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Can you please tell me how to rearrange the order of pages on One Page Layout?

I have slider [prices]

What if i want to change them around?

when I open the home page in editor its empty. when i change order in the individual page, it does not respond to that order

Please help. I cant rearrange the content of my front page on a onepage layout.

Ohh I see whats going on now. The menu section controls the order of the page layout. That seems very confusing. But i got it now

Good to hear, Cheers .

Do you have a specific support adress for webpaint. I have problems with vimeo videos that don’t look responsive in my portfolio article. Please help. Thanks Regards. BD

Hey, All support is provided via email . Please provide your admin login details so we can have a look.


Thank you, could you please give me a private email adress to send you admin login details. thanks

You can send it via the contact form on our profile. Best, -T

When I try to click “author” or “tags” in the blog, I get “404” error.

Can you please provide the site url so we can have a look? .

Can you please tell me how to disable the rollover links for the “Services” section? I don’t want these to be links and I don’t want them to highlight on mouse-over. I don’t want them to do anything. This is my second request for an answer to this problem.

I’m talking about the six icons and text areas below the main slider at the top. I don’t want any highlighting or linking, but there is no setting to undo this—it is in the theme.

Add this to custom css :

 .box-wrapper .box{

Thank you so much—that did the trick! :)

pre-sales… is the demo content xml available in the download ?

should have searched previous comments first.. sorry. I see that it is included. thanks !

Hi. Can you please give me the zip file that allows me to have shortcodes built into the panel?

I have downloaded your theme right before you provided the update for the shortcodes. But right now I have made so many changes to the theme that I cannot redownload the new version. But Im having a hard time not having the short codes.


Hey! We would suggest using a program like winmerge.org to compare the two folder and then make the relevant changes .


Is it possible to make the thumbnails of the portfolio display in random order?

Hey, You will have to edit the theme shortcodes in “webpaint/function/theme_shrotcodes.php” and add in the ‘orderby’ => ‘rand’ argument to the WP_Query. See screenshot for ref: http://prntscr.com/63qoy3 . Cheers

thank you so much!!!

Page options (hide intro, background etc) have stopped displaying in my page editor… ? Help?

Please try deactivating all third party plugins and activate them one by one as this could likely be caused by a conflict from a plugin .


thank you this worked!


Testimonials not working properly. Instead of displaying one testimonial at a time, it display a few all at once.

You can check out this site (scroll to bottom to Happy Customers): http://aerogram.ca/frequently-asked-questions/

I am using WP 4.1.1 and it said your theme is compatible up to WP 4.1. Would WP 4.1.1 cause this issue?

If yes, do you have a patch for this?

Thank you kindly.

I figured out what was wrong. If you use the SAME name to reference multiple quotes, than it mess up the script.

So if I used 2 quotes from the author John Doe within the [testimonials] shortcode, it will mess the script up. I need to use something like “John Doe” and “John Doe2” (for the author) for it to work.

I CAN NOT use “John Doe” and “John Doe” as the author field, even though “John Doe” has provided 2 different quotes.

Hope that clarify this issue.

Hello Is it possible to change the parallaxblock height? I need to have less high parallaxblock. Thanks Regards B

After updating to WordPress 4.2.1 (needed for security), the slider and my news ticker are not functioning in Internet Explorer. Work fine in Chrome and Firefox though.


Any help appreciated.



Thanks for the info, we will look into it shortly and release a theme update .

Thanks. Hope to see the new release shortly. :)

WordPress has just auto-updated to 4.2.2 and all suddenly fixed in IE. Just wanted to let you know. :)

This theme performs very poorly. Even viewing their demo on my iPhone the width is not fixed, I can zoom out and half the page is grey.

I could go on with more issues but it looks like there is no support here.

Too bad, wish I could get my money back on this one :(

Seems like the server is attacked. We will look into it shortly and release a theme update as well.


Hi, my final attempt at support from you (or others if you’re reading this)

1.) images disappear after they load on iPhone. they load fine initially but after a second it just shows a blank image box. why? how do I fix this?

2.) making a page, there’s an extra .light-wrapper mysteriously added at the bottom after my content just before the footer. I can’t remove it in custom css because it will remove the content above it because its also a .light-wrapper why? how do I fix this?

Using: - iPhone 4 - iOS 7 - tested on both Safari and Chrome. Images go blank on both browsers after page loads.

Thank you

yeah i did exactly as highlighted, it seems that this edit page was open in another tab while I was checking so it might have been auto updating or something, but it seems to be working now. thanks for your patience with this and I’m happy I could help improve the theme.

Also remove it from the darkblock shortcode function as well ie above the blackblock shortcode

yep, saw that too. thanks

Hello How to show sidebar at blog post?

Hey guys- First of all, have been digging this theme, it has worked very well for us. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to do a full width image (not parallax) as a background to a content box, is this possible? I tried using background-image instead of a color for some of the full width blocks in the CSS but this didnt work. Any ideas?

Hey , Could you provide the page url ?. Thanks

Got it sorted, thanks anyway

Hey, I am attempting to put the parallax block directly under the header with no slider, when I do this the content of the whole page disappears. Can you please help?

Could you please email us the login credentials with the site url as well so we can have a look. Thanks

Heya, for auto youtube embeds how do we change the default size and formatting?

We are having layout issues with auto youtube embeds on our site, the width is not respecting the layout size.

You can view an example here: http://www.360snapshots.com/titling-sequence-360-video/

Hi, just to let you know, the Footer with Widgets demo page is looking a bit funny.

hi, I am trying to use Showcase Portfolio for my website its working fine.currently i have added the 12 portfolio but now i am unable to add more portfolio. so kindly provide help.

I am trying to add a blog to the one pager. I know it’s possible but I can’t figure it out. I have emailed you guys once already to a previously provided email and also messaged elemis and have gotten no replies. Please help…