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Wow! Congrats! Amazing Work! I very like it. Good luck with sales! ;)

you have an issue with your header3 option overlapping the slider…plus some of your text in the slider is on top of your nav arrows (using a macbook 13”). GLWS.

We have fixed it. Thank You

Awesome work dude. GLWS

looking good. responsive is not working properly when browser size changed.please fix it. can we add mega menu with this theme?


We have fixed this issue.

Now you can download the latest version.

Best Regards!

like its name, the theme rightly has the flow in the design, simple work, like it.


I kind find any screen shots of the admin panel. Do you have does?

Is there custom css field available? Is the logo size set, or are there settings in the admin panel do set the width and height of logo?


grtz desch

Hello, please see the video tutorials if you want to be familiar with the framework, we are working to add new features images in the description.

The Panel have a lot of options like Custom Css and much more.

Thank You

A pre-buying question:

Are u guys fixed the responsives modes? Coz in the demo, when we resize the thema, we see a lots of bugs.

Thank you


Yes we have fixed the responsive modes bugs.

Online version too was fixed.

Anyway our support its ready to help you for any problem.

Best Regards!

Me gustaría que me pasaras el archivo XML ya que creo que no viene incluido en la plantilla. Gracias.

I wish that I will spend the XML file as I think it is not included in the template. Thank you.


You can install the dummy data with a button into Theme Options > Install Dummy data.

So you don’t need any xml.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

Hi, is it possible to use this theme only for magazine/blog?

Thank you

yes you can, it’s easy

Hi, so I bought the theme and I am having few problems as theme looks little bit different compared to demo.

1. Logo is not included :/. Is it possible to at least get font-family used for logo? 2. I am missing that nice blue gradient navigation bar like here: it is just not there 3. how to hide style selector? I dont want users to be able to choose own styles.

Thank you

Hi, please does the support work here? I need to get it done as soon as possible :). thx

So I was able to hide the style switcher. However I still need to know

1. font family, height, style of text in logo

2. Why does not that blue gradient navigation bar show in blog like it does here:

Thank you


Is it be possible to have examples of entertainment slider on the home page for Layer Slider WP plugins and Revolution please. I do not want the pictures but just the animations that are great :)


Hello, yes you can find the code to import in the layerslider in documentation folder.

Best Regards

Very nice theme! ;)

Hello, Them I really like the Template. But I would wish that opens the post by clicking on the image contribution.

The additional costs or is it a service?

no cost, this is a easy fix. After you purchase the theme we can help you with that. Thank you


Please open a ticket on and we will help to make this customization.

Let us know.

Best Regards!

good luck themeple..

Unfortunately I just found out, that this theme is totally broken in responsive mode. Especially in blog page. It does not resize correctly and the navigation is overlapping logo. Could you somehow fix that because it is basically unusable at this moment.

Hello, I think there are not but thanks for trying :). Here is another one:

It is just not acting as a real responsive web. Just look at other themes here on theme forest to get an idea.

Also I asked what is the font family used for logo text but you havent answered. :)


Btw I dont see any update here. It still says last update was: 15 October 13

So are you going to fix all those issues and update it?


The update its on processing and will be online asap.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Best Regards!

Really Awesome Work! Good luck, dude! ;)

Hola, ¿ como se quita la versión Responsive? ¿ como se quita el “style selector”?


Hi Guys,

I did buy the theme yesterday and I am very happy with it! Only I have 2 problems what i can’t solve:

1. How to switch off the Style Selector, because the visitors may not see this;

2. The responsive funtion works bad, because on the iPhone the logo overlaps the mobile menu.

Please help!


Please open a ticket on our support page:

Let us know.

Best Regards!


How do you remove the “style selector”?



Please waiting for our new update that will be launched today.

Best Regards!