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Hi, Pre-Sales question:

My client really wants to use this theme but sent me a couple of screenshots of Errors she found when viewing your Demo. She is using IE8 for reference.

The first error is in the slideshow. The lines of text get the bottom half cutoff of each line. This is the same for each slide that uses moving text.

The second error shows up at the bottom of her browser window on the left and reads: jquery.js Code: 0 URI: http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/webpaint/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.10.2

Any ideas? Thank you! Slade

Hi, I’m having an issue with browsers not showing the theme correctly and I’ve been trying to register on your support site to start a ticket. The site never sends me an email with the password so I can’t get access. I’ve checked my spam filters and even my trash in case I deleted it. No luck. Is there another way I can find this password so I can login?

Okay, I still can’t log in to support so I’ll ask here.

I uploaded the theme onto my client’s site last week and overall everything works as it should but I have three issues I need help resolving before the website can be approved.

First, in the boxed layout on the blog page and individual posts, the footer isn’t following the constraints and is instead full width. I noticed this issue brought up before but I am not clear on what code needs to be changed/added to fix this.

Second, in all my browsers but Firefox (IE10, Chrome, Safari) the home page background does not load correctly and disappears but is functioning properly on all other pages. I’m using a custom background and I even tried one of the theme’s default bg’s in case mine was too large, but the problem persists no matter what the bg is.

Third, in IE8 the navigation bar is black instead of the custom color and the menu is shoved under the logo on the left instead of right-aligned. The footer is also transparent. These issues don’t present in the newer IE versions or in other browsers, but my client is using IE8 and they can’t view the site properly.

For reference, you can find the website at http://hometownbride.com

I’ve resolved the full-width issue by adding max-width:1230px; to the footer and sub-footer wrapper.

I also found the conflict with the missing background that turned out to be a CSS error on my part.

I was able to change the color of the nav in IE8, but the menu and footer background are still unfixed. I’ll take any advice on how to correct this.


How can i get the slider on the home page to be full screen? There’s only a full width option in the Rev Slider settings. I need the slider to cover the entire screen. Thanks!


this would need the latest version of the RevSlider. Please contact me at http://support.thunderbuddies4life.com to grab one :)

Kind regards, tb

I am sorry if this question has been asked before, but is there a 404 page included? I don’t seem to have one


no sorry, we recommend using a plugin like http://wordpress.org/plugins/404-redirected/ so you can use that function theme independent.

Kind regards, tb

wordpress 3.8 upgrade seems to have caused an issue with the visual editor. the buttons no longer display with the theme activated. I turned all all plugins same issue, but they do show when deactivating the theme. Please advise, thank you.

Thanks, will have a look!

I have not heard back on this, I have checked here and in the support forum????

upon further research this was found to be a mod security issue due to the site currently being located on a temp IP address using userdir. Some temp server side workarounds corrected this issue.

i am a bit disappointed there’s no search field in the navigation menu… any chance you would consider adding it as an option(optionally)?


no sorry this build by design. Maybe a plugin from the repository can help you there? We have not used one yet but maybe something like http://wordpress.org/plugins/search-box-on-navigation-menu/ will work?

Kind regards, tb


I am wondering how to put icons to the tab titles as you have in demo ( http://themes.thunderbuddies4life.com/?theme=webpaint_wp). Is there any easy way how to do it? Using shortcodes for example?

Thank you


in the shortcode for the tab title just add the attribute “icon” like this:

[tab title=”Package” icon=”gift”]

A list of possible icons is here http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/webpaint/?page_id=97 (just erase the “icon-” in front).

Kind regards, tb

Hi ! I would like to update Revolution Slider 3 to 4, that’s ok. But after updating, in my portfolio page, when you click on an item, the content who is displaying after a slider effect is very slow ! Where can I change this problem ? You can check my page: specially the second portfolio item “social and sport activity”: http://blank.wearelesroches.com/videos-pics/ Thank you very much for you help. Best regards. math.

I found a compromise in scripts.js file, line 272, I changed the speed to 200 instead of 400. But “smooth” effect is not as nice, it would be great if you find the city and error I can keep the speed at 400.


For the client list shortcode ([client_list]), I want to disable the link. However in the shortcode I have remove the “link=#” but when I mousover the client logo, it still show as active as a link.

How can I disable the link on client logos?

Thanks for a great theme.


Any idea why the button in the slider is cutting off/overlapping the text when viewed on a mobile device? http://cl.ly/image/2i0T0T0q3c2t FrederickRicks.com

Any idea on this?

Hey! You need to change the caption alignment. Set it to bottom and give it an offset. Cheers

Hmm, I tried that. It seems to break on first load in portrait on my iPhone 5s. If I turn it to landscape, then back to portrait, it looks sort of ok.

So I purchased the webpaint theme for wordpress. It has a one pager and a multi page layout. I want to create a one pager layout but include a blog as well. The manual says it is possible but tricky:

“This is a little complicated since the Webpaint OnePager was originally not build to include a blog page. Due to many people asking about that feature we include a way to do so. You need to create a custom link in the WP OnePager menu where you link to the blog overview page:

Then you create an other menu and include rebuild the Menu of the OnePager but with Custom Links only that link to the specified # links of the onepager

Now you have a link between the two worlds”.

So I cant make sense of it, but I would like to include the blog main page to my one pager layout.

Can someone please help?

Hi ThunderBuddies, nice theme!

Is it possible to set a colour for the retina icons, but not for the whole site? The colours are fine (grey), but for one page I would like to set a collection of icons in a different colour than the rest of the site’s icons.

Thanks! Dawn


I have a question concerning showcase portfolio. Is it possible to create albums within? I have a series of photographs which need to be presented together but it get mixed up with some graphic works.

Thank you


Hi, Yes you can simply create a native wordpress gallery inside the post content and it will show up like an album as seen on the demo page: http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/webpaint/?page_id=1087 .

All the Best,


I am sorry but I do not fully understand. I realized that I have mistaken the names of the portfolios – I am creating lightbox gallery. How shall I create native gallery in the template?

Hi, You mean to ask how to add images to the portfolio ?. If yes you simply add new portfolio posts in the Dashboard just like you add Posts for the Blog. If you are having further issues please use the form on our profile to send us an email with your detailed queiries.


Hi there,

I have checked and the theme was $17, now it boost to $40?

Is there any way I could obtain it for the price that I checked before?

Thanks a lot


For some reason at the bottom of my onepage layout, the contact section is half white half transparent showing the background texture, it’s very odd.


Please send us a msg via our profile page with link to your site ans login credentials.

Hi there. I’ve send an email before with no luck.

I am trying to keep the top navigation “sticky” but in a multiple pages mode.

Could you give me some assistance?

Kind regards, Fernando.

Please send us a msg via our profile page with link to your site and login credentials i will share a hack with you while we work on the update.

I installed your theme. But I have a issue. I don’t see editor button in visual mode. and I deactivated all plugin. but I don’t see it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6wzwqhq053oxop/activate-webpaint-deactvated-all-plugin.png I change theme “twenty fourteen” and I see editor button in visual mode. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u3wwov499360gro/activate-twentyfourteen-deactvated-all-plugin.png

How can I resolve this problem? My website is http://testingwordpress.cafe24.com.

I send admin id and password to your email info@thunderbuddies4life.com

okay I send a message now.

I’ve contacted you guys a few times through your profile for the past 3 weeks, which you ask users to do, but I have not received a reply. I’m going to try and comment here and see if I have better luck.

For the portfolio carousel, is there an option to use arrow navigation rather than click and drag (or swipe) only? My client finds it confusing to know how to see more images. It looks like there are some arrows hidden in the code. Any advice?


Hey Ricky! Unfortunately this would require some custom development. If you really need this modification done you could head on over to microlancer which is a service from Envato that offers paid WordPress customizations. I’m sure a developer on there would be able to wrap this up for you :) Thanks

I see on the side that this theme was updated 22 February 2014, but on your revisions page, it only goes up to Sep 2013? What’s the current version I should be using?

Hey! Its version 1.2 . Cheers

Hi There,

I’ve a problem, my showcase portfolio not showing the preview, when I click the thumbnails, and not showing the title when mouse over the thumbnails.

Usually must be like this: http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/webpaint/?page_id=1087#

My site: teeslab.com

I’ve ask it on your profile message but I don’t get any reply. Need an advice, please :)

Thanx before

Solved – After finding the problem, I found my addthis code break the theme :)

Hey! Glad you got it sorted.In most of the cases the conflicts are caused by third-party plugins. Cheers