style.css for this. Find the following css rule and comment it all out:

article p:nth-of-type(1)::first-letter

Hope that’s helpful.

Many Many Many thanks ! Just one more little thing, I’ve found the “Read Online” options but not for “Buy It”. Is it possible to delete it in the template ?

Thanks in advance !

Right, you’ll need to edit code for that actually.

To remove that link from the home page, find this file: template-parts/main-call-to-action.php and carefully edit out the “purchase_link” link. (you may just want to add class “hidden” to it so as not to completely delete that functionality.)

To remove that link from the sidebar, edit the same link in this file: template-parts/sidebar-call-to-action.php

Hope that helps.

Hi there,

I am a developer and my client has given me the back-end to sort things for him. The theme is uploaded , the plugins are set (Both of them). But i don’t have the documentation to customize it. Can you help in sharing the link where i can download that. My client is not reachable as he is traveling. Kindly help


The documentation for the theme? Its available along with the full download package. There’s no direct link to it.

Hey Joey, thats what i do not have access to right now as i cant get connected with my client . Was wondering if i can get it from you otherwise, i have to wait for 15 more days :(

The documentation is a really a quick-start guide going through the basic site configs (which, if your familiar with WP) should be pretty straight forward. Otherwise, if you’re doing very custom work, then you’ll be digging into the code which is itself decently commented to help you along.

I am planning to re buy this theme, cause there is none like it. will you support me technically…i know nothing on scripting.. eg. need to delete the buy it button… i wanna write and earn using adsense… will you support the technical part of it

Hi Elijah,

I can point you in the right direction for most things you’ll need to do. Anything extremely custom, however, it wouldn’t be possible to provide decent support.

Hi – really pleased with the theme so far.

As I understand it – there isn’t currently any integration for displaying social networks on the site – what would you recommend as the simplest way for me to investigate adding links to social networks?


Thanks for the purchase! Glad you like the theme. At the moment, the social links are only output on the contact page (using the “contact” page template). Might include footer social links in a future update but currently that’s how it works.

Is dummy data included in the package ????

You know, you have done a great job buddy. I never seen this kind of theme in wordpress. Great man, Great …..

Thanks! glad you like the theme. At the moment, there isn’t dummy data included.

I have a question in my mind. Can I upload more books on the page. And I want to start a website for bulk SMS. Is this template compatible with it to convert. I mean, is it a multi purpose template.

The theme suggests integration with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin through which you can set up a full downloadables shop. So, yes, you can sell more than one ebook. However, the theme’s Chapters feature only accounts for one “web book” at this time.

While you can use the theme’s pages and posts features as you normally would in WordPress, the theme is very specifically geared towards writing (e/web books).


I am interested in buying this theme and wanted to know what the logo header options were. It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of options.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you!

Hi. Glad you’re considering it.

The logo just accepts an icon-sized, image if any. about 50×50 pixels wide through the theme option but that’s always easily editable in the code if you need a full logo image.

How can I incorporate a book trailer or video into the home page?

Hi Isis, Currently, the only way to do that would be to get into the theme’s code to add that functionality. The homepage’s functionality is pretty tightly defined.

how can i remove the side bar items. i want to remove categories and archive from the left bar…

There’s no theme option to turn these off. Find sidebar.php and delete or comment out the Sidebar Block #5 and Sidebar Block #6.

e.g. for Sidebar Block #5, delete everything inside:
<?php if ( !dynamic_sidebar('Sidebar Block #5') ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

This should remove the default content in there but make it possible for you to still insert other widgets in there.

Hope that helps.

Hi – is this theme built on any specific grid?

Hi! I love the theme, and it works well – except for IE. I’ve had many people go to the site with IE and the Checkout page wont load after clicking the blue Purchase button. Yet, with Firefox and Chrome, it works fine. PLEASE HELP! We’re losing sales because of this. Here’s the url:

Thanks very much for your help and great theme!

Hello again JoeyDoey! Do you have a fix for the IE problem I contacted you about 5 days ago?


Hi Ghennipher,

Thanks for your purchase and sorry for the delayed response. So, looks like you’re using the suggested plugin Easy Digital Downloads. Works fine, except in IE, right?

First, make sure javascript turned on and that you’re using IE8+. But this isn’t a theme-specific issue, though. Its a plugin issue and I can’t really support 3rd party plugin issues.

The EDD support forums are pretty good for resolving issues.



I’ve installed this theme, and I’ve been through your incredibly inadequate documentation.

How do I get my money back? This isn’t at all helpful, nor useful and the setup isn’t at all easy or simple.

You’ve made this process much more challenging than it needs to be, and I’m not just operating from a “brand new” perspective; I’ve purchased my share of themes in the past without issues, and this particular theme makes me regret the purchase.

Hi Russu,

Sorry you’re having issues with the theme. If you’re dissatisfied with it, you can go through Envato/Themeforest support to see about getting your refund.


Hello JoeyDoey,

We purchased the theme and are finding it very difficult to make it look like the sample located here:

For example, how do I disable/not display the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page?

Do you have a list of settings you could provide that will get us a site that looks similar to the sample Webbie website?


Hi Joey -

We’re still waiting on a response to our previous question :(

More questions as well…the short codes on the demo site – they are not listed in the documentation. Do you have documentation for the short codes?

Also, how do I modify the header and footer? There does not appear to be a way to do so via the Admin console.



Re: For example, how do I disable/not display the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page?

The theme expects either of the two sidebars for pages unless you’re using the full-width page.

Re: Do you have a list of settings you could provide that will get us a site that looks similar to the sample Webbie website?

The easiest way would be to provide a sample xml data which I plan to be haven’t gotten around to.

Re: Do you have documentation for the short codes?

The theme itself doesn’t tie you down to theme-specific shortcodes. As per the product description, it uses the Zilla Shortcodes plugin. But you can use any other shortcodes plugin you like.

Re: Also, how do I modify the header and footer?

Modify, how? You are able to choose between the various colorschemes, you have custom menus for the header, you can upload a logo, etc.

Hope that helps.


Hi Joey,

Thank you for the response.

Where do I modify the headers and footers? I’d like to put in a specific copyright notice in the footer but I don’t see where I could add it.

We’d be very much interested in the sample.xml file if you could pull one together in the near-term.


ebook authors Does anyone know of a list of ebook themes that are Woo Commerce enabled :)

Hi there. A short question before buying. How does the sales module work? Is this connected to, for example, woocommerce? Because some payment service providers already have plugins for shopping modules.


Hi, the demo is setup using Easy Digital Downloads but is not tied to any specific plugin. You can setup and use whichever cart/downloads plugin you want.


how do you setup the home page? It’s not described in the PDF.

Thanks, Bryan


Sorry if the instructions are confusing.

  1. Start by creating a page and assigning it the “Front Page” template.
  2. In your theme options (/Appearance > Theme Options) Go to the “Book Settings” tab and fill out the information as needed: upload book cover, enter title if different from site title, subtitle, etc.
  3. For the Features to appear below the masthead, go to the “Features” Custom Post Type and add as many features as you want to appear. Add a description and upload 1 or more Featured Images(s).
  4. Do the same for “Reviews”. Use the Reviews custom post type to add as many reviews as your book has.
  5. Your “user/author” information will get picked up automatically. But to include the additional fields e.g. social links, go to your profile “Users > Your Profile” and add as much info as you’d like.

At this point, all the elements of the front page should be in place.

Hope that helps.


Is there a way to add the contact page to the top nav menu so it opens in a new page?

That’s the current behavior. The top right header menu item (in the demo) is the contact page link that opens in a new page.

does it allow multiple file downloads for a single purchase?

The theme, as shown in the demo, makes use of the Easy Digital Downloads which is a full-featured digital downloads e-commerce plugin.

You’re not limited to what’s explicitly shown in the demo, so yes, you can have multiple downloads (or use different plugins) as you see fit.

Hi, great looking theme.

1. Can we limit the amount of books available for sale? 2. Can we sell other products like merchandise? 3. Can we embedded video in the blog section, home page and maybe other places?

Cheers Matt

Hi. Glad you like the theme.

1. Yes. By default, the theme assumes you’re selling one book but the plugin can handle sale of more.
2. Yes, you can. Just make sure the site’s copy/text doesn’t refer to books, etc
3. The home page is pretty tightly defined. You can embed video on the blog and pages as you normally would with WordPress.

Hope that helps. Thanks.