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Hey, I bought this template some time ago and now trying to use it with WP 3.9. Unfortunately it seems that the form error (validation) messages are a bit off now.

Plus, I cannot find the “ThunderCodes” or “ThunderColumns” buttons…



Please update theme to version 1.2.1 . Re-download to get the latest file.


does the theme come with the demo data ?

when will this theme be compatible with Wordpress 3.9

Hey! It should be fixed by coming week. Cheers


On opening an image (the showcase) there is some text, but links don’t work. I want it so that when users click on the thumbnail, they can click on the image or link to go through the real portfolio page. Is that possible & how? Thanks.

Please send us the page url and wo-admin login details via the form on our profile so we can take a look and sort this out for you. Thanks

Hi Thunderbuddies! I sent you a message a week ago about how the menu on my page on mobile browsers overlaps the slider. I haven’t heard back from you, any chance you can respond to my email? Thank you!

Hey Kal!

I had replied to your email earlier, weird you didnt get it. Could you check your spam folder ?.

Have sent an email again.


Hi again, I got the message you resent me, and replied with some questions, hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your help!

Hi, I have some problems with the slider. I’m using Wordpress 3.9. I have found that it has to do with the “class=inner”, it’s before the slider. I use [rev_slider home] in the page. I hope you can help me soon with this.Thanks

Hey Feddroid!

Please post with the account you purchased the item for further response.


Hi, I’m having some problems with the slider (it’s not working fullwidth). Also the logo is not showing and the contact validation box when clicked the send bottom doesn’t disappear when hover. There is also some empty “light-wrapper” class. Please help me with this.

Hey Roinet!

Could you please send us an email via our form with your site link and login details so we can take a look.


hi thunderbuddies,

i just updated the theme and now my tab shortcodes are broken and (even newly created ones) look like this:


please let me know how to fix this quickly,

thanks a lot!

hi again – i deleted and re-uploaded all the theme files from scratch and that fixed the problem :)

Hey Han!

Seems like your easytabs.js file got corrupted while updating . See screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3j2foz . Please replace via ftp from the theme folder and it should work .


Hi, have you seen my email? Thank you! My regards :)

Hey , No i have not received it. Thanks

Hi, I have upgraded to WP version 3.9.1 and using theme version 1.2.1, however, I cannot find the “ThunderCodes” or “ThunderColumns” buttons. Help?!


Please send us an email via our profile form with login details so we can take a look at your installation.


Just bought this theme yesterday and love it, but I do have a few questions….

1.Is there a way to add the social media bar on the top of my website centered?

2. Is there a way to remove the little dot between the menu header titles?

3. On some of my pages under the “black box” there is a white bar….How do I remove this or make it smaller?

Also, is there a way to add an image background behind header text and post?

Hey There!

Please send us an email via our form with your site url and wp-admin login details so we can take a look and sort this for you.


I just everything via the contact form a few days ago. Wanted to make sure it got there. Haven’t heard anything else regarding the questions!


I submitted a question a while ago and was asked to submit a request through the contact form but I still have no heard back from anyone. Should I resend or post on here?

No please send it via the form.


Ok I just submitted to online form. Is there a way to know if it sent to you this time?

Got it now. Will be responding later in the day .


whats in the latest release that has been updated/fixed? I did not see it in the change log

1.2.1 – 9 May 2014

no need to see mine, it does it in your demo too. open the single page and scale down to mobile version. scroll down to parrallax section and you’ll see the text overflows off the bottom. I could probably just play with the media queries and figure it out, but it might be a good fix for your theme

Hey Again!

Please add this custom css and it should fix it : http://pastebin.com/gfEckjnA .


Thanks that worked for the most part, but in my testimonials section, the text still flows off the bottom since the text is longer. I will play with it more

I just sent you an email about our wordpress siteis not loading any more after updating to latest revslider version http://d.pr/f/GpWH as per your recommendation.

Did you receive my email?

Yes , have replied to your email as well.


Please help, an error suddenly appeared, how do I solve this?

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘subline’ in /home/usernamehere/public_html/wp-content/themes/webpaint/functions/theme_shortcodes.php on line 360

Please update to the latest version. Re-download from themeforest. Thanks

Do you have a link to steps or tutorials how to update?

Thank you

Hi, first sorry for my english..

I would like to know how to change the speed of the image gallery (in showcase portfolio). I was unable to find where is the option for this.

I add screenshot to explain better. http://oi59.tinypic.com/30tkocw.jpg

Thank you very much

Replied to your email.



There’s a glitch in my theme that interferes with the project previews. If you click on a portfolio entry that has multiple images, the rest of the projects in the grid block the actual post. I’ve included the link so you can get an idea of what I mean. If you could help me resolve the issue, that’d be great.




Please update to version 1.2.1 , Redownload from your Downloads section.


Hello, sorry if someone asked the same.

In the part with the featured text with an icon over the text ( darkblock[service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”lamp” title=”#”] ) how can I customise the icons? I just want to use my own icons but I don’t know how…


You also can reply in chaparrojimenez @ gmail . com


Any ways to change the blog link, from ”/blog-iii” to “blog” only? without breaking the template?



Yes, simply change the page slug.


Hi, I’ve finished a site with your theme. Very fast and easy to work.

However, I have an issue unsolved. When active the permalinks, the footer stop loading images.

Any idea what may cause that?

This is the site: http://www.desafioprobono.cl Attached a screenshot of the error: http://www.desafioprobono.cl/wp-content/uploads/error-footer.jpg


Hi I would like to get rid of the diamond shaped bullet points. Any advice on how I can acheive this?