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Hello, I bougth your theme, one year ago, update it in the 2.1 version, but my main menu doesn’t want to appear, I can only put categories or pages … I already create my menu, and try to put it online but nothing works, I just start on HTML and php language …. can you help me ?

Thanks Elo,

please write comment on the correct item page. Your site address would be helpful, too.

Hello What is involved on how to update to version 2.0 Thanks

download current version from ThemeForest. Replace old files with new ones (Most of changes are in the ‘data’ folder. There rest – depending on your own modifications may require more attention while replacing to not loose your changes.)

Hi there,

I’m wondering why the inset border around the images isn’t working here: http://www.destinationcentralcoast.com/index.html

I modified the gallery theme, and you can see it if you scroll to the bottom. If you hover over the images, you should see the inset border that you designed, but it only appears on the top of the image for some reason.

Thanks for your help!

Hmm. I just added the tiny gallery you created, and looks like I’m not adding a class or something correctly so it adds the complete border. Any thoughts? (Just go to the same link)

Nevermind! Got it resolved. I copied my code, that was used elsewhere, into your code, and fragments of my code were messing it up. Thanks for the theme. It’s amazing!

New question: The Twitter widget doesn’t work, and I just upgraded the widget to the newest version of your theme. What do you think is going on? Check the Bottom.php here: http://www.destinationcentralcoast.com/



OK, the mechanism for twitter in Time requires CURL extension for PHP – please check if you have it. If yes, I would need an FTP access to diagnose and solve the problem.

Hi Kubasto, I checked and do have CURL on the server. One question: Is the app that I designed in Twitter need to be “Read Only” mode? Could this be the problem?

If that isn’t the problem and you need FTP access, where should I email it? Do you need Twitter access? Or will you test it with your own Twitter access codes?

Thanks so much! Sorry this is a hassle.

“Read Only” is not a problem. It seems I need an FTP access to diagnose and solve the problem (just FTP). You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

Hi Kubasto,

So I have this homepage: http://www.destinationcentralcoast.com/index.html

And on it, I have placed a two-column section with one column containing a test image. I copied it from the columns.php template directly, but for some reason, the lightbox effect doesn’t work. It says “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

Any thoughts on what is happening? Or what is missing to cause this to happen?



File http://www.destinationcentralcoast.com/content/photo02.jpg doesn’t exists, so FancyBox simply can’t open it :)

Oops! Sorry for wasting your time here. Thank you for pointing out my error. :)

I use the theme here www.hjemmehoskaya.dk. Initially it worked perfect – but now the texts in posts suddenly exceeds the right border of the post. I didn’t make any changes to the css – any ideas how to solve this?

It’s really weird. It seems the problem only occurs when I am using the Post Format “Standard”

if you mean Website theme, please write in the correct item page.


I’ve just rebuilt my development serve, and everything is working correctly (Apache, MySQL, PHP). However, now I’m seeing that now none of the images that are resized (via timthumb?) are being rendered at all. What do I need to do in order to correct this?

Thanks … my apologies if you’ve answered this question already in the past, but my only option for reading old answers is scrolling page by page (no search).

please read chapter 7.6 of the template documentation. If that doesn’t help, I would have to see the site online.

Hi, I’ve added PayPal buttons but notice I cant select options on mobile – is this an issue with this template?


remove line 414 of the data/js/website.js file. Then minify it and save as website.min.js. If you don’t know how to minify, copy whole file content to it.

I have downloaded this but cannot get the images to display in the slider….. the ‘alt text’ displays for slider images but not the images themselves.. any suggestions?

images are processed by TimThumb, so check it on a server, not on locally.


I’m making this web: http://totavela.com/index1.html

1. How can i do movement in the main slider? Now it’s static and only changes the images with the little buttons. always the same picture

2. I want to change the main font text, but I don’t find it in the css. Where is it?


1. have a look at chapter 3.1 of the template documentation, There are parameters of flexsliderOptions
2. It’s In data/css/base.css file.


Twitter widget only goes with php version? not in html version?

thanks Salva

Yes, because it requires oauth, it’s no longer possible technically.

I want to make a new template but make everything blank except the html I encode and the CSS settings (font, etc.). I want to remove the header, footer, sidebar, everything. Thanks!

please write the comment from the account you’ve used to buy the template. I provide support to direct buyers only.
Or write the comment on the right item page. Maybe you’ve mistaken template with the WordPress theme?

I have a question to the search widget (HTML version). It doesn’t seem to work on my end. When I type a random text in the box, the result page always highlights “ultricies” instead of my input. Should this work out of the box or do I have to modify something?

it’s just a template (the look). It doesn’t have any engine, so it depends on what you use with it for such features.

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this awesome template!

However, I just opened the preview site url (http://themeforest.net/item/website-responsive-template/full_screen_preview/993139) on my mobile phone (Samsung Mini) but it is not being responsive? It is showing the full screen layout.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks! Traci

Aaaah now I tried this url: http://themes.kubasto.com/template/website/index.php?scheme=dark and it is being responsive!

Cool :)

You must close ThemeForest top bar, he causes a problem. Template has responsive layout :)

Thanks so much Kubasto, great theme :)

I’m using 2 images from the tiny gallery like so:

<section class=”items tiny clear”>

How do I get these two images to be horizontally center aligned, rather than aligned to the left?

you can place two images using IMG in a centered div/paragraph. If you mean you want to center a tiny gallery, there is no such option.

Hi, how do I get the full width slider to play automatically? Thanks so much! T

Please ignore this! I found the answer above ;-) sorry

Hello Kubasto! I’m 99% ready to launch this great website :)

I just need help with one little thing please – I want to add a BCC field to the php sendmail – I’ve searched online but nothing seems to work (I’m not very good at php :) )

Please could you tell me what to add to the sendmail.php script (and where) to enable a BCC email field?

Many thanks! T

add the following code:
"Bcc: birthdaycheck@example.com\r\n".
after line 69 of the data/php/sendmail.php file.

Thanks very much!

Hi there, I have just purchased it, but I am not able to install it on WordPress.

Can you please help?

Thank you,

you didn’t purchase the WordPress theme, but a HTML template.

I would like to ask you, what rich snippet plugin is working with the website theme from your experience. I have only been partially successful in using any of the major providers. Best, Thomas

I haven’t tested any such plugin thoroughly.