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This looks great man, I like your work! Keep it up and good luck! Mark

Lots of errors in my Firefox browser viewing the template.

Other than that, looks Fantastic!

What errors do you see? I’m tested the template with Firefox 3.5 (latest), and Firefox 3.0 and 2.0 with Adobe Browser Lab and no errors appeared.

I’m now tested the live demo again and the Themeforest frame showed an error, only a 100px height column showed up, but after I closed the frame it works perfectly :).

Yes, there are bugs in FF. Check div id=”slider” (in About page)

The bugfixed template is uploaded and approved :).

I see it, thank you :)! I fixed the problem and uploaded the new files for approval. The new files will be up in 24h I think.

Cool template! I like how it’s bright and big, really grabbing your attention. Keep up the great work.

Thank you :).